128 – Perky, Great and Gorgeous

Alex's BathroomNipples at the Improv
Allison shares an interesting competition between two very attractive women in her improv class. This competition doesn’t involve actual acting, but two women trying to outdo each other with who can dress the sluttiest. Tommy educates Alex on improv lingo, and goes through each of the talented comedians who refined their talent through improv. Plus, a quick discussion of the amazing Phil Hartman.

VH1 & Oxygen Reality Shows
Tommy reveals he was a fan of Bad Girls Club, which Allison declares is one of her favorite reality shows, and gives a behind the scenes nugget of what she learned from an LA producer on how they cast the BGC stars. Tommy and Alex then reminisce over the VH1 shows, including: Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, the Pickup Artist, and The World Series of Pop Culture. We also show Allison “Chunks'” disgusting bedroom and bathroom from Florida. UGH.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Allison reveals how difficult it is to actually find Chocolate Chip Pancakes in LA, which is surprising, because you know, they’re a staple. After disclosing that Cinnabon cookies exist, Tommy and Allison get into a debate of which selfie synagogue is king; Snapchat or Instagram, and you might be surprised to find out which one is better…especially if you’re a perv…

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Updated: December 11, 2017 — 12:00 pm