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82 – Sam and Hitler


Chunks is horrible
NDY has NEVER gotten as many comments as they have in the past week in regards to how HORRIBLE their friend(?) Sid was at show friend Matt Albert’s wedding last week.  Though “Chunks” as Tommy and Ryan have gotten to calling him, isn’t much better.  While trying to defend himself, he flubs his speech and the flood gates open on the Chunks jokes.

TV and Time Machines
The weather in NOVA has been a bit drab lately, so the crew has been getting by with some really good TV binging until Undateable Live comes back.  If you haven’t checked these out, here’s the list with GOOD arguments why they won’t waste your time:  Love, Flaked, The People vs. OJ Simpson, Married, and lastly 11.22.63 which has Time Maaaachiiiineee elements to it.  A discussion arises as to what each member of the show would change if they had the ability to alter history.  Question:  Would Tommy go fix the world’s problems or use the power to eliminate every other man on earth?

Alex’s Nemisis
Alex thinks he was responsible for getting his arch nemesis fired from his work, while Tommy and Ryan think it was probably something else.  Alex INSISTS that it was his doing, even though Tommy and Ryan give LOADS of examples to the contrary.  After listing off all of the reasons why Alex is horrible at his job, maybe he’s the one that should have been fired.

Headlines, Needles, Samantha Sam, and Hitler
Yeah, this part of the show goes a bit all over the place, starting with a new segment involving the lovely people who leave comments on the internet.  Can you guess the headline of an article simply by reading the comments section?  Find out how Tommy and Ryan did.  Ryan comments that he could easily be one of the “creepy” comment posters, as Tommy reads out creepy texts that Alex sends him ALL the time  (Sorry Sam).  Tommy ends the show with a review on Gwen Stefani’s new song and a “special” flatulence symphony to close out the episode.

76 – A Hung Solo Christmas

Santa Hat VaderTommy surprises Alex with the announcement that he’s seen the new Star Wars. Not usually a Sci Fi fan, Alex is curious as to Tommy’s take on the film. Tommy starts to describe the movie, when Alex realizes something is “wrong” with the version he “saw”. You won’t want to miss Tommy’s interpretation of one of the greatest stories of all time.

New News Segment
Tommy decides to class up Not Dead Yet with a new news segment. He even dug up a brand new news bed! Alex begins to suspect that Tommy miiiiight have a different definition of “news.” In fact it seems that Tommy just wanted to play the new news bed over and over again. The news bed actually calls in to justify himself and it’s stories. Fat people on the metro? It’s news to Tommy!

Gift Exchange
Alex has thoughtfully gotten Tommy expensive Christmas gifts as he does faithfully every year and Tommy has not gotten him anything as he faithfully does every year. Tommy believes he’s come up with a new pricing scheme in order to swindle more money from his friends. Alex becomes enraged, and it only gets worse as his creepy Uncle Joey Corolla calls in to tell a very special Christmas story, which MIGHT get everyone on the show arrested. Merry Christmas assholes!

73 – Chunks It Up

chunksChunks it up
Show friend Geoff joins us in studio to help recap Ryan’s bachelor party, but first:  Alex is a BIG fan of PS4 gaming system. Two years ago Tommy played a “news clip” about PS4 owners being pedophiles, and now a brand new “REAL news report” has new claims about PS4 owners.  Alex goes berserk at the claims – and a new catchphrase is born.

Creepy Bachelor Party
Alex recaps Ryan’s bachelor party to which he begrudgingly accepted going after Geoff wouldn’t take no for an answer.  It took place in an isolated cabin in the woods with 5 grown smelly men and magic the gathering games.  Tommy takes joy in a crazy recap which is capped off with lap dances from FAKE strippers and a brush with death.

Geoff’s Best Man Speech
Tommy and Alex have LONG since been weary of Geoff as Ryan’s best man, mainly because they doubt his ability to deliver a good best man’s speech.  Geoff surprises Tommy and Alex with a preview of the speech and they can NOT believe what Ryan is in store for at his wedding.  Before taking off, Geoff and the NDY crew get into a heated debate about which sitcom theme song is the best of all time, everyone is passionate about their choices, but there might NEVER be a clear cut winner to this one.

Show #8 – I Faked It

Alex Date

He Wins! He Loses!

We get a new toy that doesn’t live up to the hype. We talk about a former friend of the show and how he keeps pissing us off. Alex finally “wins” but loses, and this isn’t even the Sadman Diary! A quick discussion about “A-Town.”

A New Show on Our Podcast Network!

We debut a new show on our podcast network. The show plays during our “break.” Make sure to check out the next great podcast!

The Sadman Diary – Plus, Tommy Wants A Girlfriend?!?!

A Sadman Diary involving cheerleaders, kid touching and alcohol. Tommy wants a girlfriend and is invited to a wedding. The guys talk about how awful it is being invited to weddings and how it’s just a ploy to get presents. Then we branch out and do a news segment – and it proves that one of us is an idiot.