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147 – Why You Gotta Do Do Me Like That?

Allison WrukAlex and Allison Are Having Problems
Alex starts off the show having trouble putting sentences together. Being the nice guy he is, Tommy plays new clips of Alex saying very inappropriate and embarrassing things out of context.

The guys also wonder what’s going on with Allison as she was up very late sending them text messages that didn’t make sense about how she’s close to dying and there is “no food to throw out.” Tommy wonders if it’s because he’s stolen her friend Emilie (so he claims), from the Emilie Knows Everything podcast. Things get even worse for Alex as he MORE car trouble with police officers. You have to hear this one…

Double Sided Dildos
Alex was in New York City Friday and Saturday for a friend’s bachelor party. We can’t even put in to words what happened. Cocaine, strippers giving handjobs, forced face sitting, torn underwear, shots from bad places and a hype man. Well, I guess we can put it in to words after all…

95 – You Know

Bachelor PartyLetters to Tommy
After a rough start to the show (thanks again Alex) Tommy decides to bless all the listeners with HIS favorite segment… Letters to Tommy. Today’s letter comes from someone named “Ryan” who is jealous of his best friend “Geoff’s” new girlfriend and he needs Tommy’s advice on how to seduce her and Geoff into a 3-way. The segment takes a very strange turn as Alex let’s slip a fetish of his that gets really, REALLY creepy. It’s so odd, a listener was inspired to call in and chime in with his “AAAAAAApinion”.

The Bachelor Party & Google Feud
Ryan attended a bachelor party that was… smelly.  Don’t get it?  Neither did Tommy or Alex.  After listening to Ryan describe one of the grossest, lamest bachelor parties of all time, Tommy taps out and starts playing Google Feud.  Google Feud is based off of Family Feud, but with Google Auto-correct. Play along and see if you can do better than the NDY crew and stay tuned to the very end of the music.

73 – Chunks It Up

chunksChunks it up
Show friend Geoff joins us in studio to help recap Ryan’s bachelor party, but first:  Alex is a BIG fan of PS4 gaming system. Two years ago Tommy played a “news clip” about PS4 owners being pedophiles, and now a brand new “REAL news report” has new claims about PS4 owners.  Alex goes berserk at the claims – and a new catchphrase is born.

Creepy Bachelor Party
Alex recaps Ryan’s bachelor party to which he begrudgingly accepted going after Geoff wouldn’t take no for an answer.  It took place in an isolated cabin in the woods with 5 grown smelly men and magic the gathering games.  Tommy takes joy in a crazy recap which is capped off with lap dances from FAKE strippers and a brush with death.

Geoff’s Best Man Speech
Tommy and Alex have LONG since been weary of Geoff as Ryan’s best man, mainly because they doubt his ability to deliver a good best man’s speech.  Geoff surprises Tommy and Alex with a preview of the speech and they can NOT believe what Ryan is in store for at his wedding.  Before taking off, Geoff and the NDY crew get into a heated debate about which sitcom theme song is the best of all time, everyone is passionate about their choices, but there might NEVER be a clear cut winner to this one.

67 – Name That Tune With Lenny

coffeeName That Tune With Lenny Jacobson
We’re back after a bit of a break and a very active week for everyone on NDY, starting with Tommy who stayed up WAY too late the night before the show, playing a game of Name that Tune with Lenny Jacobson on Periscope. We all know how competitive Tommy is in trivia and this is no different. Find out if he won, lost or if the game ended in controversy…

Alex Tweets and Ryan’s Bachelor Party
Tommy and Ryan raise concerns that Alex’s #ButfartbooblickFriday tweets probably aren’t getting the turnaround in new listeners that Alex claims his “genius” compositions will bring in. Speaking of Alex, a Starbuck’s barista gives him yet ANOTHER name to add on to the already large list of things you can call him beside Alex. Finally, even though good show friend Geoff has a HORRIBLE track record with planning Ryan’s bachelor party so far, Ryan still thinks that he’ll come through in the end with a perfect best man speech. Alex and Tommy however, offer up many different scenarios that are more likely to happen after the nuptials.