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145 – Bust A MoveMent

Alex Kid SittingHis Name Is Alex
We are back after a bit of a break. The NDY crew starts off a bit solemn, as they found out one of their favorite podcasts, Talking Nonsense with Eric and Stacey is coming to a close. Allison brightens up Alex’s day, by finally agreeing to call him “Alex” instead of one of his various other names…of course Alex is brought back down to earth, as Tommy reveals the reason he wants to go by Alex is because of his new “kidsitting” business….oh and an issue with the police and a bus full of kids.

Allison and Alex Become Stalkers
Allison and Alex decided to go to NY on a random weekday to stalk Jeff Johnson and Charlie Koontz at their Captain Black movie premier. Tommy is flabbergasted as Allison and Alex recall their horrible tale of stalking, and random heroin addicts stealing their food off of their plates in a bar. Bowl of Bacon anyone?

Cobra Kai
Tommy gives an honest review of the new Youtube Red Series Cobra Kai. Listen to see how the grown up versions of Ralph Macchio and William Zabka hold up in this new series. The NDY crew then gets into a debate about whether or not it’s better to have episodic TV releases, or entire seasons ala Netflix. Speaking of HBO and Neflix, the NDY crew gives some picks and thoughts on Gary Shandling’s “Zen” and the Andre the Giant documentary.

Interview: Jeffrey Johnson Star of Captain Black

Jeff Johnson Captain Black the MovieInterview with Jeffrey Johnson
The show tries to pull it together and act professional long enough to interview an award winning director. Jeffrey Johnson wrote, directed and stars in the movie Captain Black.

The movie has a huge twist that we do not spoil. The premise behind the movie is that Jeff plays an average restaurant manager that develops an interest in a comic character named Captain Black. He gets invited to a Halloween party and attends the party dressed as his new hero. He then finds himself in a relationship that maybe shouldn’t have happened. We don’t want to spoil the major twist, nor do we want to spoil the anxiety inducing ending. A drama with some major laughs, all three loved this movie.

We had a great time talking to Jeff… and Allison may be leaving her boyfriend for Jeff as she kept hitting on him the entire interview. Tommy also forces Jeff to talk about his role on the USA Network show Burn Notice – mainly to talk about the awesome Bruce Campbell.

Check out Captain Black and this interview, if for no other reason than to hear Allison embarrass herself.

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