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106 – Sex Is Boring

gymAlex’s Embarrassing Gym Experience
After what’s become the new show opening of Alex screwing up hitting a simple button, Tommy gives a shout out to the White Wine True Crime podcast and Samantics, with Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, ALL of which you should check out. Alex then recaps a trip to the gym that involves gastric upset, destroying a yoga class and receives a call from Uncle Vinny.

Ryan at MagFest
Ryan’s wife got them tickets to MagFest, a local video game/comic/smelly nerd convention that takes place in the DC area. She has no interest in video games or comics. After deciding to dress up, and fully experience all that a convention has to offer, Ryan is worried that his normal wife will never want to have sex with him after seeing his nerdy side.

Sex Sucks
And not in the good way. Tommy and Alex are both bored with sex and disclose they could probably go on living with never having it again. Incredulous Ryan tries to understand how ANY male could be bored with sex, but after delving into the convoluted minds of Tommy and Alex… it might make a little more sense on why it’s better to just turn on FXX instead of having sex.

45 – Gaylords

GaylordsOur Special Guest!
This is one of those shows that gets better and funnier as the show goes on.

Our special guest cancels AFTER the show was set to begin. Listen to the unbelievable story and find out which former radio coworker stood us up. Ryan is also out this week. At MagFest, Ryan promised to buy Tommy lunch and hang out with the guys. Things take a very strange turn when he, yet again, ditches Tommy and Alex in one of the most insulting ways possible. Plus, the show gets another bad review on iTunes and Tommy can’t sleep now that he’s back on his crazy pills.

Alex Has Problems at the Grocery Store
Alex went to the grocery store before the show to get the show staple food, SmartFood Cheddar Popcorn. While he was there he witnessed an unbelievable fight, gets screwed over in line, gets in to an altercation in the parking lot and has even more trouble on the way home. Lots and lots of callers. This is an insane show.

44 – Recorded Live at MAGFest 2015

MAGFestRecorded in a hotel room, Tommy, Alex and Ryan drop by and recap MAGFest 2015. MAGFest is a festival of cosplay, video game music, gaming, furries and nerds of all kinds. The guys came to visit their podcast friend, DC AM. Tommy is completely out of his element and disappointed there are no hot chicks. Ryan, Alex and AM try to explain the culture to him.

Last week Ryan talked about his Saturday ritual of driving 45 minutes each way to get his girlfriend her favorite brand of bagels. Tommy and Alex bet that she wouldn’t notice the difference if he bought a different brand bagel as long as it was in her favorite brands wrapper. Find out the results… Then talk turns to hardcore porn. It’s best to leave that description out. Plus, Ryan tries to explain what Pokemon is to Tommy.

Tommy and Alex also recap their night out to see comedian Big Jay Oakerson. Tommy mentions something embarrassing Alex did that almost ruined his night. Ryan refuses to hang out with Tommy and Alex outside of recording the podcast. AM is completely surprised by this and we give the details of what happens as soon as the mics are turned off. This and so much more!

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