About The Show

Tommy and Alex met at 106.7 WJFK working for such shows as Ron and Fez and the Hideout. After WJFK went through some changes, they made the move down to Orlando, FL, working for the world famous talk station Real Radio 104.1.

Now both are back living in the Northern Virginia working “real” jobs. However, they missed the fun and creativity of talk radio and decided to do a podcast.

Tommy Bateman:

Tommy BatemanAfter Real Radio 104.1, Tommy did a night show with his good friend Dickerman on 101.1 WJRR. Tommy describes that job as the most fun he’s ever had in radio. After yet another layoff, Tommy moved back to Northern Virginia and began working in one of his other passions, Mixed Martial Arts. Unfortunately, after a few years, Tommy needed to get one of those real jobs to pay the bills and get great health insurance. Tommy constantly battles being innately a “glass half empty” kind of guy, while trying to see the world as “half full.”

Besides the podcast, Tommy’s focus is rehabilitating aggressive and shy dogs. He currently has one (super friendly) pitbull named Ruger.


Alex “Chunks” Corolla:

Alex CorollaAfter leaving Real Radio, Alex got his other dream job – working for EA game testing Madden. Once he decided to leave Florida, he began working in the business world consulting with Government agencies.

He now has a longtime girlfriend and a dog.