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Hideout Rewind #3

The Hideout Real Radio 104.1The last rewind… for now.

  • A battle of intern and producer commercials – It’s like Christmas in July!
  • The one question interview with fingerjoust.com turns in to a long form improv segment with Tommy and Alex.
  • A Fatman Diary featuring a female love interest wearing British Knight sneakers and a ton of cringe-worthy Chunkisms
  • Tommy has problems with his upstairs neighbors. Then a discussion of the INSANE people that lived in Tommy and Alex’s apartment complex.
  • A Fatman Diary from Halloween. Do not miss this classic episode.

52 – Gazoo

gazooGazoo from the Hideout

Alex’s least favorite intern from the Hideout (when it was on Real Radio 104.1) joins the show. He gives an update on what he’s been doing since the show, what it was like working on the show and we recall some of his best/worst moments being on air.

Then the guys recap Ryan’s Engagement Party from the night before. By the end of the party, Tommy and an inappropriately dressed Alex had alienated everyone at the party, including family and friends. Plus, Ryan tells the guys what people were saying about them behind their backs. Do not miss this!