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148 – Between a Cop and a Hard Place

Allison Bike RideAllison’s New Theme Song
Allison has a new (old) bike and a new theme song.

Alex vs. the Meter Maid
It’s been a long time since we’ve had a “Chunks luck” segment (well two weeks), with Alan getting married, getting promoted, and not having been evicted from his place yet! Well, you’re in luck, because the latest chain of events brings him right back down to earth. Here’s a little hint: Broken car, parking tickets, lots of wasted money and a nasty note written by an Asian neighbor.

Chris Hardwick & #MeToo
Chris Hardwick has been in the news lately as the latest to fall from the #MeToo movement. Alex is clearly upset as he tries to defend claims of abuse without any proof. Allison defends the alleged victims, and then the segment gets LOUD, with Tommy playing moderator. In one of the more serious segments discussed on the show, Tommy & Alex give some unique perspectives from their past (and damn good juicy stories too), resulting in an open and honest conversation about abuse, victims, reputations, and the side effects of the #MeToo movement, and how it affects non-Hollywood America.

147 – Why You Gotta Do Do Me Like That?

Allison WrukAlex and Allison Are Having Problems
Alex starts off the show having trouble putting sentences together. Being the nice guy he is, Tommy plays new clips of Alex saying very inappropriate and embarrassing things out of context.

The guys also wonder what’s going on with Allison as she was up very late sending them text messages that didn’t make sense about how she’s close to dying and there is “no food to throw out.” Tommy wonders if it’s because he’s stolen her friend Emilie (so he claims), from the Emilie Knows Everything podcast. Things get even worse for Alex as he MORE car trouble with police officers. You have to hear this one…

Double Sided Dildos
Alex was in New York City Friday and Saturday for a friend’s bachelor party. We can’t even put in to words what happened. Cocaine, strippers giving handjobs, forced face sitting, torn underwear, shots from bad places and a hype man. Well, I guess we can put it in to words after all…

146 – Thanks For The Memories

Alex WeddingWedding Recap
The wedding actually happened. Tommy fills us in on all the details. You’ll get to hear what embarrassing incident happened with their rings, the amazing speech Alex’s sister delivered (and why she is one of Tommy’s favorite people), why a woman asked Tommy if he “is naughty,” a review of the food and why Allison is interested in dating someone from Alex’s family and so much more.

Tommy tries to break up the monotony of insanity by sharing the songs he’s used through time to “get in the mood”.  Afterward, Alex confesses a truth about his first dance song that SHOCKS Allison disgusting her to the point of almost leaving the show.  After things calm down a bit, the NDY crew goes into the special songs that have followed them through time for those special relationships over the years.

Plus, we talk about Chrissy Teigen ripping her butthole, California 7-Elevens and NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!

145 – Bust A MoveMent

Alex Kid SittingHis Name Is Alex
We are back after a bit of a break. The NDY crew starts off a bit solemn, as they found out one of their favorite podcasts, Talking Nonsense with Eric and Stacey is coming to a close. Allison brightens up Alex’s day, by finally agreeing to call him “Alex” instead of one of his various other names…of course Alex is brought back down to earth, as Tommy reveals the reason he wants to go by Alex is because of his new “kidsitting” business….oh and an issue with the police and a bus full of kids.

Allison and Alex Become Stalkers
Allison and Alex decided to go to NY on a random weekday to stalk Jeff Johnson and Charlie Koontz at their Captain Black movie premier. Tommy is flabbergasted as Allison and Alex recall their horrible tale of stalking, and random heroin addicts stealing their food off of their plates in a bar. Bowl of Bacon anyone?

Cobra Kai
Tommy gives an honest review of the new Youtube Red Series Cobra Kai. Listen to see how the grown up versions of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka hold up in this new series. The NDY crew then gets into a debate about whether or not it’s better to have episodic TV releases, or entire seasons ala Netflix. Speaking of HBO and Neflix, the NDY crew gives some picks and thoughts on Gary Shandling’s “Zen” and the Andre the Giant documentary.

144 – Dead Plant Corn Rows

Dead plant cornrowsTrue Bobby pt.2
Allison is still in VA visiting, so you lucky people get another in-studio podcast from the very talented comedian. Alex however, couldn’t care less, as he is worried that he won’t be able to get the new God of War game before the store closes. Allison was browsing some old NDY iTunes reviews, and the only non 5 star review they received came from someone named “True Bobby”. Tommy & Alex already dedicated an episode to their hate for this person, but it pales in comparison to the hate that Allison has for said individual, sorry True Bobby, we still hate you.

Men Have Broken The Glass Ceiling
Well, sort of. Tommy has a theory that there is equal pressure on men to look just as good as women these days, meaning the double standard is gone. Allison denies this, but Tommy and Alex provide some pretty compelling arguments to the contrary. ESPECIALLY in DC. If you want to hear about the truly messed up people, that take your hard earned tax dollars every April 15, and the type of people they like to date, then you’re in for a super treat.

143 – Allison Is Back!

Allison WrukAllison in Studio
Allison is back in studio! During her visit to VA, she blessed Tommy & Alex with an in-person podcast. To reward her, Tommy & Alex immediately jump into discussing their newest obsession, JuJu the Instagram model. They are also obsessed with James Felix Raw, who takes unbelievable shots of the most gorgeous women on earth, and wonder what the ins and outs are of being a legitimate photographer.

Tommy is Ripped
Allison and Alex can’t seem to get past how ripped Tommy is. Tommy denies this by flexing during the podcast at random. In between his poses, Tommy discloses that Alex has a STRANGE, STRANGE fetish. Alex has established himself as a low class animal, however this might be the most creepiest, odd fetish of his yet.

Tommy Got A Facial/Friends with Exes
Tommy discloses that he got a facial the other day from an ex. Then the conversation gets serious. Do you like seeing your exes succeed, and is it a good or bad thing to remain close with your past loves. Also, is it better to dates lots of people, or marry you high school sweet heart? THIS AND MUCH MORE!!!!!

142 – That’s Not How It Works Getting Horny

Tommy HollywoodThe Gift
Alex makes a pact before the show, swearing off speaking this week, since Tommy and Allison despise him. The pact lasts about 56.8 seconds as Tommy has a clip featuring famous director Jeffery Johnson, and a long testimonial as to how the Tommy Hollywood Mug has saved his life. This upsets Alex, but what sends him over the top is a wedding gift from one of the listeners. Would you want one of these gifts in your house?

Tommy Gets Read His Miranda Rights
The cops came to Tommy’s house and labeled him as a person of interest in a murder. Alex tries to make jokes, but is quickly shot down, and the tale of Tommy and his murder rap unfolds to an astonished Allison. Hear how the cops accused Tommy of several crimes, the “evidence” they had against him, the interrogation and more. It’s a crazy story.

After a horrifically revealing into the private life of Tommy, we find out he was forced to watch a compilation of his friend’s 3-way sex tapes with his wife. Yeah, this is pretty shocking, but brings up a good debate, would you be able to have casual three ways in a marriage? Then Allison recaps her weekend with comedian and fellow podcaster Kari Martin. She invited Allison to a special event. During the event Allison did something incredibly embarrassing…

141 – You Bated Me Good

Jack NicholsonTommy and Allison planned to record on Friday and Alex said he couldn’t make it. But then he shows up to the show uninvited.

Allison buys a controversial hat at Walmart and goes on a spending spree.

Tommy Tricks Alex in to lusting over an underage girl.

A terrible accident happens while Alex is in yoga.

Alex has a weird new fetish and a new name.

PLUS, Allison debuts an INCREDIBLE Jack Nicholson impression.

This episode is so offensive that Allison claims she will not retweet or ever talk about this episode again.

Happy Easter.

140 – Dicks and Third Wheels

wineTom and Dan
Alex starts the show trying out a “new voice.” It immediately gets mocked by Tommy and Allison. From there Tommy proclaims he’s the best man at Alex’s wedding and has his speech already planned out – but it’s just audio from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan in which Daniel Dennis pokes fun at “Chunks.” From there Alex reminisces about stunts he did while working at Real Radio 104.1.

Hot Sweaty Guys
The show is being recorded on a Friday night because Alex is taking Tommy to see a live WWE event during the regular recording time on Sunday. Allison is annoyed at the last minute change, but Alex makes it up to her by letting her know that she and “the love of Tommy’s life” Vanessa are going to see Hunk O’Mania in Los Angeles as his treat. This infuriates Tommy as he’s still worried someone will swoop in and “steal” Vanessa, even though she barely knows he’s alive. Plus, Allison recounts the night she and Vanessa spent hanging out much to Tommy’s chagrin.

139 – Crazy Butthole Sunday (Dick Mountain)

Allison Wruk BoobsButtholes & Nipples
Allison starts off the show with a cold open reading of some actresses obscure daughter for Women’s appreciation month. After butchering the quote, Tommy & Alex turn the conversation to something more entertaining: Buttholes & Nipples. After a riveting debate on what makes an attractive butthole and nipples, Alex loses it, as Tommy plays a few audio “testimonials” on how the Tommy Smug Mug has changed their lives.

Tommy & Vanessa pt. 2
After declaring his love for a woman he met on Instagram, Allison and Alex prod Tommy for an update on how things have progressed since the show. They don’t seem to be going well as Vanessa is barely texting Tommy. Even worse for him, Allison and Vanessa are going on a “date” this week, leaving Tommy in a deep depression and state of confusion.

Letters to Tommy
Tommy trudges on, with a brand new Letters to Tommy! In this edition, Tommy is asked why being assertive in the bedroom can be a good thing. Afterwards, the NDY crew delves into the deepest details of their most unorthodox sexual encounters – including the strangest places they’ve had sex, and you’ll be surprised who has the most unusual story. And for desert, the NDY crew gives you a helping of advice on how to cheat in college, without getting caught. Ethical!

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