Not Dead Yet – First Podcast

It’s here… the Hideout is no more, but Tommy Bateman and Alex “Chunks” Carolla are Not Dead… Yet.

The show starts on a somber note, where Tommy has to inform Alex about the death of a former Hideout member and friend. Find out who it is and why Tommy is so angry about the death.

Tommy and Alex went to a stand up comedy show with comedian and Workaholics actor Erik Griffin. Tommy claims to be friends with him, but Alex thinks Tommy is actually stalking him. While at the show Tommy and Alex saw a female comedian in the audience. Find out what it is about her that Tommy and Alex despise… And hear about how impressed they are by comedian Jamel Johnson.

Alex’s Diary Entry
Formerly known as the “Fatman Diaries,” Alex is back with an entry from “The Sadman Diaries.” Listen to his sad, horrible life and feel better about yours.

Find out why Tommy thinks Alex is a jinx when it comes to dating… and life. Alex swears off and talks about why he believes it’s an evil site. And a VERY open and honest talk about relationships and life…

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