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130 – Rain Drop Trip Trap

Tommy Promo ShotAllison’s Back In Studio
And true to form, she’s already Christmas hammered! However, before the show can officially start, Alex demands that Tommy give him a gift for his recently passed birthday, as well as Christmas. After making Alex rant for a bit, Tommy presents Alex with a gift which Alex apparently doesn’t appreciate, as he rages into the mic at Tommy. Afterwards, the NDY crew reminisce over their favorite Christmas movies and songs as well as their most hated Christmas songs. Which ones do you agree with? Plus, Tommy created a special Christmas Show Opening!

The Room & The Disaster Artist
You’ve probably heard of these films by now, but you probably haven’t heard some of the juicy details Tommy and Alex provide, after watching both films in a 2 day span. If you HAVEN’T heard of The Room or the Disaster Artist, then prepare for a journey covering the happenings of THE WORST film ever made, and its faithful reproduction in James Franco’s latest film in The Disaster Artist

Allison’s Gifts = White Christmas

Allison recently got a job in Los Angeles working in a restaurant. She catches us up on the good, the bad, the ugly and the actors she works with. She then gives the guys special Christmas gifts. You’ll just have to listen to see how it ends up being a white (whitened?) Christmas.

Not Dead Yet #6 – I Broke Her Bed

The Human Fund
It’s a Sh*tty Life!
Tommy and Alex exchange Christmas gifts. One gets a wonderful gift and the other feels quite slighted. Geoff from the podcast Beyond 8-Bit joins us in studio. He tells us about revisiting his old hobby of LARPing.

Pro Wrestling Dirt
Long before radio, Tommy was friends with and worked with several wrestlers. Tommy completely sells out several wrestlers he was friends with (Matt Hardy, Hurricane Shane Helms, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Kanyon and more.) Stories involving loaded guns in hotel rooms, snicker bars, having to pretend to be asleep when people were having sex in the same room, underage girls and drugs. – PLUS, he tells a story guaranteed to make you CRINGE about a wrestling diva he tried to ask out…

The Sadman Diaries
No show is complete without a sad story from Alex’s life. Listen to story involving football, his birthday and making new friends with the coolest guy in school. (Editor’s note: This is Tommy’s favorite sad man ever told.)

I Broke Her Bed
Alex has a theory about women with tattoos and how “dirty” they are in bed. Plus, Geoff, talks about dating overweight women he meets from online dating sites.