111 – Switch

Nintendo SwitchAlvin Corolla Simmons
After a few weeks off, NDY is back, and Alex accidentally messes up the show open, but “for real” this time as he claims. Despite being perturbed, Tommy and Ryan soldier on, jumping right into the Alex insults, making a very bold comparison to Alex and a broken Richard Simmons. The similarities are uncanny!

Alex Makes Money with the Nintendo Switch
Alex’s company has insisted everyone work new longer hours, at all times of the day and it’s wearing him thin. Alex apologizes to his twitter buddies for not being as interactive. Alex DID however make some time to engage in a money making opportunity, involving the new Nintendo Switch. Though he’s ALWAYS failed in the past during these schemes, this one is SURE to succeed.

The Most Offensive Segment Ever
After being inconvenienced at his yoga class earlier in the week, Tommy proclaims he hates childrean. Ryan and Alex then give Tommy some scenarios involving saving kids or saving hot women, or dogs, the results MAY shock you. To supplement Tommy’s case, Uncle Vinny calls in to NEEDLE Alex his horrible Switch deal, and shocks Alex with a new “Vinny-ism” which inspires a Pew-Die-Pie related Nazi bit that you will NOT want to miss. We apologize in advance.

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110 – Pac and Me Be Cool

Robert from PromotionsOld Listeners
Ryan is absent and Alex receives a call from former listener and convicted pedophile “Talon” aka Tony Guerra, to update him on his life. Tommy finds out an old listener blocked him on facebook, and promptly returns the favor. Then the guys play audio Ryan sent in. They get in to Ryan’s psyche and wonder if he’s gone insane.

Fighting with People Online
Tommy and Alex talk about the fake profile, Robert from Promotions, and how dumb people get in to arguments with him. Dewd bro! They also talk about getting sucked in to fighting with other idiots and the insane comments people leave online.

Tommy has been following comedian Allison Wruk (@trainwruk) on Snapchat and Twitter. He has been a fan of hers since he and Alex saw her do stand up online a few years ago. They were perplexed at how she is so funny and her ex-boyfriend was the ABSOLUTE WORST comedian of all time. To prove just how awful he is, Tommy plays some of his material. Not to be outdone, Tommy plays a clip of Alex’s former best friend doing stand up comedy, trying to figure out who is worse. On the other end of the spectrum, Tommy fills us in on his lunch with a big star when he was in LA a few weeks ago. Find out if YOU would get along with Bill Stevenson, after Tommy recaps his tale.

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109 – Falcon Punch

condomAlex Wins the Super Bowl
What’s that you ask? Yes, Alex single handedly won the Super Bowl for Tom Brady by rooting so hard against him last week, resulting in “chunk’s luck” causing the Patriots to deal out a “Falcon Punch”. Tommy and Ryan have a ball with the fact that Alex had to watch his nemesis live through the greatest Super Bowl comeback off all time.

Alex harasses James Gray
James Gray from Gray Matter with James Gray on WPRK gives a shout out to Alex, who insists on requesting a 90’s alt song…even though James doesn’t have that type of show format. Alex of course, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, proving what an asshole he is. Ryan is bewildered after Tommy reveals that most show hosts in radio sleep around with each other. Tommy then gives some inside gossip about IHeartMedia shows in Orlando that have cheated on their spouses and slept together. Then it’s revealed that Alex never uses a condom, and they both compare war stories about their sexual condom less conquests.

Tony Guerra, Talon, is out of Jail
An old listener who used to call Alex incessantly, is being released from prison after serving a sentence for hoarding child porn (sadly, not a joke). Tommy believes that the listener will start right where he left off, calling Alex. And it just so happens, Talon calls in! Also, Tommy JUST realizes that there are cheat aps for Words with Friends, and Babbling Brooke’s co-host calls in, and “John Ra” does NOT disappoint.

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108 – Two Hairy Parents

piggyBabbling Brooke
Tommy gets back from LA, where he believes everything is better. Alex believes that New York is better, and a battle ensues. The one thing that everyone agrees on is that MD is the WORST of all states. Of course, that somehow ends up into a very real discussion of Alex’s body hair and new favorite radio morning talk show, Babbling Brooke, with a special guest caller named “Alex’s dating profile.”

Tom Brady
It’s Super Bowl Sunday, featuring another appearance by the New England Patriots. Knowing that Alex’s most hated person in the world is Tom Brady, Tommy and Ryan set the table for one of the greatest Alex rants of all time. Though it’s riddled with “Alex” grammar, you’ll hear the sad tale of how Alex wishes ill on Tom because of the failures of his life.

Apparently, there is something called micro-cheating which involves all of the little things you might do with other people than your significant other that might be considered questionable. Ryan thinks Alex is guilty of this “micro-cheating” while Alex insists he just being an asshole. Plus, we also find out the PERFRECT body type for Tommy’s liking. Would you fit Tommy’s bill? TOUCHDOWN!!!

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107 – Avalanche of Love

Geoff as a fatherGeoff in Studio
Even with a special guest in studio, Alex STILL can’t get a simple show opening to run smoothly.  Tommy suggests that Alex needs to listen to better workout music to help him out.  They crew then plays some of their favorite workout songs. Before you judge, Fallout Boy, and Paul Simon make the list. Then the guys find some “Break Up Song for Guys.”

James Gray and Audio Clips
James Gray from Gray Matter on WPRK gives a shout out to Tommy, which Alex whines is completely inappropriate and full of lies.  To make Alex feel better, Tommy produces some clips of Alex saying potentially VERY illegal activities.  Alex denies it, but you’ll have to decide what the truth is.

Geoff is Getting Married

Show friend Geoff is getting married, but he doesn’t seem to have ANY idea about when or where.  Tommy wants to give the best man speech, but only make it about himself, and Ryan tries to try and get OUT of making the best man speech.  We then get a call from Geoff’s future stepson and we find out that Geoff has made some questionable choices how he treats his fiance’s kid.

Tommy is going to LA

A crazy, packed, final segment includes a revelation that Tommy is going to LA for the hell of it.  Alex tries to jinx it, which somehow turns into a very scientific discussion about porn, sex habits, and when you’ve gone “too far” in the bedroom.

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106 – Sex Is Boring

gymAlex’s Embarrassing Gym Experience
After what’s become the new show opening of Alex screwing up hitting a simple button, Tommy gives a shout out to the White Wine True Crime podcast and Samantics, with Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, ALL of which you should check out. Alex then recaps a trip to the gym that involves gastric upset, destroying a yoga class and receives a call from Uncle Vinny.

Ryan at MagFest
Ryan’s wife got them tickets to MagFest, a local video game/comic/smelly nerd convention that takes place in the DC area. She has no interest in video games or comics. After deciding to dress up, and fully experience all that a convention has to offer, Ryan is worried that his normal wife will never want to have sex with him after seeing his nerdy side.

Sex Sucks
And not in the good way. Tommy and Alex are both bored with sex and disclose they could probably go on living with never having it again. Incredulous Ryan tries to understand how ANY male could be bored with sex, but after delving into the convoluted minds of Tommy and Alex… it might make a little more sense on why it’s better to just turn on FXX instead of having sex.

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105 – Geoff 3:16

alex pajamasNew Year, New Open
Though Alex isn’t really a fan.  Tommy claims it’s a hit, and there’s a lot of truths about Alex’s lifestyle… THANKS Nick W.  Tommy would have recorded a show last week, however Alex decided that would be a good time to get sick and wreck everything.  ON TOP of that, Alex wrote down some of his thoughts while delirious from diarrhea. See if you agree, or if you can even make sense of them.

Happy Chanukahmas!
Tommy insists that Alex is Jewish.  A statement which Alex tries to deny, but has trouble after Tommy’s real life mother calls in to back up his claims.  If Alex were Jewish, his Christmas might have gone a little smoother however.  It started off with an “innocent” action from Tommy, setting into motion a chain of events that could only happen to Alex.  On top of that, he’s forced to wear PJ’s near kids, abandon his dog for a day, and be ridiculed by someone he calls a “friend.”

Tommy’s the Best Man!…. again
He’s not really, but according to Tommy, how could he NOT be?  Our good friend Geoff got engaged over the holidays, and OF COURSE Tommy thinks he will naturally be the best man.  Not only that, Tommy has a few ideas of how he thinks the wedding show go.  Have you ever been to a wedding that takes place in a cage, officiated by Brother Love from the WWE?  Of course you haven’t!  But you would if Tommy had his way. Plus, find out why Ryan now hates Geoff.

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104 – The Christmas Conspiracy

Santa PedophileAlex’s Birthmas Gift
We start the show of with some classic Corolla Christmas carols to get into the  mood.  Alex’s birthday was last week and Tommy sent him a gift…of course things can never be that easy with Alex.  Tommy manages to send Alex a combined birthday/Christmas gift (which Alex hates) but it doesn’t quite get there, you’ll never believe what Alex went through to get his “gift.”

James Gray, Dinner and “Alex Time”
Tommy and Alex had dinner with James Gray, from the world famous WPRK, and his girlfriend. Tommy reveals that James’ girlfriend was freaked out by Alex staring one of her bodyparts. You won’t believe which body part Alex fixated on.

The Christmas Conspiracy
Tommy comes to the conclusion that Christmas is a conspiracy for pedophiles and Nazis to collaborate and celebrate their sick ways.  After looking up what NAMBLA members do for Christmas, Tommy illustrates his point with the TRUE meaning of Christmas hidden in the lyrics of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs and traditions…

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103 – K.A.C.

tatAlex Time
Tommy is upset that they are recording later than planned. He claims that Alex is always late and often refers to Alex’s lateness as “Alex time.” Alex refutes that claim and says that Tommy is late every single week.

Tyrone’s Grammar Lesson
Alex tries to give Tyrone a grammar lesson, but it doesn’t go well. We learn a few things from this segment. 1. Alex gets another NEW name. 2. There’s a new way to get Tyrone off the phone that might come in handy in the future.

80’s Theme Songs and Tiffany Thiesen in a Bathing Suit
Tommy wins the coach potato championship with the origins of Just the 10 of Us, including a musical shout out to comedian Pedro Lima. Alex tries to counter with some of his favorite, BETTER theme songs and YOU decide who the winner is. Between one of the songs, Tommy shows Alex a picture of Tiffany Thiesen in a bathing suit, and you’ll want to hear their review of the pic…

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102 – Bins Watching

Indian pooping on the beachElection Results
What’s that?  You think you already KNOW about the election results and don’t want to hear it anymore?  Well did you know that Tommy, Ryan, AND Alex were all elected to new positions?  You didn’t?!  Well listen for our election recap.

First date action
After a brief discussion on Indian fart smells, Tommy laments that he wishes he knew of something to do with a first date in winter, that doesn’t involve eating dinner or going to a bar.  While Go-Karting seems fun, there are a few other ideas Ryan and Alex have that are pretty good… and some… not so good.  Bowling, Skydiving?  What would you do for an action first date?

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