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130 – Rain Drop Trip Trap

Tommy Promo ShotAllison’s Back In Studio
And true to form, she’s already Christmas hammered! However, before the show can officially start, Alex demands that Tommy give him a gift for his recently passed birthday, as well as Christmas. After making Alex rant for a bit, Tommy presents Alex with a gift which Alex apparently doesn’t appreciate, as he rages into the mic at Tommy. Afterwards, the NDY crew reminisce over their favorite Christmas movies and songs as well as their most hated Christmas songs. Which ones do you agree with? Plus, Tommy created a special Christmas Show Opening!

The Room & The Disaster Artist
You’ve probably heard of these films by now, but you probably haven’t heard some of the juicy details Tommy and Alex provide, after watching both films in a 2 day span. If you HAVEN’T heard of The Room or the Disaster Artist, then prepare for a journey covering the happenings of THE WORST film ever made, and its faithful reproduction in James Franco’s latest film in The Disaster Artist

Allison’s Gifts = White Christmas

Allison recently got a job in Los Angeles working in a restaurant. She catches us up on the good, the bad, the ugly and the actors she works with. She then gives the guys special Christmas gifts. You’ll just have to listen to see how it ends up being a white (whitened?) Christmas.

105 – Geoff 3:16

alex pajamasNew Year, New Open
Though Alex isn’t really a fan.  Tommy claims it’s a hit, and there’s a lot of truths about Alex’s lifestyle… THANKS Nick W.  Tommy would have recorded a show last week, however Alex decided that would be a good time to get sick and wreck everything.  ON TOP of that, Alex wrote down some of his thoughts while delirious from diarrhea. See if you agree, or if you can even make sense of them.

Happy Chanukahmas!
Tommy insists that Alex is Jewish.  A statement which Alex tries to deny, but has trouble after Tommy’s real life mother calls in to back up his claims.  If Alex were Jewish, his Christmas might have gone a little smoother however.  It started off with an “innocent” action from Tommy, setting into motion a chain of events that could only happen to Alex.  On top of that, he’s forced to wear PJ’s near kids, abandon his dog for a day, and be ridiculed by someone he calls a “friend.”

Tommy’s the Best Man!…. again
He’s not really, but according to Tommy, how could he NOT be?  Our good friend Geoff got engaged over the holidays, and OF COURSE Tommy thinks he will naturally be the best man.  Not only that, Tommy has a few ideas of how he thinks the wedding show go.  Have you ever been to a wedding that takes place in a cage, officiated by Brother Love from the WWE?  Of course you haven’t!  But you would if Tommy had his way. Plus, find out why Ryan now hates Geoff.

104 – The Christmas Conspiracy

Santa PedophileAlex’s Birthmas Gift
We start the show of with some classic Corolla Christmas carols to get into the  mood.  Alex’s birthday was last week and Tommy sent him a gift…of course things can never be that easy with Alex.  Tommy manages to send Alex a combined birthday/Christmas gift (which Alex hates) but it doesn’t quite get there, you’ll never believe what Alex went through to get his “gift.”

James Gray, Dinner and “Alex Time”
Tommy and Alex had dinner with James Gray, from the world famous WPRK, and his girlfriend. Tommy reveals that James’ girlfriend was freaked out by Alex staring one of her bodyparts. You won’t believe which body part Alex fixated on.

The Christmas Conspiracy
Tommy comes to the conclusion that Christmas is a conspiracy for pedophiles and Nazis to collaborate and celebrate their sick ways.  After looking up what NAMBLA members do for Christmas, Tommy illustrates his point with the TRUE meaning of Christmas hidden in the lyrics of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs and traditions…

76 – A Hung Solo Christmas

Santa Hat VaderTommy surprises Alex with the announcement that he’s seen the new Star Wars. Not usually a Sci Fi fan, Alex is curious as to Tommy’s take on the film. Tommy starts to describe the movie, when Alex realizes something is “wrong” with the version he “saw”. You won’t want to miss Tommy’s interpretation of one of the greatest stories of all time.

New News Segment
Tommy decides to class up Not Dead Yet with a new news segment. He even dug up a brand new news bed! Alex begins to suspect that Tommy miiiiight have a different definition of “news.” In fact it seems that Tommy just wanted to play the new news bed over and over again. The news bed actually calls in to justify himself and it’s stories. Fat people on the metro? It’s news to Tommy!

Gift Exchange
Alex has thoughtfully gotten Tommy expensive Christmas gifts as he does faithfully every year and Tommy has not gotten him anything as he faithfully does every year. Tommy believes he’s come up with a new pricing scheme in order to swindle more money from his friends. Alex becomes enraged, and it only gets worse as his creepy Uncle Joey Corolla calls in to tell a very special Christmas story, which MIGHT get everyone on the show arrested. Merry Christmas assholes!

40 – Santa – the Son of God

Son of GodThe show starts with a quick show meeting. Then Tommy and Alex recap their trip to the SiriusXM studios to see old friend Ron and Fez. Things don’t go quite as planned. Alex went to eat with Geoff and had to lie about who Geoff was to a co-worker. This story is 100% true. Tommy took Ryan out to eat to celebrate his birthday which upsets Alex. Tommy and Ryan give Alex his birthday presents on the air and he doesn’t seem satisfied with them. Plus, Alex’s coworker calls in.

Christmas Movies
The guys talk about different “Holiday” movies and how stupid they are. Then they share their own Holiday/Christmas movie ideas. We round out the show with some of the best Holiday/Christmas audio ever heard. Merry Christmas and holidays.

39 – I’m Not Santa

Geoff is Wilford BrimleyThe show stars with a discussion about being addicted to sugar and junk food. Then we bash someone for being a pushover in relationships and whipped by his girlfriend (who calls in,) and discuss how being in love “is the most disgusting thing you can do.”

We find out that Alex might be Santa Clause in real life (and at his office party) and much much more. Plus, we have a “new” Alex Corolla.

Show #7 – Matt Albert

Matt Albert

Matt Albert Is Back!

It’s a reunion! Matt Albert is back and Alex offers an apology to Matt for ignoring his calls and texts after leaving Florida. Will Matt accept his apology? In one of the most raw and fascinating segments ever heard in any radio show, Alex FINALLY explains to Matt and Tommy what was going on during those two years where he dropped off the face of the earth.

Matt Albert’s New Life

We catch up with Matt Albert and find out about how his life has changed in a MAJOR way. After rubbing Tommy and Alex’s faces in his new found success, Matt, in what seems like a foreign concept to Alex, gives his tips on how to get women and keep them interested in you. Alex had another date, but she came over to his place but left creeped out. Find out what the reason was (this time.)

The Sad Man Diary

Alex gets talked in to doing something uncomfortable at a Christmas party. Rejoice in Tommy and Matt laughing at his misfortune.

Would You Rather?

From the twisted mind of Tommy Bateman, the Not Dead Yet version of “Would You Rather?” The MOST disgusting and strange questions you’ll ever hear, guaranteed to make you squirm. Plus, we get a few bonus stories about Matt running in to women he used to date and yelling at them, plus stories about his asshole father!

Not Dead Yet #6 – I Broke Her Bed

The Human Fund
It’s a Sh*tty Life!
Tommy and Alex exchange Christmas gifts. One gets a wonderful gift and the other feels quite slighted. Geoff from the podcast Beyond 8-Bit joins us in studio. He tells us about revisiting his old hobby of LARPing.

Pro Wrestling Dirt
Long before radio, Tommy was friends with and worked with several wrestlers. Tommy completely sells out several wrestlers he was friends with (Matt Hardy, Hurricane Shane Helms, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Kanyon and more.) Stories involving loaded guns in hotel rooms, snicker bars, having to pretend to be asleep when people were having sex in the same room, underage girls and drugs. – PLUS, he tells a story guaranteed to make you CRINGE about a wrestling diva he tried to ask out…

The Sadman Diaries
No show is complete without a sad story from Alex’s life. Listen to story involving football, his birthday and making new friends with the coolest guy in school. (Editor’s note: This is Tommy’s favorite sad man ever told.)

I Broke Her Bed
Alex has a theory about women with tattoos and how “dirty” they are in bed. Plus, Geoff, talks about dating overweight women he meets from online dating sites.