Show #8 – I Faked It

Alex Date

He Wins! He Loses!

We get a new toy that doesn’t live up to the hype. We talk about a former friend of the show and how he keeps pissing us off. Alex finally “wins” but loses, and this isn’t even the Sadman Diary! A quick discussion about “A-Town.”

A New Show on Our Podcast Network!

We debut a new show on our podcast network. The show plays during our “break.” Make sure to check out the next great podcast!

The Sadman Diary – Plus, Tommy Wants A Girlfriend?!?!

A Sadman Diary involving cheerleaders, kid touching and alcohol. Tommy wants a girlfriend and is invited to a wedding. The guys talk about how awful it is being invited to weddings and how it’s just a ploy to get presents. Then we branch out and do a news segment – and it proves that one of us is an idiot.

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