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127 – Zero Days Without An Accident

StudioWelcome Back Allison
After a bit of a break, we’re back with Allison…sort of.  After 3 ½ hours of trying to set up Skype, Tommy and Alex were finally able to set up a call with Allison, who abandoned them for a better life in L.A.  Though they couldn’t play music or sound effects, the show marched on.  Allison catches us up on her new life in L.A., “Emilie Knows Everything”, and how she smashed her BF’s car.

Tommy vs. the 1lb. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
Tommy had nothing to do Saturday night, so he decided to eat a 1 lb. Reese’s peanut butter cup instead.  Allison and Alex start to feel sorry for Tommy as he tells the tale of conquering the 1 lb. beast.  Allison meanwhile has some issues with a panic attack in a port-o-potty, all while meeting her BF Seth’s friends for the first time.

Alex Is Engaged
Yeah… Alex of all people is engaged.  Tommy doubts this is the one that will last, and oddly enough, Alex agrees. Find out why the engagement almost didn’t happen and how it was actually the SECOND time he proposed to her.

105 – Geoff 3:16

alex pajamasNew Year, New Open
Though Alex isn’t really a fan.  Tommy claims it’s a hit, and there’s a lot of truths about Alex’s lifestyle… THANKS Nick W.  Tommy would have recorded a show last week, however Alex decided that would be a good time to get sick and wreck everything.  ON TOP of that, Alex wrote down some of his thoughts while delirious from diarrhea. See if you agree, or if you can even make sense of them.

Happy Chanukahmas!
Tommy insists that Alex is Jewish.  A statement which Alex tries to deny, but has trouble after Tommy’s real life mother calls in to back up his claims.  If Alex were Jewish, his Christmas might have gone a little smoother however.  It started off with an “innocent” action from Tommy, setting into motion a chain of events that could only happen to Alex.  On top of that, he’s forced to wear PJ’s near kids, abandon his dog for a day, and be ridiculed by someone he calls a “friend.”

Tommy’s the Best Man!…. again
He’s not really, but according to Tommy, how could he NOT be?  Our good friend Geoff got engaged over the holidays, and OF COURSE Tommy thinks he will naturally be the best man.  Not only that, Tommy has a few ideas of how he thinks the wedding show go.  Have you ever been to a wedding that takes place in a cage, officiated by Brother Love from the WWE?  Of course you haven’t!  But you would if Tommy had his way. Plus, find out why Ryan now hates Geoff.

46 – Fifty Shades of Gay

fifty shades of gayRyan is Engaged & Who Has the Sexiest Voice?

Ryan is back on Facebook, but the big news is he got engaged last weekend. Tommy and Alex grill him about his decision and he tells how he popped the question. Ryan’s fiancee’s friend remarked that Tommy has a “sexy voice.” Ryan and Alex disagree, so they decide to read excerpts from a romance novel in their sexiest voices. The problem is that Alex was the one that chose the excerpts. If you like creepy/douchechill segments, this is for you.

Letters to Tommy & Alex Corolla’s NEW Song!
Tommy has to help a man in love with his best friends fiancee. Ryan gets upset because it’s a little too close to his situation. Plus, the debut of Alex Corolla’s new rap song! It’s going to be a hit!