Show #7 – Matt Albert

Matt Albert

Matt Albert Is Back!

It’s a reunion! Matt Albert is back and Alex offers an apology to Matt for ignoring his calls and texts after leaving Florida. Will Matt accept his apology? In one of the most raw and fascinating segments ever heard in any radio show, Alex FINALLY explains to Matt and Tommy what was going on during those two years where he dropped off the face of the earth.

Matt Albert’s New Life

We catch up with Matt Albert and find out about how his life has changed in a MAJOR way. After rubbing Tommy and Alex’s faces in his new found success, Matt, in what seems like a foreign concept to Alex, gives his tips on how to get women and keep them interested in you. Alex had another date, but she came over to his place but left creeped out. Find out what the reason was (this time.)

The Sad Man Diary

Alex gets talked in to doing something uncomfortable at a Christmas party. Rejoice in Tommy and Matt laughing at his misfortune.

Would You Rather?

From the twisted mind of Tommy Bateman, the Not Dead Yet version of “Would You Rather?” The MOST disgusting and strange questions you’ll ever hear, guaranteed to make you squirm. Plus, we get a few bonus stories about Matt running in to women he used to date and yelling at them, plus stories about his asshole father!

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