87 – Spit N Go

James GrayFalse Start, Strong Finish
Alex starts off by hitting the “record” button too quickly on the show and Tommy and Ryan don’t hold back in letting him know how he “Chunksed it up.’” After the show OFFICIALLY starts Tommy and Alex talk about loving that the sun is finally out, but it happens to give Ryan a bad case of the “tree sex juice.”

Kate Quigley & Ian Bagg Recap
Tommy recaps how “Negative Alex” made the Uber ride uncomfortable and how he got really angry and judgmental waiting for the show to start. After Alex calms down, the show begins and Kate Quigley finally goes on stage. Tommy was letdown as Kate didn’t stick around to say hi after the show. Hear their reviews of Kate and the hysterical Ian Bagg‘s sets.

The James Gray Experience
After a quick recap of Big Jay Oakerson at the improve, Tommy is a little hesitant to go forward with the next segment. Show friend and radio host James Gray prepared 3 different song segments representative of each member on NDY and the results are some of the funniest bits of audio ever played on the show. Tommy and Alex seemed to appreciate the songs representing themselves, but Ryan left angry. As a disclaimer, this is one of the funniest bits of audio you will EVER hear.

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