102 – Bins Watching

Indian pooping on the beachElection Results
What’s that?  You think you already KNOW about the election results and don’t want to hear it anymore?  Well did you know that Tommy, Ryan, AND Alex were all elected to new positions?  You didn’t?!  Well listen for our election recap.

First date action
After a brief discussion on Indian fart smells, Tommy laments that he wishes he knew of something to do with a first date in winter, that doesn’t involve eating dinner or going to a bar.  While Go-Karting seems fun, there are a few other ideas Ryan and Alex have that are pretty good… and some… not so good.  Bowling, Skydiving?  What would you do for an action first date?

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101 – Fired for 10 Years

Talon - Tony GuerraFired from WTKS and Pirates Porn!

Happy Anniversary!  Yeah, we start of reminiscing how it was 10 years to the day we got fired from our old show, and how some people JUST can’t give it up.  We do recall some old memories from the last days of the old show and a mishap involving Alex, a Pirates porn, and some strange old listeners calling in. You know the ones that went to jail for kiddie porn, as well as those that have passed on.

Hideout fans are the worst – Tommy has a stalker

Speaking of listeners, one of ours happens to have a really… REALLY strange obsession with Tommy including leaving him strange voice mails.  Also, a real discussion on whether or not you should approach a famous person when you see them in real life, and some famous celebrity sightings from Tommy and Alex including Vince Vaughn and former Redskin’s coach, Joe Gibbs.

All board the Hindenburg

Aas if there wasn’t enough craziness with the NDY listeners, Alex puts out an open call to email him (acorolla@gmail.com) any interesting life stories the listeners may have for a potential new show idea.  Tommy and Ryan immediately point out how this is going to go horribly, horribly wrong, with you as the listener getting to enjoy the fallout of Alex’s horrible idea!

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100th Episdoe

One Hundred Episodes

We finally made it…  100 episodes!  You wouldn’t know it though by the way Alex AGAIN starts the show before anyone else was ready to actually START the show.  The show starts with some Real Radio 104.1 memories. Then Loyal listeners and show friends alike call in with their thoughts on NDY hitting 100!  Samantha Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom & Dan proves a little to “honest”, while show friends Geoff & Courtney prove just how creepy Alex really is.  Thank you to James Gray from WPRK, Tyronne, Uncle Vinny, Number One NDY Fan and many more (even an old Hideout alum!)

The Fleshlight

Ryan disturbingly brings up the fact that since his wife’s been traveling a lot, he’s taken to a new lover… it’s a fleshlight.  It’s a dildo you put your dick into, and Ryan thinks it’s normal.  Incredulous, Tommy and Alex can only rebut in shock, as Ryan spills the dirty details of his dirty “dildo for dudes”

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99.5 – Tommy Gets Mail

mailAlex commits a federal offense
While announcing last week that there would be now show for Columbus day, Tommy and Alex decide to surprise you with a bonus half show!  Though they don’t have much planned as Alex decided to open a package delivered to his house… addressed to Tommy.  Alex opened the package before Tommy gets to his house. Find out why Tommy gets so angry.

Don’t take Alex out to the Ballgame
After Alex’s dad surprises him with Washington National’s playoff tickets, Alex decides to get hammered before the game and totally make of ass out of himself.  Quick summary, it involves a fan from the opposite team, a homosexual couple and Alex attempting to help a man find “True Love.”

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99 – Black Mesh Shorts

DreDon’t blame Gino/Gio the dog!
Alex delays the show and sours everyone after an hour delay in which he broke the equipment and tried to blame new show addition, Gino the dog.  Tyrone calls in with a few suggestions on what they should do with Alex.  Alex reveals a HORRIBLE thing he tricked his girlfriend to believing to save a few pennies on a car repair HE was responsible for.

Babies are gross
After Alex reveals what a horrible human being he is by calling a pregnant lady at the gym “gross”, Ryan reveals ALL of the horrors of having babies.  From tearing to afterbirth, to placentas and octomom porn, it’s not quite Halloween, but these TRUE stories we find out about childbirth are definitely horrific.

Harold and Tyrone
Though not on any specific segment, Harold and Tyrone are the stars of the show this week.  Find out who Tyrone wants to take over Alex’s spot on the show, be amazed at how Harold’s hatred of Alex’s car spurred him to start a new business (with special hours for Alex).

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98 – Hey Alvin

fashionMatt’s Back!

Tommy and Ryan try to figure out the other guys name, that is, after he messes up the show intro again. Show friend, former Hideout third mic and writer and all around funny man has some audio that drives Alex/ Chunks/ Alvin insane. Tommy and Ryan also found a picture of Alex with his girlfriend and her friends on Instagram. They are disgusted by how he dresses in front of her friends. They try to figure out what food he’s eating in the photo while they critique his lack of fashion sense.

Alex to the future

Alex attempts to recap a story of confrontation with the cable guy when he lets slip that while checking his credit report, there was a mistake in his file that showed he opened an account in 1972 – eight years before he was even born.  While trying to continue with his story, Tommy and Ryan are convinced that he went back in time to stop various events that would have happened in 1972, complete with an Uncle Vinny CLASSIC call-in.

Cord Cutter
Finally, Alex gets to finish his recap of his battle with the cable company, and of course it doesn’t go easily.  They NDY crew then finishes off the show with a discussion of how American ISPs take advantage of paying customers, why do some straight men speak with an “effeminate sounding” lisp.

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97 – Corolla 3:16 Means…

Corolla 3:16Corolla 3:16 Means, I Just Beat My Dog
For once, Alex doesn’t mess up the show open, though it’s definitely one to remember, as the NDY crew can’t help but burst out in laughter during the show open. Tommy notices that Alex and Gino (his new dog) aren’t necessarily getting along so well this week. Tommy accuses Alex of abusing his dog after a thunderstorm. Alex then has dreams about hurting his dog. He blames Tommy for “getting in his head”. Is Alex really a dog beater? Uncle Vinny, Tyrone AND Alex’s Sub-conscious call in to voice their opinions.

Should Celebrities be allowed to cheat?
Alex has a crazy theory about RG3 and how he will become a superstar now that he’s divorced. After a crazy convoluted path of logic, Alex tries to explain the “hierarchy of hotness” in regards to cheating celebrities. Is he a genius, or a misogynistic idiot?

Alex vs. the Hornets
Now, we’re not talking the basketball hornets. Alex had a run-in with a hive of yellow jackets, capped off with a dazed trip to Home-Depot and an accidental poisoning. You’ll love to hear this painful story!

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96 – Alec Alexander’s Dumb Plan

GinoSTDs and Celebrities
After a little time Alex STILL can’t figure out how to hit the “record” button.  The NDY crew also wastes NO time in jumping right into the topics that matter… yes, STDs and celebrities.  How hot would a celebrity have to be for you to have unprotected sex with, KNOWING she had an STD? Listen to our list and see if you agree.  There’s also a special furry guest, the latest member of the NDY studio.

After Ryan recalls a wedding he attended of a creepy friend, Alex compares the groom to a cuckold.  Not knowing what a cuckold is, Alex enlightens everyone, and Tommy provides an audio example of the grossest porn you will EVER hear.  Tyrone chimes in and provides a sound bit that will forever live in NDY history.

Alex’s Terrible Plans
Alex recaps TWO failed stories of what he calls “teaching people a lesson”.  One of them involves his arch nemesis and mailman, Harold Yen.  The other involves a Red Sox fan with a great parking spot.  You be the judge and decide WHO exactly learned the lesson…. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

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95 – You Know

Bachelor PartyLetters to Tommy
After a rough start to the show (thanks again Alex) Tommy decides to bless all the listeners with HIS favorite segment… Letters to Tommy. Today’s letter comes from someone named “Ryan” who is jealous of his best friend “Geoff’s” new girlfriend and he needs Tommy’s advice on how to seduce her and Geoff into a 3-way. The segment takes a very strange turn as Alex let’s slip a fetish of his that gets really, REALLY creepy. It’s so odd, a listener was inspired to call in and chime in with his “AAAAAAApinion”.

The Bachelor Party & Google Feud
Ryan attended a bachelor party that was… smelly.  Don’t get it?  Neither did Tommy or Alex.  After listening to Ryan describe one of the grossest, lamest bachelor parties of all time, Tommy taps out and starts playing Google Feud.  Google Feud is based off of Family Feud, but with Google Auto-correct. Play along and see if you can do better than the NDY crew and stay tuned to the very end of the music.

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94 – I’m Not Obese

vinnie tortorichWeight Loss
One of the show members has lost 14 lbs in 3 months (don’t even pretend it’s Alex). Tommy has become inspired by Vinnie Tortorich’s new book and tries to share some tips with Alex who tries to argue that he’s not obese. Also, don’t be the fat guy that brings soda on public transportation… it will NOT end well.

Shows of the Summer

It’s been a while since we’ve geeked out on good TV, and there’s a lot of great shows you probably haven’t heard of but NEED to watch. First up is Dating Naked, a guilty pleasure of NDY. If you haven’t seen this show, you’re missing out. Beside seeing some great asses, it’s a highly entertaining show that you won’t regret checking out. Plus, Ryan has a bombshell – he has a connection to someone who is on this season.

For comedies, Andrew Dice Clay returns with a new show named after the legend himself that features some great writing, great acting, and truly memorable scenes with some great Hollywood actors. And finally, the new Netflix original, Stranger Things. One of the best produced, well acted shows you’ll ever see. Taking place in the 80’s, it’s the perfect mix of suspense and drama, that will definitely make you binge watch the whole season.

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