89 – Chunks Farley

Chris FarleyNude Dudes
The show takes an even worse turn as we jump into the topic of male nudity.  After Tommy calls out Alex for freaking out over any sort of male nudity on TV or in movies, Alex takes a completely crazy horrible turn and tries to justify how he’s straight with a story  involving Ryan Reynold’s and Alex in a recording room.

Twitter Followers and That Kevin James Dude
After taking an even darker turn in discussing which is worse, looking at Kevin James’ ass on TV or Lena Duhnam’s, Tommy reveals that Kevin James is in fact releasing a new show on CBS.  Ryan and Alex are shocked as the clips Tommy plays… well just aren’t funny.  Alex loses it as Tommy reveals how much Kevin James is worth and how good shows like Undateable and the Grinder get cancelled.  Alex demands to know how many twitter followers Kevin and Lena have, which leads to a guessing game of who has the most followers on Twitter.  Ellen, Kevin, Trump?  The top user might surprise you.  We round out the segment with some discussion on the best old sitcoms, and whether or not laugh tracks are substituted for bad writing on TV shows.

3 Fit Dudes
Alex is starting to bear a resemblance to Chris Farley, well not in the funny way, just the fat way.  Tommy and Ryan ask Alex his eating and workout routine.  As you can imagine, it’s pretty bad.  After Tommy and Ryan give a few “good” suggestions on what Alex should do, Tommy shares some pet peeves he has while interviewing people for jobs.  Take a listen and decide if YOU are a culprit of any of these rookie interviewee mistakes.

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