Hideout Rewind #1

The Hideout Real Radio 104.1A look back, with commentary, to 2005 when The Hideout was on Real Radio 104.1. Tommy and Alex play some of their favorite bits and add in what was going on behind the scenes. Hot celeb guys, Ringworm, a demo tape from London, Tommy’s son calls in and so much more.

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116 – Handful of Needles Petting Gino

Gino Needles
Phone Test Guy
A brand new caller opens the show (since Alex can’t hit a button properly) and he might just be the best caller yet. He and Tyrone help Tommy and Ryan list Alex’s long list of many recent losses, starting off with RageAgainstTwit insisting that Alex owes him money. From there we go into Tommy’s slaughtering of Alex in Words with Friends, and finally Alex’s girlfriend beating him in pinball the first time she ever played.

Alex Killed Chris Cornell

After getting rejected for yet another job opportunity, Alex went on a tirade, cursing out God and telling him to leave him alone, which as you’ll hear, inadvertently causes the death of beloved singer, Chris Cornell. We also find out he has a weird fetish for Melissa McCarthy, but ONLY when she pretends to be Sean Spicer. You might even find out some other sexual tid-bits about the NDY crew!

Alex is a Telemarketer
Following a brief discussion of whether or not Prince was overrated or not (Alex also killed Prince by the way); Tommy suggests that Alex might only be suited to be a telemarketer, and they decide to role-play a call with a VERY special test guest. Does Alex make the sale? What does Phone Test Guy think? Will Tommy kill Alex someday?!

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115 – A.C.W.

Fez Whatley

Fez Whatley

Comedian Allison Wruk
Tommy and Alex are a bit off for the show as they were out late watching comedian Allison Wruk. Unfortunately though, Allison was the ONLY funny comedian that they saw. Strap in as you’ll hear a recap that you’d think wasn’t even possible for a modern comedy show.

Alex vs. Cystic Fibrosis
After playing some voicemails from one of Tommy’s friends, who claims Alex owes him $500,000,000 or a Nintendo switch after causing him to crash his car, Alex recaps his day of volunteering for Cystic Fibrosis. Alex’s girlfriend makes him volunteer to semi-counter the fact that he’s a horrible human being. Being Alex however, he still manages to take a good concept, and totally destroy a sick person’s day. It’s VERY cringe worthy as Alex the Ape describes the events that could ONLY happen to him on volunteer day.

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114 – We Have To Get You Arrested

Alex is inspirationalInspirational Sayings
Alex messes up the show open again, and he’s rewarded with a few new songs about his creepy tendencies, courtesy of Nick W. Alex tries to rebound by trying to refute a scientific article that states people who post inspirational quotes on Facebook are actually less intelligent. Unfortunately, he tries to do this by making up some “inspirational” quotes of his own.

Alex Joke Theater
After trying to workshop a HORRIBLE joke about his dog Gino, Alex provided Tommy with an IM conversation where he tried to explain the hilarity to one of his co-workers. Tommy, being conscious of Alex’s feelings at all times, decides to re-enact the conversation in a traditional theatrical presentation, that is worthy of a Tony!

Alex vs the IRS
Tommy mentioned a generous listener donated some money to the show; however Tommy decided to use it on himself on NOT show related things. Infuriated, Alex goes into a verbal rage, prompting Tommy to bring up Alex’s IRS problems. Don’t worry, Alex is financially fine (he’s still an idiot) it’s really an IRS scammer, that Alex called back. Find out how YOU can help the cause and bring down the Indian IRS!

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113 – Big Flesh Boy

Alex's CubeAlex works in hell
In usual Alex fashion, he starts immediately apologizing to the listeners for his lack of Twitter presence. Tommy notices Alex is a bit off and scolds him for rambling. Reasons become clear, as Alex delves into the horrid work life he has been enduring since his office move.  Follow along as Alex details his co-workers phone conversations, has a run in with his old work enemy Lindy Beal, and capped off with his very own crayon drawn office cube name tag.

If the shoe fits
After 7 years Alex finally decides to get some new running sneakers. It’s never just that simple though with Alex as Tommy points out and Alex proves with ANOTHER crazy story. They take a little detour though to play some porno audio when “Ryan” calls in from is convention.  Take a guess on how long and how much money it took Alex to get new shoes.

Alex vs Linda
Tommy and show friend Linda collaborated on a little scheme to try and trick Alex into thinking he FINALLY had a buyer for his Nintendo Switch.  As it turns out, after a few days of being baited into a back and forth with Linda over a text trap, Alex  thought he figured out the scheme and FINALLY got one over on Tommy. As it turns out, Alex might have inadvertently put his livelihood into ACTUAL jeopardy.

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113 – 80 Pound Greyhound


Tommy Has “WrestleMania”
For some reason, Tommy discloses that he’s going to be watching WrestleMania 33 later that night.  He also backed out of a date Friday night to watch the WWE Hall Of Fame wrestling inductions. Incredulous, Alex sits back in horror as Tommy and Ryan reminisce about wrestling days of yore.

Alex’s Secret Best Friend
Tommy invited Alex’s girlfriend, Phyllis, to the movies.  Phyllis ended up invited a few of her friends, including someone named “Garland” that she says is Alex’s “other best friend.”  Tommy bought the tickets and is under the impression Alex would foot the bill.  Before the debate on who should pay is resolved, Tommy busts out a clip from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan where comedian Ross McCoy recaps a stunt that “Chunks” had to endure on the old show.  If you want to hear the goods on what an intern goes through on radio, you’re not going to want to miss this segment (hint, it involves pubes)

Alex Audio Clips and Ryan’s dogs
Our listeners are the best.  They never fail to capture every perverted/gross/Hitler related comment Alex makes, and mash them into grossly inappropriate perverted clips.  Uncle Vinny  hosts some of the best we’ve ever had.  Ryan is in a bit of a jam, as his wife wants to get ANOTHER dog (making a total of 5 other animals in the house).  He’s not sure how to tell her, but Tommy and Alex have a sure fire “communication method” that’s sure to hit the mark.

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112- We Doin’ This Trade?

Tickled DocumentaryThe Switch Haunts Alex
Despite his horrible failure at trying to sell the brand new Nintendo Switch at a profit last week, buyers and listeners alike decided to help him out by offering trades of goods, broken junk, or just plain insults for his beloved switch. Alex’s girlfriend logged in to his phone and sent Tommy unanswered voicemails sent by potential buyers. The calls only make Alex irate.

Tickling Documentary
Not to be outdone, Uncle Vinny calls in to offer some “interesting” trades himself. Alex is not amused, and Tommy and Ryan think he needs a good laugh, maybe a tickle?! That sounds silly right? WRONG! Follow the captivating tale of the HBO documentary “Tickled” as two brave filmmakers delve into the world of competitive tickling. The documentary takes a very dark twist behind this very strange genre. It is a must see.

Alex Kills Two People
After discussing the documentary, Alex actually had an in to potentially score an interview with the villain from the Tickled documentary, however, “Chunks luck” derails it, killing two people in the process.

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111 – Switch

Nintendo SwitchAlvin Corolla Simmons
After a few weeks off, NDY is back, and Alex accidentally messes up the show open, but “for real” this time as he claims. Despite being perturbed, Tommy and Ryan soldier on, jumping right into the Alex insults, making a very bold comparison to Alex and a broken Richard Simmons. The similarities are uncanny!

Alex Makes Money with the Nintendo Switch
Alex’s company has insisted everyone work new longer hours, at all times of the day and it’s wearing him thin. Alex apologizes to his twitter buddies for not being as interactive. Alex DID however make some time to engage in a money making opportunity, involving the new Nintendo Switch. Though he’s ALWAYS failed in the past during these schemes, this one is SURE to succeed.

The Most Offensive Segment Ever
After being inconvenienced at his yoga class earlier in the week, Tommy proclaims he hates childrean. Ryan and Alex then give Tommy some scenarios involving saving kids or saving hot women, or dogs, the results MAY shock you. To supplement Tommy’s case, Uncle Vinny calls in to NEEDLE Alex his horrible Switch deal, and shocks Alex with a new “Vinny-ism” which inspires a Pew-Die-Pie related Nazi bit that you will NOT want to miss. We apologize in advance.

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110 – Pac and Me Be Cool

Robert from PromotionsOld Listeners
Ryan is absent and Alex receives a call from former listener and convicted pedophile “Talon” aka Tony Guerra, to update him on his life. Tommy finds out an old listener blocked him on facebook, and promptly returns the favor. Then the guys play audio Ryan sent in. They get in to Ryan’s psyche and wonder if he’s gone insane.

Fighting with People Online
Tommy and Alex talk about the fake profile, Robert from Promotions, and how dumb people get in to arguments with him. Dewd bro! They also talk about getting sucked in to fighting with other idiots and the insane comments people leave online.

Tommy has been following comedian Allison Wruk (@trainwruk) on Snapchat and Twitter. He has been a fan of hers since he and Alex saw her do stand up online a few years ago. They were perplexed at how she is so funny and her ex-boyfriend was the ABSOLUTE WORST comedian of all time. To prove just how awful he is, Tommy plays some of his material. Not to be outdone, Tommy plays a clip of Alex’s former best friend doing stand up comedy, trying to figure out who is worse. On the other end of the spectrum, Tommy fills us in on his lunch with a big star when he was in LA a few weeks ago. Find out if YOU would get along with Bill Stevenson, after Tommy recaps his tale.

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109 – Falcon Punch

condomAlex Wins the Super Bowl
What’s that you ask? Yes, Alex single handedly won the Super Bowl for Tom Brady by rooting so hard against him last week, resulting in “chunk’s luck” causing the Patriots to deal out a “Falcon Punch”. Tommy and Ryan have a ball with the fact that Alex had to watch his nemesis live through the greatest Super Bowl comeback off all time.

Alex harasses James Gray
James Gray from Gray Matter with James Gray on WPRK gives a shout out to Alex, who insists on requesting a 90’s alt song…even though James doesn’t have that type of show format. Alex of course, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, proving what an asshole he is. Ryan is bewildered after Tommy reveals that most show hosts in radio sleep around with each other. Tommy then gives some inside gossip about IHeartMedia shows in Orlando that have cheated on their spouses and slept together. Then it’s revealed that Alex never uses a condom, and they both compare war stories about their sexual condom less conquests.

Tony Guerra, Talon, is out of Jail
An old listener who used to call Alex incessantly, is being released from prison after serving a sentence for hoarding child porn (sadly, not a joke). Tommy believes that the listener will start right where he left off, calling Alex. And it just so happens, Talon calls in! Also, Tommy JUST realizes that there are cheat aps for Words with Friends, and Babbling Brooke’s co-host calls in, and “John Ra” does NOT disappoint.

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