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90 – Pray For Orlando

OrlandoStay Strong Orlando
When the day started we weren’t sure if or how we would address the mass shooting that occurred in Orlando last night.  We decided to go on just to talk about how we felt, and also because we shouldn’t change who we are when these tragedies hit.  We discuss in great depth the tragedy, possible reasons it happened, how we feel as regular people, and most importantly our personal love for the great city of Orlando

Phyllis’ Birthday
Alex’s girlfriend Phyllis had a birthday last week.  Quick question:  Do you think Alex came through as a knight in shining armor, or do you think he totally botched it and wrecked her day making it all about him?  With a crazy story about JB Smoove, a rouge delivery driver, a trip to the mall, and cake that makes his girlfriend cry, after this story you’ll definitely realize you’re a better boyfriend than Alex is.

39 – I’m Not Santa

Geoff is Wilford BrimleyThe show stars with a discussion about being addicted to sugar and junk food. Then we bash someone for being a pushover in relationships and whipped by his girlfriend (who calls in,) and discuss how being in love “is the most disgusting thing you can do.”

We find out that Alex might be Santa Clause in real life (and at his office party) and much much more. Plus, we have a “new” Alex Corolla.

Show #8 – I Faked It

Alex Date

He Wins! He Loses!

We get a new toy that doesn’t live up to the hype. We talk about a former friend of the show and how he keeps pissing us off. Alex finally “wins” but loses, and this isn’t even the Sadman Diary! A quick discussion about “A-Town.”

A New Show on Our Podcast Network!

We debut a new show on our podcast network. The show plays during our “break.” Make sure to check out the next great podcast!

The Sadman Diary – Plus, Tommy Wants A Girlfriend?!?!

A Sadman Diary involving cheerleaders, kid touching and alcohol. Tommy wants a girlfriend and is invited to a wedding. The guys talk about how awful it is being invited to weddings and how it’s just a ploy to get presents. Then we branch out and do a news segment – and it proves that one of us is an idiot.