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98 – Hey Alvin

fashionMatt’s Back!

Tommy and Ryan try to figure out the other guys name, that is, after he messes up the show intro again. Show friend, former Hideout third mic and writer and all around funny man has some audio that drives Alex/ Chunks/ Alvin insane. Tommy and Ryan also found a picture of Alex with his girlfriend and her friends on Instagram. They are disgusted by how he dresses in front of her friends. They try to figure out what food he’s eating in the photo while they critique his lack of fashion sense.

Alex to the future

Alex attempts to recap a story of confrontation with the cable guy when he lets slip that while checking his credit report, there was a mistake in his file that showed he opened an account in 1972 – eight years before he was even born.  While trying to continue with his story, Tommy and Ryan are convinced that he went back in time to stop various events that would have happened in 1972, complete with an Uncle Vinny CLASSIC call-in.

Cord Cutter
Finally, Alex gets to finish his recap of his battle with the cable company, and of course it doesn’t go easily.  They NDY crew then finishes off the show with a discussion of how American ISPs take advantage of paying customers, why do some straight men speak with an “effeminate sounding” lisp.

32 – Call Of Doody

Call of DoodyVideo Game Girl & Paula

Alex had an interesting weekend of going out alone on a Friday night to read his comic books while looking at hot chicks. He also talks about how he has been texting back and forth with a hot chick that loves playing video games. Tommy thinks she is only pretending to like video games to “seem nerdy and stand out” from the other women. She calls in to defend herself and prove she knows video games. Tommy gives an update about his girlfriend Paula. It’s not pretty…

Letter To Tommy
One of the best Letters to Tommy ever. Learn how to play pranks on your friends who do online dating…

To end the show, Tommy recaps a dance party he went to and the guys talk about the differences between Latin women and Northern VA/DC women.

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