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139 – Crazy Butthole Sunday (Dick Mountain)

Allison Wruk BoobsButtholes & Nipples
Allison starts off the show with a cold open reading of some actresses obscure daughter for Women’s appreciation month. After butchering the quote, Tommy & Alex turn the conversation to something more entertaining: Buttholes & Nipples. After a riveting debate on what makes an attractive butthole and nipples, Alex loses it, as Tommy plays a few audio “testimonials” on how the Tommy Smug Mug has changed their lives.

Tommy & Vanessa pt. 2
After declaring his love for a woman he met on Instagram, Allison and Alex prod Tommy for an update on how things have progressed since the show. They don’t seem to be going well as Vanessa is barely texting Tommy. Even worse for him, Allison and Vanessa are going on a “date” this week, leaving Tommy in a deep depression and state of confusion.

Letters to Tommy
Tommy trudges on, with a brand new Letters to Tommy! In this edition, Tommy is asked why being assertive in the bedroom can be a good thing. Afterwards, the NDY crew delves into the deepest details of their most unorthodox sexual encounters – including the strangest places they’ve had sex, and you’ll be surprised who has the most unusual story. And for desert, the NDY crew gives you a helping of advice on how to cheat in college, without getting caught. Ethical!