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135 – A Bunch Of Fat Dudes With Beards

Comedian Sarah RocheAllison Embarrasses the Podcast and Herself
What a fun show. Comedian and podcast host Emilie Hagen had the gross misfortune having NDY cast member Allison Wruk on her podcast. Allison got wasted before the podcast, slurred her words the entire time and belligerently YELLED over another guest. Sound clips you ask? OH YEAH, we got lots, and a TON of new sound bites for the show. We usually expect this behavior from Alan… errr, Alex.

Sarah Roche
Talented local DC comedian Sarah Roche joins us in studio. Allison and Sarah are friends from the DC Comedy scene. We talk to Sarah about a lot things including “stand up comedian” sex. Plus, she gets a gift that angers Alex. Plus, we relive ONE of the times a woman cried while having sex with Alex. If you want to know what’s it’s like to be a stand-up in the DC area, and where Sarah thinks you should get your steak fries from, THIS is the segment for you.

The Newest Pro Wrestling Fan
After being forced to watch a live WWE Smackdown event in DC, Alex becomes hooked on wrestling again like it’s 1998. Tommy encourages Alex to subscribe to the WWE network, and they plan out how to make it to the Road to WrestleMania show coming to Fairfax, VA. Special shout out to Alex’s newest obsession Carmella.

130 – Rain Drop Trip Trap

Tommy Promo ShotAllison’s Back In Studio
And true to form, she’s already Christmas hammered! However, before the show can officially start, Alex demands that Tommy give him a gift for his recently passed birthday, as well as Christmas. After making Alex rant for a bit, Tommy presents Alex with a gift which Alex apparently doesn’t appreciate, as he rages into the mic at Tommy. Afterwards, the NDY crew reminisce over their favorite Christmas movies and songs as well as their most hated Christmas songs. Which ones do you agree with? Plus, Tommy created a special Christmas Show Opening!

The Room & The Disaster Artist
You’ve probably heard of these films by now, but you probably haven’t heard some of the juicy details Tommy and Alex provide, after watching both films in a 2 day span. If you HAVEN’T heard of The Room or the Disaster Artist, then prepare for a journey covering the happenings of THE WORST film ever made, and its faithful reproduction in James Franco’s latest film in The Disaster Artist

Allison’s Gifts = White Christmas

Allison recently got a job in Los Angeles working in a restaurant. She catches us up on the good, the bad, the ugly and the actors she works with. She then gives the guys special Christmas gifts. You’ll just have to listen to see how it ends up being a white (whitened?) Christmas.

117 – Alexa ChubHub

allison wrukAllison Wruk
This might be our longest show ever. The reason it’s so long is that it kept getting funnier and funnier the longer we talked.

Comedian Allison Wruk joins us and we talk about everything from being a stand up comedian in LA, dreams about Dolly Parton dying, Alex getting several new nicknames, professional wrestling, Disney rides and we ask, “Is Jesus gay?” and what the hell is poutine?

115 – A.C.W.

Fez Whatley

Fez Whatley

Comedian Allison Wruk
Tommy and Alex are a bit off for the show as they were out late watching comedian Allison Wruk. Unfortunately though, Allison was the ONLY funny comedian that they saw. Strap in as you’ll hear a recap that you’d think wasn’t even possible for a modern comedy show.

Alex vs. Cystic Fibrosis
After playing some voicemails from one of Tommy’s friends, who claims Alex owes him $500,000,000 or a Nintendo switch after causing him to crash his car, Alex recaps his day of volunteering for Cystic Fibrosis. Alex’s girlfriend makes him volunteer to semi-counter the fact that he’s a horrible human being. Being Alex however, he still manages to take a good concept, and totally destroy a sick person’s day. It’s VERY cringe worthy as Alex the Ape describes the events that could ONLY happen to him on volunteer day.

110 – Pac and Me Be Cool

Robert from PromotionsOld Listeners
Ryan is absent and Alex receives a call from former listener and convicted pedophile “Talon” aka Tony Guerra, to update him on his life. Tommy finds out an old listener blocked him on facebook, and promptly returns the favor. Then the guys play audio Ryan sent in. They get in to Ryan’s psyche and wonder if he’s gone insane.

Fighting with People Online
Tommy and Alex talk about the fake profile, Robert from Promotions, and how dumb people get in to arguments with him. Dewd bro! They also talk about getting sucked in to fighting with other idiots and the insane comments people leave online.

Tommy has been following comedian Allison Wruk (@trainwruk) on Snapchat and Twitter. He has been a fan of hers since he and Alex saw her do stand up online a few years ago. They were perplexed at how she is so funny and her ex-boyfriend was the ABSOLUTE WORST comedian of all time. To prove just how awful he is, Tommy plays some of his material. Not to be outdone, Tommy plays a clip of Alex’s former best friend doing stand up comedy, trying to figure out who is worse. On the other end of the spectrum, Tommy fills us in on his lunch with a big star when he was in LA a few weeks ago. Find out if YOU would get along with Bill Stevenson, after Tommy recaps his tale.

90 – Pray For Orlando

OrlandoStay Strong Orlando
When the day started we weren’t sure if or how we would address the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando last night.  We decided to go on just to talk about how we felt, and also because we shouldn’t change who we are when these tragedies hit.  We discuss in great depth the tragedy, possible reasons it happened, how we feel as regular people, and most importantly our personal love for the great city of Orlando

Phyllis’ Birthday
Alex’s girlfriend Phyllis had a birthday last week.  Quick question:  Do you think Alex came through as a knight in shining armor, or do you think he totally botched it and wrecked her day making it all about him?  With a crazy story about JB Smoove, a rouge delivery driver, a trip to the mall, and cake that makes his girlfriend cry, after this story you’ll definitely realize you’re a better boyfriend than Alex is.

79 – Brent Morin & Jason Collings

Brent MorinTommy starts off noting that Alex is a little on edge and filled with negative energy, to which Alex immediately rebuts by going on an angry crazed rant. Tommy supplements his claim by recapping their entire journey to see Jason Collings and Brent Morin at the DC Improv which included:  Alex showing up early and wearing a full suit, pissing off Tommy by not knowing what Uber is, giving the Uber driver creepy compliments and criticizing everyone.

Jason Collings and Brent Morin
Tommy and Alex give a thorough recap of their experience at the DC Improv for the Brent Morin show.  Alex tries to explain why Brent was so refreshing compared to other comedians and Tommy admits that he may have accidentally groped Brent. Plus, Tommy offends a woman by insulting her job.

Ryan in paradise
Ryan recaps his honeymoon in the Dominican and how horrific Americans act while at resorts.  Besides having to deal with Ryan, his new bride went through EVERYONE’s worst nightmare while getting changed in hotel room.

It’s Not A Music Show
After recalling some old memories from working in the FCC witchunt era, Alex thanks their old Florida co-worker SBK for following him on Twitter, then immediately goes downhill and curses everyone else who dares to challenge him (aka not follow) on the social network. Tommy has a new popular pop song that he’s obsessed with. Alex immediately hates it and in the end, challenges actor Chris Pratt to a fight, leaving Tommy and Ryan dumbfounded at the end of the show.

Not Dead Yet – Show #4 “Catherine”

Another Woman in Studio!
Tommy’s hot friend Catherine joins the guys in studio. Then we are “treated” to a jean jacket fashion show from Alex. We delve in to online dating from match.com, Catherine’s love life and she recounts some of the worst guys she’s dated – and it drives Alex insane. Catherine also gives the male listeners some of her pet peeves when guys send her emails from online dating sites. Learn what not to do!

Batman Jean Jacket

The Sadman Diaries
Alex shares a diary entry where he was in CrossFit class with a woman he was hitting on and his (one of many) nemeses. Can he finally land a date and come out on top? Plus, what does Batman have to do with this story? Also, Tommy questions Alex on his refusal to make new friends, especially with women.

Not Dead Yet – Show #2 “Sammy”

Bad Dates

We’re back! Show number two is here and we have an in studio guest.

Meet Our Guest Sammy
Tommy brings in a female friend to help Alex and his horrible dating life. Sammy talks about how she met Tommy at a wedding and he was hitting on her friend. Alex has a new theme song. Alex and Sammy tell some of their WORST first date stories. Sammy also gives us an inside look in to the female mind and what women really want. And the best part of the segment is when Sammy tells Alex which celebrity he most resembles.

The Sadman Diaries
Alex hits on a waitress and gets any self esteem he had ruined by an off handed comment from our guest to which Tommy says, “That might be might favorite moment from any show ever.”

The Power of Projection
Tommy and Sammy talk about how to get what you want through the power of projection. Alex claims it is all “made up” and not true and he has “horrible luck.”

Not Dead Yet – First Podcast

It’s here… the Hideout is no more, but Tommy Bateman and Alex “Chunks” Carolla are Not Dead… Yet.

The show starts on a somber note, where Tommy has to inform Alex about the death of a former Hideout member and friend. Find out who it is and why Tommy is so angry about the death.

Tommy and Alex went to a stand up comedy show with comedian and Workaholics actor Erik Griffin. Tommy claims to be friends with him, but Alex thinks Tommy is actually stalking him. While at the show Tommy and Alex saw a female comedian in the audience. Find out what it is about her that Tommy and Alex despise… And hear about how impressed they are by comedian Jamel Johnson.

Alex’s Diary Entry
Formerly known as the “Fatman Diaries,” Alex is back with an entry from “The Sadman Diaries.” Listen to his sad, horrible life and feel better about yours.

Find out why Tommy thinks Alex is a jinx when it comes to dating… and life. Alex swears off match.com and talks about why he believes it’s an evil site. And a VERY open and honest talk about relationships and life…