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106 – Sex Is Boring

gymAlex’s Embarrassing Gym Experience
After what’s become the new show opening of Alex screwing up hitting a simple button, Tommy gives a shout out to the White Wine True Crime podcast and Samantics, with Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, ALL of which you should check out. Alex then recaps a trip to the gym that involves gastric upset, destroying a yoga class and receives a call from Uncle Vinny.

Ryan at MagFest
Ryan’s wife got them tickets to MagFest, a local video game/comic/smelly nerd convention that takes place in the DC area. She has no interest in video games or comics. After deciding to dress up, and fully experience all that a convention has to offer, Ryan is worried that his normal wife will never want to have sex with him after seeing his nerdy side.

Sex Sucks
And not in the good way. Tommy and Alex are both bored with sex and disclose they could probably go on living with never having it again. Incredulous Ryan tries to understand how ANY male could be bored with sex, but after delving into the convoluted minds of Tommy and Alex… it might make a little more sense on why it’s better to just turn on FXX instead of having sex.

83 – Pec Deck

Matt's Wedding

Pill Poppin’ Tommy!

Tommy and Alex are a bit peeved at Ryan for again not showing up and giving us any notice about having previous plans.  He is replaced with a special guest.  Sadly Tommy and Alex are used to the new societal norm of showing up very late to everything or just not being reliable at all.  On a brighter note, pills fix all – at least in Tommy’s mind.  We recall the good old days in radio when listeners used to bring us pills and make us happy.

Alex’s new “roommate”

Tommy notes that the studio in Alex’s apartment smells like smoke due to the walls being so thin and Alex’s neighbor smoking like a champ.  Alex informs Tommy that his new “roommate” (a hot girl that moved in and has the misfortune of sharing a wall with Alex) likes to have early morning sex and the noises she makes are shocking.  You’ll want to hear Alex’s impression of “Wild Apache Warrior” sex as he calls it.

Alex vs. the Mentally Handicapped at the Gym

It’s common news that Alex is pretty much a waste of a human template, we’re not lying at all.  While complaining how his lazy workout at the gym isn’t helping him lose weight, he discloses the fact that he got into an altercation with none other than…a mentally handicapped person at the gym.  Tommy chastises Alex for always getting into these situations and that it’s his own fault which leads to Tommy and Alex doing some VERY hilarious role playing to see how Tommy would have handled the situation.

Guns N’ Roses

Before ending the show Tommy and Alex argue the benefits vs drawbacks of having shows move from network TV to streaming services, when Tommy throws in a seemingly simple question that starts a chain reaction of events- “How much would you pay to see your favorite band?” The show ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, as it’s just been announced that most of the original members of Guns and Roses are going to tour.  A once in a lifetime occurrence to see one of the greatest bands of all time.  You will be shocked to find out what the prices are. 

56 – Sort Of

andoreCurrent Events?
Led by Ryan, the guys talk about current affairs… sort of. The guys are working on a new studio and Alex had a run in with an employee at Guitar Center. Plus, Tommy has a new workout partner… sort of. Then the guys talk about the different types of “weirdos” that visit every gym.

Alex’s Bathroom Habits & Search Terms That Lead to Our Site
Somehow the show turns to Alex’s bathroom habits. It’s disgusting and sorry in advance. This leads to Tommy reading off actual bizarre search terms that have led people the NDY site. Creepy!