88 – Swipe Left

Swipe Left Bumble AppTommy’s favorite “new” band
Back after a sick week! Tommy starts off by announcing he hasn’t done anything and only had to show up to work for three and a half days. One of which was spent at Urban Outfitters where they sell cassette tapes. After a brief discussion of hipsters and their strange customs, Tommy reveals that he has a new favorite band. With summer just around the corner, the NDY crew goes over some of their favorite “summer songs.” Tommy and Ryan’s are pretty good, but Alex has some pretty embarrassing ones.

Alex’s New Theme Song & Dating App Bumble
Speaking of songs, Tommy finds a new song that he says describes Alex. Alex disagrees, but does seem to enjoy the song. To get the show back on track, Tommy brings up the dating App Bumble. On the app, guys can’t contact women, until the women contact them first. Tommy brags that he is a super star on Bumble with 371 likes. Alex goes berserk due to the fact that he had to pay to get any views on dating sites, but Tommy is too busy looking at pictures of hot chicks to care.

Real Househusband of VA
Tommy and Alex realize that they don’t really know anything about Ryan, so they make the mistake about asking what he does on a normal day. Find out about Ryan’s hired “servant,” Soufflé’s, deep conversation, arguments at Wegman’s with soccer moms and the luxurious lifestyle Ryan claims to lead.

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