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30 – The Intervention

Match Cancel

Anthony and an Alex Intervention

The show starts off talking about the NDY Twitter page and how funny the fans are there. The guys then talk about Anthony Cumia getting fired from Sirius Satellite Radio for remarks he made on Twitter. Tommy and Alex have differing opinions that may shock some people. In even bigger news, Alex deleted his Match.com profile. Tommy thinks he went overboard, but is more concerned that Alex has been drinking every afternoon and night, so he (and several callers) stage an intervention…

The Sadman Diary and Our New T-Shirt Idea

Alex reads a journal entry about the time he was trying to put the moves on a co-worker he was lusting after. He plans out an elaborate date for the Fourth of July. Find out if this date from his past finally worked out. Plus, Tommy comes up with a NDY T-shirt design that he thinks everyone will want to buy.

24 – Comedian Ross McCoy

Comedian Ross McCoyMatch.com Plays A Joke on Alex

Last week, Alex said his Match.com membership was finally running out and he was “free” from the online dating horrors. When Tommy asks how he feels without Match.com in his life, Alex gets upset. Apparently, Match.com isn’t through with Alex just yet…

In what might be one of the most offensive segments we’ve ever done, Tommy plays clips from past Sadman Diaries (real life disaster stories from Alex’s journal) and notices that the things Alex says and believes sound a lot like a famous mass murderer. Listen to the side-by-side comparison for yourself. And then Alex gets serious and gives a touching speech about remembering D-Day and all those that have served our country.

Ross McCoy

From our recent Orlando, FL trip, Comedian Ross McCoy from A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan stops by our hotel and chats with us for over an hour. The guys recap the troubles Tommy encountered on the plane trip to Orlando (it involves pooping, smelly passengers and Tommy getting pissed off, slamming down the arm rest), WTKS show memories and how we first met Ross, working with Tom and Dan, becoming a comedian, making jokes about toast funny, transcendental meditation and TONS more.

20 – Welcome to DC

So Much ShowBIll Cosby

AM, from The DC AM joins us and the show is packed.

  • A quick behind the scenes discussion of podcasting and a quick gift exchange
  • Tommy hit on his dentist’s hot assistant and realizes the difference between what men & women find sexy – plus he plays “Would you rather” with her
  • Tommy catches Alex in several lies as he’s gone on several Match.com dates. Alex fills us in on his last HORRIBLE date
  • AM talks about the time he dated the nanny of a famous DC morning radio personality and how it went very, very wrong
  • Tommy gets asked out and gives a response that Alex and AM describe as “psychotic”

Sadman and Welcome to DC?
Alex reads a Sadman diary about Mother’s Day. It involves gross things his mother says to him, trash and a pissed off roommate. Then AM gives the guys a really great, slightly angry, quiz about their hometown, Washington, DC. It is the funniest and most informative segment ever done on the DC area. Then we end with our favorite game… “Would you rather?”

Show #9 – A Little Too Honest…

Blown off TextsAlex is Back From His Vacation Cruise
We start off with a call from our nemesis, Billy Brosky, from Arlington, VA. He is everything that is wrong with not only Arlington, VA, but the world. Alex had a four day vacation and took a cruise, so we bypass the chit chat and get right in to a Sadman Diary filled with lace panties, stalking, breaking and entering, drunk friends and meat melting in his mouth… Tommy brings up points as to why he would NEVER go on a cruise, plus a call from our friend Tyrone Thompson, who ends up getting in to an argument and calling Alex racist.

Plus, Alex has booked a VERY big endorsement deal. Tommy plays the audio and is not impressed with Alex’s efforts.

Tommy’s Biggest Fear in Life Revealed
In this segment Alex asks Tommy why he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Tommy talks about what’s changed in his life and why he hasn’t been dating anyone. He brings up a woman that he was recently interested in and why it fell apart, plus he reveals what his greatest fear in life is…

Alex was also (secretly) dating someone he met on match.com… and he talks about why it has also fallen apart. Real talk with a lot of comedy thrown in. Plus Billy Brosky calls back in to torture the guys.