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34 – Depression

Tommy Had a Bad Week
Tommy starts the show with an “announcement” of sorts. He openly talks about how the past week was one of the worst weeks of his life. He talks openly about how he’s been struggling with depression for several months and this past week it was unbearable. Unable to sleep or eat, he became physically ill from the anxiety. Both he and Alex talk about past suicidal thoughts and if they could ever go through with it. Tommy then talks about an ex-relationship he had in Florida that has left him permanently scarred and the time she broke in to his apartment.

Too Big In To the Deep?
Alex admits to liking a pop song. Tommy is disturbed by the amount of knowledge Alex has about Nickelodeon and kid shows. Alex then talks about a year long feud with a CVS employee over a CVS savings card. Tyrone Thompson calls in to help Alex confront the employee. Alex updates us on his most recent date with “Video Game Girl.” She calls in and Alex screws everything up. Plus, a review of “Let’s Be Cops” and the strange couple that was sitting next to the guys in the theater making them uncomfortable.

21 – Bleep That

tecmo bowl

Our Florida Trip

Tommy and Alex are on their way to Orlando, FL. Alex gives his reasons for wanting to visit and the guys share some stories and talk about all the things they are looking forward to seeing and doing there. The guys get carried away and actually have to bleep some things out again… on a podcast… really guys?

Tommy is better… sort of
Tommy talks about how he has transformed his life with a new technique he’s learned. He’s more calm, thinks more clearly, is able to do more work more efficiently and is just happier in general… but Alex is a bad influence. He has corrupted Tommy when it comes to road rage. Tommy recounts several recent instances where he’s completely lost it on the road and had a physical altercation on the Metro.

Other Podcasts Hate Tommy
Alex encourages Tommy’s rage, but soon regrets it. Alex when on Beyond 8-bit Radio and had a great time. Tommy says it’s a great show, but Alex was terrible on it, and he is mad that Alex and the guys on the show bad mouthed him. Carnage ensues…