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Show #9 – A Little Too Honest…

Blown off TextsAlex is Back From His Vacation Cruise
We start off with a call from our nemesis, Billy Brosky, from Arlington, VA. He is everything that is wrong with not only Arlington, VA, but the world. Alex had a four day vacation and took a cruise, so we bypass the chit chat and get right in to a Sadman Diary filled with lace panties, stalking, breaking and entering, drunk friends and meat melting in his mouth… Tommy brings up points as to why he would NEVER go on a cruise, plus a call from our friend Tyrone Thompson, who ends up getting in to an argument and calling Alex racist.

Plus, Alex has booked a VERY big endorsement deal. Tommy plays the audio and is not impressed with Alex’s efforts.

Tommy’s Biggest Fear in Life Revealed
In this segment Alex asks Tommy why he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Tommy talks about what’s changed in his life and why he hasn’t been dating anyone. He brings up a woman that he was recently interested in and why it fell apart, plus he reveals what his greatest fear in life is…

Alex was also (secretly) dating someone he met on match.com… and he talks about why it has also fallen apart. Real talk with a lot of comedy thrown in. Plus Billy Brosky calls back in to torture the guys.

Show #8 – I Faked It

Alex Date

He Wins! He Loses!

We get a new toy that doesn’t live up to the hype. We talk about a former friend of the show and how he keeps pissing us off. Alex finally “wins” but loses, and this isn’t even the Sadman Diary! A quick discussion about “A-Town.”

A New Show on Our Podcast Network!

We debut a new show on our podcast network. The show plays during our “break.” Make sure to check out the next great podcast!

The Sadman Diary – Plus, Tommy Wants A Girlfriend?!?!

A Sadman Diary involving cheerleaders, kid touching and alcohol. Tommy wants a girlfriend and is invited to a wedding. The guys talk about how awful it is being invited to weddings and how it’s just a ploy to get presents. Then we branch out and do a news segment – and it proves that one of us is an idiot.