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98 – Hey Alvin

fashionMatt’s Back!

Tommy and Ryan try to figure out the other guys name, that is, after he messes up the show intro again. Show friend, former Hideout third mic and writer and all around funny man has some audio that drives Alex/ Chunks/ Alvin insane. Tommy and Ryan also found a picture of Alex with his girlfriend and her friends on Instagram. They are disgusted by how he dresses in front of her friends. They try to figure out what food he’s eating in the photo while they critique his lack of fashion sense.

Alex to the future

Alex attempts to recap a story of confrontation with the cable guy when he lets slip that while checking his credit report, there was a mistake in his file that showed he opened an account in 1972 – eight years before he was even born.  While trying to continue with his story, Tommy and Ryan are convinced that he went back in time to stop various events that would have happened in 1972, complete with an Uncle Vinny CLASSIC call-in.

Cord Cutter
Finally, Alex gets to finish his recap of his battle with the cable company, and of course it doesn’t go easily.  They NDY crew then finishes off the show with a discussion of how American ISPs take advantage of paying customers, why do some straight men speak with an “effeminate sounding” lisp.

81 – Matt’s Wedding

Matt's WeddingOrlando, Florida
Tommy and Alex are back from FL.  Tommy starts off right away with a clip from his “media tour” when he stopped in on Gray Matter with James Gray.  Of course, it’s really just Tommy and James making fun of Alex for not flying down to Florida on time.  Tommy points out that Alex also chose not to come into town for Matt’s bachelor party.  Alex tries to defend himself, but just ends up rambling and looking even more like the fat loser he is.  Tommy continued to boast about his media tour which included recording some bits with the great Dickerman and check out A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan‘s amazing new studio.  Speaking of which, you’ll want to hear who T&D think Alex looks like.

Matt’s Wedding
The big day has finally arrived for their old friend and it DID not disappoint.  The wedding was jam packed with craziness including Alex getting in the way, Tommy’s best man’s speech, old show co-worker Sid hitting on Alex’s girlfriend, hitting on Alex, hitting on Tommy, hitting on the cross-dresser, etc.  Probably one of the best, most extravagant weddings that Tommy and Alex have been to, Ryan gets a bit upset that they seemed to completely have forgotten that HE had a wedding just mere months ago, which they both attended.  OH, and between all of this, our friend of 13 years got married.  This wedding recap will NOT disappoint.

80 – Toilet Lives Matter

madden 08The Tommy Diaries
We’re back!  But only for a week because we’re going to be down in Florida for Matt’s wedding.  Speaking of, it’s a week away and Tommy has neglected his duties as best man and has decided to “wing it” for his speech.  Ryan and Alex try to convince Tommy to go the “roast” route, but Tommy doesn’t want to look bad in front of his date.  SPEAKING of which, she  MIGHT not even know she’s invited to the wedding as Tommy’s guest.  Bewildered by this, Ryan and Alex convince Tommy to explain how he got into this mess and what would happen if his date didn’t show. You will delight in the first ever “Tommy Diaries”.

Alex on no sleep
Alex has a horrible job, he works horrible hours and gets no recognition for his efforts.  He’s fresh off of working a 23 hour straight shift, and apparently he texted Tommy completely random, insulting, and incoherent texts.  Listen to what goes on in Alex’s mind on no sleep, apparently it involves Sonic the Hedgehog, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and Ross Gellar.

Electronic Arts stories
It seems as if Alex has a habit of working at horrible places, and recalls that he thinks Alex was most miserable when he was a tester for EA working on Madden Football.  Tommy and Ryan actually stop laughing and become encumbered with the horrible working conditions and stories of segregation, sleep deprivation, and pizza stealing that went on there. See you in two weeks for Matt’s wedding recap show!

77 – Courtney

chyna bowling ballLong time friend Courtney shows up to add a female perspective to the show. Tommy and Alex start recapping their holiday and share an update about their good friend Matt Albert, who is upset with Alex, as he’s only spending 2 days in FL for his wedding, allowing for NO time to do anything else. Tommy points out how Alex never takes any time out for vacations, not even a friend’s wedding.

Suitors for Phyllis
Speaking of weddings, Courtney chimes in about Ryan’s wedding and how she got a chance to speak with Alex’s girlfriend, Phyllis. Apparently, when Alex went to the bathroom many times during the wedding due to being a hyper-alcoholic, Tommy and Courtney spoke to Phyllis about how she could do much better than him. Shocked, Alex tries to defend himself as Courtney lists off several friends of hers that she believes, would be better boyfriends for Phyllis.

Trouble with kids and farting
Alex recaps how his Saturday was hijacked by friends who needed him to watch their kids. Like something out of the movies, Alex has a crazy, insane adventure involving bowling alleys the Special Olympics, and getting into a fight with two random 8 year olds. Tommy shares an incident that happened to him during yoga class that makes him look bad not matter what he does. Listen, and decide what you would do!

70 – Hairy Hole for Halloween


Treats and tricks are abound at NDY with old Florida fall stories that are sure to haunt you!  Alex is concerned about a real life haunted house in his sister’s neighborhood where he’ll be trick or treating.  At that house, there was a quadruple murder.  Uncle Vinny lightens the mood and calls in with some FACTUAL truths about what Italians do at Halloween.  He doesn’t hesitate to share some of his new seasonal jokes with Tommy and Alex that will leave you positively scared stiff!

Tommy and Alex take a walk down haunted memory lane about the good times they had in FL during the fall, even when the old radio show they were on was falling apart at the seems.  You’ll want to hear this one for a behind the scenes look of what it’s like to work in radio with some of the most gorgeous women in the country.

And finally, Tommy and Alex get positively frightened after they discover that show friend  has a Halloween based pool side chat informational video, COMPLETE with a costume you won’t believe he tried to pull off.  Speaking of adults dressing up, Tommy and Alex get into a discussion about whether or not it’s cool or just pathetic to dress up after childhood on Halloween and go trick or treating.  Also, should there be rules?  These questions and more will haunt you on a very special NDY.

68 – Teeny Tiny Corolla Cannoli

trumpwedding90’s Radio and Weddings
We start off feeling nostalgic from the 90’s thanks to show friend Brian Q and a brand new sound effect for all of our shout outs. Tommy suffers a loss, which brings up a discussion on why the good ones never seem to get a fair break in life. On a lighter note, Tommy goes to a wedding which absolutely blew him away. His seat was even next to the hottest chick at the wedding. Find out if Tommy blew it, or ended up getting lucky. Tommy and Alex then ask Ryan for re-assurance that his wedding will be just as glamorous, but it doesn’t look promising as he’s already blown $10K and most of it is on the honeymoon.

Matt Albert’s Video
Speaking of weddings, show friend Matt Albert has a wedding coming up shortly, and has given the NDY crew an early groomsmen gift… an informational Youtube video, posted by the company he works for, in which he begrudgingly answers REAL questions from customers. The video is HILARIOUS and provides a new drop for the show.

7 Seconds of Silence
And finally, Alex’s boss remarked that he has issues with long pauses in conversations and doesn’t like to be cut off.  Uncle Vinny, Tyrone Thompson, and a special caller ring in to help Alex work on this issue to become a better performer at work, however the results aren’t quite what Alex might have hoped.

53 – “Curious Gays” by Chunks from the Hayaway

Tommy & Matt at EDBDTommy’s star treatment in Florida
Tommy is back from vacationing and doing radio work in Orlando, Florida. While he was there, he attended WJRR’s Earthday Birthday festival featuring Slash, Rise Against and Five Finger Death Punch. Alex is mad he wasn’t invited and Tommy rubs in his face the fact that he hung out with rock stars, Dickerman, Matt Albert and Tom and Dan. Tommy also rubs in the fact that everyone continues to call Alex by his old radio name, “Chunks.” Unfortunately, Tommy ended up in the hospital while on vacation… find out why.

Alex Defiles a Neighbor’s Apartment
Tommy talks about how he would pay extra for an airline that didn’t allow children and talks about the hellish trip back with a screaming baby and a juggalo. Then Alex talks about the time he almost died due to an allergic reaction and his father didn’t care. Uncle Vinny joins the show to talk about Alex’s book. Plus, Alex finally gets his tub fixed and then does the most disgusting, disrespectful thing ever in his neighbor’s apartment.

48 – Goon Hand

GoonHandAlex has a “feud” with Netflix. Tommy claims Alex has racist thoughts. Tommy started at a new job. He talks about how he already got in an yelling argument with an Italian woman he works with. Uncle Vinny calls in with some “techniques” for every man to use to keep their women in line. Plus, Alex has to face his biggest fear at work, which makes him miserable.

Music, Wedding Venues & Prozac
The guys talk about music – everything from Metallica, Foo Fighters to NWA, plus Matt Albert leaving Tommy voicemails while singing Fall Out Boy songs. Ryan talks about the impossible task of finding a wedding venue and if the prozac is working for him. And Much Much More!

23 – Dickerman and Matt Albert

fourhorsemenThe Orlando Vacation Recap
Tommy and Alex are back from their vacation with brand new equipment and recap their trip. Topics include their visit to A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, getting the VIP treatment with the “Prince of Sanford,” hanging out with Dickerman, how they have more friends in Orlando than where they currently live, women in Florida are the most attractive women in the world and the arguments/yelling match they had with other passengers on the plane ride home.

The Four Horsemen Podcast
Tommy and Alex are joined by former co-worker Matt Albert and Dickerman from WJRR. This is Tommy’s dream come true.

  • Tommy and Matt fill Dickerman in on why women hate Alex
  • Matt and Alex argue and Dickerman tries to mend their relationship
  • While visiting, Alex has an unpleasant run in with Moira from the Philips Phile
  • Dickerman talks about the time he was fired for a day
  • Tommy and Dickerman talk about behind-the-scenes of the show they did together The Last Resort
  • Dickerman tells a never before told story about Tommy. Tommy describes it as “the most embarrassing story ever.” Let’s just say it involves nudity and work computers


Show #7 – Matt Albert

Matt Albert

Matt Albert Is Back!

It’s a reunion! Matt Albert is back and Alex offers an apology to Matt for ignoring his calls and texts after leaving Florida. Will Matt accept his apology? In one of the most raw and fascinating segments ever heard in any radio show, Alex FINALLY explains to Matt and Tommy what was going on during those two years where he dropped off the face of the earth.

Matt Albert’s New Life

We catch up with Matt Albert and find out about how his life has changed in a MAJOR way. After rubbing Tommy and Alex’s faces in his new found success, Matt, in what seems like a foreign concept to Alex, gives his tips on how to get women and keep them interested in you. Alex had another date, but she came over to his place but left creeped out. Find out what the reason was (this time.)

The Sad Man Diary

Alex gets talked in to doing something uncomfortable at a Christmas party. Rejoice in Tommy and Matt laughing at his misfortune.

Would You Rather?

From the twisted mind of Tommy Bateman, the Not Dead Yet version of “Would You Rather?” The MOST disgusting and strange questions you’ll ever hear, guaranteed to make you squirm. Plus, we get a few bonus stories about Matt running in to women he used to date and yelling at them, plus stories about his asshole father!