96 – Alec Alexander’s Dumb Plan

GinoSTDs and Celebrities
After a little time Alex STILL can’t figure out how to hit the “record” button.  The NDY crew also wastes NO time in jumping right into the topics that matter… yes, STDs and celebrities.  How hot would a celebrity have to be for you to have unprotected sex with, KNOWING she had an STD? Listen to our list and see if you agree.  There’s also a special furry guest, the latest member of the NDY studio.

After Ryan recalls a wedding he attended of a creepy friend, Alex compares the groom to a cuckold.  Not knowing what a cuckold is, Alex enlightens everyone, and Tommy provides an audio example of the grossest porn you will EVER hear.  Tyrone chimes in and provides a sound bit that will forever live in NDY history.

Alex’s Terrible Plans
Alex recaps TWO failed stories of what he calls “teaching people a lesson”.  One of them involves his arch nemesis and mailman, Harold Yen.  The other involves a Red Sox fan with a great parking spot.  You be the judge and decide WHO exactly learned the lesson…. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

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