86 – Pasta Gas

alex is oldCreepy Tweets
Kate Quigley is coming to DC! But before they can get into how excited they are, Tommy calls out Alex for being so creepy to Kate on Twitter. Alex insists that his tweets are retweet worthy and loses it as he finds out that Kate has retweeted Tommy on many an occasion. To rub it in even more, he brags about having the very talented Bridget Phetasy’s phone number, which sends Alex into a mumbling rage.

Porn or Art?
To calm down Alex, Tommy plays some clips from a new “art” film that debuted on Netflix called Love. Alex calls into question Tommy’s taste as the first 3 minutes consist of a girl jerking off a guy to airy music. Ryan illustrates all of the factors of a movie which make it art. And Tommy and Alex recap some of the more “artistic” things that happened on the old show they used to be on. Carrots anyone? Not to be outdone, Alex suggests that any porn can be turned into art with just a little bit of music added to it. With that, Tommy creates one of the funniest, most outrageous, memorable audio segments ever on Not Dead Yet.

Alex is a Dying Old Man
Alex’s week consisted of going to both a funeral and a retirement party, which prompts Tommy and Ryan to ridicule Alex for being an old man who only does old man things. Alex recaps meeting someone at the retirement party that totally destroyed any hope left in his already sad, pathetic life. Complete with a brand new caller (From the future), you will NOT want to miss the final chapter of a 30 year saga spanning both the old show and the new of the girl that got away…

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