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107 – Avalanche of Love

Geoff as a fatherGeoff in Studio
Even with a special guest in studio, Alex STILL can’t get a simple show opening to run smoothly.  Tommy suggests that Alex needs to listen to better workout music to help him out.  They crew then plays some of their favorite workout songs. Before you judge, Fallout Boy, and Paul Simon make the list. Then the guys find some “Break Up Song for Guys.”

James Gray and Audio Clips
James Gray from Gray Matter on WPRK gives a shout out to Tommy, which Alex whines is completely inappropriate and full of lies.  To make Alex feel better, Tommy produces some clips of Alex saying potentially VERY illegal activities.  Alex denies it, but you’ll have to decide what the truth is.

Geoff is Getting Married

Show friend Geoff is getting married, but he doesn’t seem to have ANY idea about when or where.  Tommy wants to give the best man speech, but only make it about himself, and Ryan tries to try and get OUT of making the best man speech.  We then get a call from Geoff’s future stepson and we find out that Geoff has made some questionable choices how he treats his fiance’s kid.

Tommy is going to LA

A crazy, packed, final segment includes a revelation that Tommy is going to LA for the hell of it.  Alex tries to jinx it, which somehow turns into a very scientific discussion about porn, sex habits, and when you’ve gone “too far” in the bedroom.

69 – Time Of My Life

dirty dancingShow friend Geoff joins us in studio for the FIRST time back from college break, though he may have regrets as the rest of the show just starts making fun of him.  Geoff is giving the best man speech at Ryan’s wedding but might not be up to the task.  “Jeff with a J” calls in asking for some helpful advice for a best man speech that he is also giving for his friend “Brian”.  Star Wars references in a best man speech? Yes please!

Billboard Hit or Tommy Favorite
Tommy introduces a new game where the NDY crew guesses if the song he plays is a top billboard hit, or a guilty pleasure song that Tommy jams out to in his car.  You will NOT want to miss Tommy singing along to Tove Lo.  Tommy then goes on to volunteer his services to be the DJ at Ryan’s wedding, complete with a set list of songs he would play, including a special guest call-in from Ronnie James Dio that is one for the ages.

Geoff loves Ryan’s Fiance
Ryan has to take off, which gives Tommy and Alex an opportunity to finally dig into Geoff’s love affair (or so he wishes) with Ryan’s fiancé. Tommy and Alex encourage Geoff to just run with his feelings and propose to Ryan’s Fiance immediately after his best man speech.  They also supply Geoff with some EXTRA tips to help him win her over for sure.


46 – Fifty Shades of Gay

fifty shades of gayRyan is Engaged & Who Has the Sexiest Voice?

Ryan is back on Facebook, but the big news is he got engaged last weekend. Tommy and Alex grill him about his decision and he tells how he popped the question. Ryan’s fiancee’s friend remarked that Tommy has a “sexy voice.” Ryan and Alex disagree, so they decide to read excerpts from a romance novel in their sexiest voices. The problem is that Alex was the one that chose the excerpts. If you like creepy/douchechill segments, this is for you.

Letters to Tommy & Alex Corolla’s NEW Song!
Tommy has to help a man in love with his best friends fiancee. Ryan gets upset because it’s a little too close to his situation. Plus, the debut of Alex Corolla’s new rap song! It’s going to be a hit!

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