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82 – Sam and Hitler


Chunks is horrible
NDY has NEVER gotten as many comments as they have in the past week in regards to how HORRIBLE their friend(?) Sid was at show friend Matt Albert’s wedding last week.  Though “Chunks” as Tommy and Ryan have gotten to calling him, isn’t much better.  While trying to defend himself, he flubs his speech and the flood gates open on the Chunks jokes.

TV and Time Machines
The weather in NOVA has been a bit drab lately, so the crew has been getting by with some really good TV binging until Undateable Live comes back.  If you haven’t checked these out, here’s the list with GOOD arguments why they won’t waste your time:  Love, Flaked, The People vs. OJ Simpson, Married, and lastly 11.22.63 which has Time Maaaachiiiineee elements to it.  A discussion arises as to what each member of the show would change if they had the ability to alter history.  Question:  Would Tommy go fix the world’s problems or use the power to eliminate every other man on earth?

Alex’s Nemisis
Alex thinks he was responsible for getting his arch nemesis fired from his work, while Tommy and Ryan think it was probably something else.  Alex INSISTS that it was his doing, even though Tommy and Ryan give LOADS of examples to the contrary.  After listing off all of the reasons why Alex is horrible at his job, maybe he’s the one that should have been fired.

Headlines, Needles, Samantha Sam, and Hitler
Yeah, this part of the show goes a bit all over the place, starting with a new segment involving the lovely people who leave comments on the internet.  Can you guess the headline of an article simply by reading the comments section?  Find out how Tommy and Ryan did.  Ryan comments that he could easily be one of the “creepy” comment posters, as Tommy reads out creepy texts that Alex sends him ALL the time  (Sorry Sam).  Tommy ends the show with a review on Gwen Stefani’s new song and a “special” flatulence symphony to close out the episode.

46 – Fifty Shades of Gay

fifty shades of gayRyan is Engaged & Who Has the Sexiest Voice?

Ryan is back on Facebook, but the big news is he got engaged last weekend. Tommy and Alex grill him about his decision and he tells how he popped the question. Ryan’s fiancee’s friend remarked that Tommy has a “sexy voice.” Ryan and Alex disagree, so they decide to read excerpts from a romance novel in their sexiest voices. The problem is that Alex was the one that chose the excerpts. If you like creepy/douchechill segments, this is for you.

Letters to Tommy & Alex Corolla’s NEW Song!
Tommy has to help a man in love with his best friends fiancee. Ryan gets upset because it’s a little too close to his situation. Plus, the debut of Alex Corolla’s new rap song! It’s going to be a hit!