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124 – It’s My F**king Birthday

ass eatingHappy Birthday Allison!
It’s Allison’s big day, though she’s a bit out of sorts, as her new love interest has neglected to wish her a happy birthday, instead sending her a text asking if she’s seen Star Wars or not. Since it’s turning out to be one of the worst she’s had, Alex drives the screwdriver in a little deeper, and inquires about Allison’s worst birthday stories, and she has some GOOD ones.

Allison’s Tweets
For her first birthday tweet, Allison (@trainwruck) discloses her dismay to the fact that her ex-boyfriend never asked to “eat her butt-hole out”. She’s also relieved that even though Alex tweeted that the listeners should tweet her dick picks, she didn’t receive ONE! The segment goes into a detailed discussion on the polite way to broach a subject with a new person you’re dating, supplemented by advice from show friend Tyrone Thompson.

Alex’s Nickname At Work
Adding on to the seemingly endless list of nicknames Alan has, Tommy reveals that he received a text from Alex’s girlfriend with a NEW nickname that he received at work. We won’t wreck it for you on the summary, but this one might stick, much to Alex’s chagrin. Also, a medical debate on whether or not you can poop while taking Tylenol PM, and Allison reads a love compatibility horoscope for Tommy & Alex.

104 – The Christmas Conspiracy

Santa PedophileAlex’s Birthmas Gift
We start the show of with some classic Corolla Christmas carols to get into the  mood.  Alex’s birthday was last week and Tommy sent him a gift…of course things can never be that easy with Alex.  Tommy manages to send Alex a combined birthday/Christmas gift (which Alex hates) but it doesn’t quite get there, you’ll never believe what Alex went through to get his “gift.”

James Gray, Dinner and “Alex Time”
Tommy and Alex had dinner with James Gray, from the world famous WPRK, and his girlfriend. Tommy reveals that James’ girlfriend was freaked out by Alex staring one of her bodyparts. You won’t believe which body part Alex fixated on.

The Christmas Conspiracy
Tommy comes to the conclusion that Christmas is a conspiracy for pedophiles and Nazis to collaborate and celebrate their sick ways.  After looking up what NAMBLA members do for Christmas, Tommy illustrates his point with the TRUE meaning of Christmas hidden in the lyrics of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs and traditions…

90 – Pray For Orlando

OrlandoStay Strong Orlando
When the day started we weren’t sure if or how we would address the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando last night.  We decided to go on just to talk about how we felt, and also because we shouldn’t change who we are when these tragedies hit.  We discuss in great depth the tragedy, possible reasons it happened, how we feel as regular people, and most importantly our personal love for the great city of Orlando

Phyllis’ Birthday
Alex’s girlfriend Phyllis had a birthday last week.  Quick question:  Do you think Alex came through as a knight in shining armor, or do you think he totally botched it and wrecked her day making it all about him?  With a crazy story about JB Smoove, a rouge delivery driver, a trip to the mall, and cake that makes his girlfriend cry, after this story you’ll definitely realize you’re a better boyfriend than Alex is.

65 – French Toast & Asian Massage Parlors

asian massageBad Nudity
For WHATEVER reason, the show starts off with nudity! Not ours, that’s gross. More like the recent stream of naked reality shows on tv, which we can’t get enough of. Ryan suggests the idea of an all naked TV network complete with a naked judge Judy and Biggest Loser in the buff! While looking up some famous nude scenes and declaring their hatred for Mr. Skin, we find that moderators for porn sites are quite… quite creepy and of COURSE we read off the best for you! Ryan finds a website where you can find out if your local massage parlor gives out sexual favors. While digging around they find a disgusting subculture of reviewers and specific vernacular all with the goal of finding that perfect “jug tug”.

Tommy’s Birthday

Alex gives Tommy a gift for his birthday, as he recaps all of the well wishes he personally received from celebrities, and all of his friends except one… good job Ryan. Tommy is annoyed as Alex’s luck gets them snared in TWO unwanted conversations on the train while going to see Ron Funches and Shane Torres at the DC Improv. You WON’T want to miss their review of the show, as well as a few French lessons from new caller CeCe Bon.