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134 – Alex Gets A Gift

Smug MugAllison Is A Horrible Girlfriend
Earlier in the year, Allison was disappointed that her boyfriend didn’t wish her a happy birthday first thing in the morning (even though they were on opposite coasts). To get back at him, for his birthday, Allison decided to get drunk in front of his friends, and wake him up early in the morning to set up her recording equipment, OH and still hasn’t told him happy birthday.

Smug Mug
Tommy and Allison, never content until driving Alex insane, decided to produce the first Not Dead Yet merchandise. Unfortunately, it’s a mug featuring Tommy giving the “Buddy Christ” pose. They each separately designed separate Tommy mugs, and the results send Alex into a rage.

I, Tonya
Tommy and Alex give a brief synopsis and review of I Tonya, which the saw over the weekend. They marveled at the comedic ability of some of the actors, some of which had very unique looks. Which brings up a great question: How do the casting directors recruit for roles that require humiliating fat or ugly actors. Tommy delves into this issue, by discussing one of his favorite shows from the great F/X show, Nip Tuck, to provide a CLASSIC example.

133 – Sethsther

Allison At The MarchEsther Wruk
Though Tommy & Alex THOUGHT they had all the equipment for the show finally up and running… they did not (THANKS ALAN!) and the show intro is botched AGAIN. Allison chastises Alex for his botch-up, and he realizes that Allison is eerily similar to the main character from Freeform’s new series, Alone Together. Tommy agrees with this observation, and Allison’s status as “Esther” is cemented, after she recaps her experience at the women’s march, where she made protesters move out of the way… to get a better picture of herself.

Show Merch
To Alex’s chagrin, Tommy and Allison INSIST on making the first show merchandise feature Tommy giving the Buddy Christ pose on T-shirts and coffee mugs. The idea was spurned after Alex’ GF hung Tommy’s photo in the recording studio to piss him off. Allison recaps her first few days at her new job, and also receives some “helpful” advice from a stranger.

“The Alex”
Whenever someone tries to take advantage to make quick money and fails, that’s just bad luck. Whenever someone tries to do someone a favor, and ends up losing money, THAT’S called “The Alex.” Tommy and Allison get quite the laugh, after Alex recaps trying to do something nice for show friend Geoff. Geoff insists that Alex owes him money, and Tommy and Allison agree, sending Alex into a classic Corolla rage.

132 – Alex the Kitten Killer

AlexAllison’s Dry January
The first episode of the New Year doesn’t quite get off to a start. It’s a very weird show that gets off to a slow start. After spending quite a bit of time working through technical difficulties, the NDY crew is a bit cranky, ESPECIALLY Alex, who as Tommy declares, “got a new pet.” That pet being a rodent of some sort trapped in his walls. Allison reveals that she hasn’t had a drop of alcohol since the end of December, and Tommy & Alex insist that her “secret ingredient” to being funny is gone.

Dear Abby
After reading a “Dear Abby” advice column, Allison decides she wants to hear our opinions on a very saucy relationship situation. Of course, Tommy and Alex turn the segment around COMPLETELY and Allison doesn’t seem to like the direction they take it.

Star Trek Wars
We need your help!  Honestly, we do. We need you guys to tell us where we can get GOOD steak fries in NOVA. After a brief argument on Red Robin’s endless fries, the NDY crew gives up, and just moves on to porn talk, mainly why anyone would pay for U-porn’s premium service, and how much cam-girls actually make. Allison reveals her crush for Adam Driver, and Tommy takes this opportunity to discuss his favorite movie “Star Trek Wars.” Alex gets frustrated as Tommy and Allison confuse 3 different TV/movie franchises, and his futile attempt to set them straight.

131 – Galax The ButterBall

DC Comedy ShowAllison’s Stand Up Comedy Show
After a bit of a rough start to the show (shocker right?) Tommy and Alex delve right in to their experience at Allison’s stand-up show on Wednesday night. It was an all woman show, and after Allison’s set… well, we won’t spoil the surprise here, but the night was filled with horrible Shakespeare jokes, a snoozing audience member, and most importantly, Alex’s doppelganger shows up with an “interesting” twist.

The DC Metro
The DC public transit system is world renown for being horrible. Allison experiences first hand, what happens when the Metro, and “Chunks Luck” collide, on a very memorable late night trip home. After recapping her night, Allison winds down by singing some of her favorite songs on air.

Alex the Voice Over Artist
Usually, Tommy is the cast member that receives the most compliments from listeners. However, Alex FINALLY gets some positive feedback on his voice, and of course he takes this as an opportunity to exploit it. Alex asks Tommy and Allison for help, as he reads off copy from well known brands in order to impress his new fan. Tommy decides to “liven” up Alex’s reads a bit, and even gives him some special copy that he wrote specifically for him. Happy New Year!

130 – Rain Drop Trip Trap

Tommy Promo ShotAllison’s Back In Studio
And true to form, she’s already Christmas hammered! However, before the show can officially start, Alex demands that Tommy give him a gift for his recently passed birthday, as well as Christmas. After making Alex rant for a bit, Tommy presents Alex with a gift which Alex apparently doesn’t appreciate, as he rages into the mic at Tommy. Afterwards, the NDY crew reminisce over their favorite Christmas movies and songs as well as their most hated Christmas songs. Which ones do you agree with? Plus, Tommy created a special Christmas Show Opening!

The Room & The Disaster Artist
You’ve probably heard of these films by now, but you probably haven’t heard some of the juicy details Tommy and Alex provide, after watching both films in a 2 day span. If you HAVEN’T heard of The Room or the Disaster Artist, then prepare for a journey covering the happenings of THE WORST film ever made, and its faithful reproduction in James Franco’s latest film in The Disaster Artist

Allison’s Gifts = White Christmas

Allison recently got a job in Los Angeles working in a restaurant. She catches us up on the good, the bad, the ugly and the actors she works with. She then gives the guys special Christmas gifts. You’ll just have to listen to see how it ends up being a white (whitened?) Christmas.

129 – Throw That Whale in the Street

allison pajamasGym Falls
Everyone on the show is upset today, therefore to make themselves feel better they recap their favorite stories of witnessing people falling at the gym. Alex chimes in with his WORST fear while riding the already decrepit DC metro system, and ties it in to the TV show you never want to star in, my 600 LB life.

Allison Bombs On Stage
Allison had a bad stand-up performance at the famous flappers in LA – like she bombed HARD. To make matters worse, she bombed in front of friends and family that had never seen her perform before. EVEN worse is the humiliation of what she was forced to wear on stage… and of course a drunken inspired “Allison Rage” on her poor BF Seth. The biggest surprise of this segment, is Allison’s run-in with a real life celebrity’s wife, and you’ll be surprised to find out who it is (we’re not kidding)

Tommy Is A “Man of Mystery”
Tommy and Alex review their experience at the world famous DC Improv in Downtown Washington DC when they saw comedian Ron Funches. Ron was great, and without spoiling too much, Tommy almost gets in a fight with a random stranger at the venue. If you want a behind the scenes look into the mind of Tommy, you won’t want to miss this, as well as how one random stranger who dared to cross him, came devastatingly close to death.

128 – Perky, Great and Gorgeous

Alex's BathroomNipples at the Improv
Allison shares an interesting competition between two very attractive women in her improv class. This competition doesn’t involve actual acting, but two women trying to outdo each other with who can dress the sluttiest. Tommy educates Alex on improv lingo, and goes through each of the talented comedians who refined their talent through improv. Plus, a quick discussion of the amazing Phil Hartman.

VH1 & Oxygen Reality Shows
Tommy reveals he was a fan of Bad Girls Club, which Allison declares is one of her favorite reality shows, and gives a behind the scenes nugget of what she learned from an LA producer on how they cast the BGC stars. Tommy and Alex then reminisce over the VH1 shows, including: Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, the Pickup Artist, and The World Series of Pop Culture. We also show Allison “Chunks'” disgusting bedroom and bathroom from Florida. UGH.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Allison reveals how difficult it is to actually find Chocolate Chip Pancakes in LA, which is surprising, because you know, they’re a staple. After disclosing that Cinnabon cookies exist, Tommy and Allison get into a debate of which selfie synagogue is king; Snapchat or Instagram, and you might be surprised to find out which one is better…especially if you’re a perv…

127 – Zero Days Without An Accident

StudioWelcome Back Allison
After a bit of a break, we’re back with Allison…sort of.  After 3 ½ hours of trying to set up Skype, Tommy and Alex were finally able to set up a call with Allison, who abandoned them for a better life in L.A.  Though they couldn’t play music or sound effects, the show marched on.  Allison catches us up on her new life in L.A., “Emilie Knows Everything”, and how she smashed her BF’s car.

Tommy vs. the 1lb. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Tommy had nothing to do Saturday night, so he decided to eat a 1 lb. Reese’s peanut butter cup instead.  Allison and Alex start to feel sorry for Tommy as he tells the tale of conquering the 1 lb. beast.  Allison meanwhile has some issues with a panic attack in a port-o-potty, all while meeting her BF Seth’s friends for the first time.

Alex Is Engaged
Yeah… Alex of all people is engaged.  Tommy doubts this is the one that will last, and oddly enough, Alex agrees. Find out why the engagement almost didn’t happen and how it was actually the SECOND time he proposed to her.

126 – Dumby

Alex Kills HefLos Angeles
Yeah… he jinxed him and now the world’s most famous Playboy is dead. Before Alex wrongly tries to justify how he didn’t kill Hef, the NDY crew gets lost in reminiscing on the great dating shows including: Girls Next Door, Flavor of Love, and Rock of Love. After reading about a then 80 year old Hef’s “sex” rituals, one great question arises: Would you sleep with your idol knowing that they had slept with thousands of people before you, with a good amount having been un-protected?

Weirdos Love Alex
Tommy subjects himself to some hang-out time with Alex, despite knowing that weirdos come up to them every time they get together, and true enough, this time was no different. After Alex suggests a super expensive restaurant, they get some gelato afterwards and the fun begins. Today’s saga includes: Alex being invisible to an old man, creepy “gangstas” loitering in front of them, and Alex’s awkward response to a short-skirted Latina that goes down as one of the most cringe-worthy moments of all time.

Good-Bye Allison
Sadly, Allison is leaving us and moving back to LA. Before she goes though, a VERY drunk Allison makes some incredible confessions and comes clean on a lie she told Tommy and Alex a few episodes back. Then she closes out her in-studio tenure by providing a 27 SONG PLAYLIST that she thinks commemorates her time on the show. After adding a few songs themselves, Tommy and Alex wish Allison a proper good-bye.

125 – Bosom Buddies

bosom buddiesTommy & Allison Workout
After starting off with a brief recap of great 80’s sitcoms (Saved By the Bell, Busom Buddies, Full House) and Billy Joel quotes, Tommy discloses that he’s seen Allison four times in this week. Tommy “tricks” Allison in to going to the gym with her and then “tricks” her into eating fast food. Find out if Tommy had the “lunk alarm” pulled on him and why they both still can’t walk without pain.

Alex vs. Amal The Awful Comedian
As it turns out, one of the comedy shows Tommy & Allison visit together happened to be hosted by Alex’s ex-best friend Amal. Tommy and Allison drive Alex insane all weekend by convincing him that they found his ex-friend REALLY FUNNY and had become friends with his nemesis at the show. Then, to Tommy’s dismay, Alex breaks into an impromptu Sadman about how Amal hurt him “more than any woman ever could,” and how they became arch enemies. Plus, we have actual audio of Amal bombing during his set!

Allison’s Birthday Recap
Last week Allison went into a bit of a frenzy after her LA boyfriend didn’t wish her a “happy birthday” soon enough during the day for her birthday.  Alex recaps what happened after the show last week, and you won’t want to miss this follow-up.  After Tommy and Allison call out Alex for criticizing his girlfriend’s eating habits, the NDY crew gets into a debate about the best way to tell someone they’ve “put on a few pounds”… Alex fails miserably by the way, it’s fantastic.