Not Dead Yet – Show #2 “Sammy”

Bad Dates

We’re back! Show number two is here and we have an in studio guest.

Meet Our Guest Sammy
Tommy brings in a female friend to help Alex and his horrible dating life. Sammy talks about how she met Tommy at a wedding and he was hitting on her friend. Alex has a new theme song. Alex and Sammy tell some of their WORST first date stories. Sammy also gives us an inside look in to the female mind and what women really want. And the best part of the segment is when Sammy tells Alex which celebrity he most resembles.

The Sadman Diaries
Alex hits on a waitress and gets any self esteem he had ruined by an off handed comment from our guest to which Tommy says, “That might be might favorite moment from any show ever.”

The Power of Projection
Tommy and Sammy talk about how to get what you want through the power of projection. Alex claims it is all “made up” and not true and he has “horrible luck.”

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