95 – You Know

Bachelor PartyLetters to Tommy
After a rough start to the show (thanks again Alex) Tommy decides to bless all the listeners with HIS favorite segment… Letters to Tommy. Today’s letter comes from someone named “Ryan” who is jealous of his best friend “Geoff’s” new girlfriend and he needs Tommy’s advice on how to seduce her and Geoff into a 3-way. The segment takes a very strange turn as Alex let’s slip a fetish of his that gets really, REALLY creepy. It’s so odd, a listener was inspired to call in and chime in with his “AAAAAAApinion”.

The Bachelor Party & Google Feud
Ryan attended a bachelor party that was… smelly.  Don’t get it?  Neither did Tommy or Alex.  After listening to Ryan describe one of the grossest, lamest bachelor parties of all time, Tommy taps out and starts playing Google Feud.  Google Feud is based off of Family Feud, but with Google Auto-correct. Play along and see if you can do better than the NDY crew and stay tuned to the very end of the music.

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