93 – Conversation Rapist

AlexAlex “loves” kids
That other guy is back, or as some call him “Ryan.” After giving that other guy some shit for not showing up or even bothering to LISTEN to the shows he wasn’t on, the focus quickly shifts to Alex “Chunks” Corolla. Alex has been making news, as people have been holding press conferences to try and get him locked up. While vehemently denying it… Tommy and Ryan come up with some great audio clips to prove that Alex is indeed a kid-touching creeper, and are further backed by a brand new “smokin’ hot” caller.

Alex’s Neighbor
In one of the most explosive segments yet, Tommy inadvertently causes a firestorm with a casual comment to Alex that his downstairs neighbor said hello to him. In a blind roaring rage, Alex flips out and throws a tantrum because after years of trying to get this neighbor to say hello, Tommy has succeeded in 5 seconds where he failed for 5 years.

Alex’s Tweets
In part two of his tantrum, Tommy comments how Alex takes Twitter too personally. Alex can’t After you listen to this segment, you’ll see why no one re-tweets him… or says “hello” to him.

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