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65 – French Toast & Asian Massage Parlors

asian massageBad Nudity
For WHATEVER reason, the show starts off with nudity! Not ours, that’s gross. More like the recent stream of naked reality shows on tv, which we can’t get enough of. Ryan suggests the idea of an all naked TV network complete with a naked judge Judy and Biggest Loser in the buff! While looking up some famous nude scenes and declaring their hatred for Mr. Skin, we find that moderators for porn sites are quite… quite creepy and of COURSE we read off the best for you! Ryan finds a website where you can find out if your local massage parlor gives out sexual favors. While digging around they find a disgusting subculture of reviewers and specific vernacular all with the goal of finding that perfect “jug tug”.

Tommy’s Birthday

Alex gives Tommy a gift for his birthday, as he recaps all of the well wishes he personally received from celebrities, and all of his friends except one… good job Ryan. Tommy is annoyed as Alex’s luck gets them snared in TWO unwanted conversations on the train while going to see Ron Funches and Shane Torres at the DC Improv. You WON’T want to miss their review of the show, as well as a few French lessons from new caller CeCe Bon.