97 – Corolla 3:16 Means…

Corolla 3:16Corolla 3:16 Means, I Just Beat My Dog
For once, Alex doesn’t mess up the show open, though it’s definitely one to remember, as the NDY crew can’t help but burst out in laughter during the show open. Tommy notices that Alex and Gino (his new dog) aren’t necessarily getting along so well this week. Tommy accuses Alex of abusing his dog after a thunderstorm. Alex then has dreams about hurting his dog. He blames Tommy for “getting in his head”. Is Alex really a dog beater? Uncle Vinny, Tyrone AND Alex’s Sub-conscious call in to voice their opinions.

Should Celebrities be allowed to cheat?
Alex has a crazy theory about RG3 and how he will become a superstar now that he’s divorced. After a crazy convoluted path of logic, Alex tries to explain the “hierarchy of hotness” in regards to cheating celebrities. Is he a genius, or a misogynistic idiot?

Alex vs. the Hornets
Now, we’re not talking the basketball hornets. Alex had a run-in with a hive of yellow jackets, capped off with a dazed trip to Home-Depot and an accidental poisoning. You’ll love to hear this painful story!

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