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35 – Newest Dating Site

Ugly People Meet
Girls Are Like Kittens

Ryan from Eight Bit Radio stops by the show again. Immediately Alex wants to do a Sadman Diary. He recaps his online dating history for the past four years. Dejected from his dating life, earlier in the week Alex claimed he was going to start a new dating site: UglyPeopleMeet.com. Tommy and Ryan come up with several marketing slogans for the site, none of which makes Alex very happy. Alex also gives us an update on “Video Game Girl.” Find out if she texted him back after making out on their date last week. Plus, Tommy explains the “Three Hour Texting Rule,” that he learned from hilarious comedian and dating expert Kate Quigley. Check out her videos and vidcasts Date Fails.

Ryan is a Super Villain

Tommy finds a new song that sums up Alex’s life. Alex texts Tommy 55 times in an hour, Alex goes to a Happy Hour at with co-workers and it doesn’t go well and has something disgusting happen to him. Plus, Ryan talks about his dark side coming out and his “Evil Super Villain” plan to corrupt two Mormon girls. Then the guys talk about the ALS challenge, quitting FaceBook and Ryan loses it… Pretty much the perfect show.

25 – Samantha Sam

SamanthaAlex Corolla For Governor 2016
Tommy is going to Boston for a week – Alex, being from Upstate New York, makes it known how much he hates Boston. This leads to Tommy claiming Alex hates everyone and is racist. Alex went on another OkCupid emailing spree. After emailing 15 women in an hour, Tommy tells Alex he should calm down and take a step back. Alex thinks that’s “a challenge” and deletes his profile.

Tommy FINALLY saw Top Gun. He is amazed and impressed that 30 years later, Tom Cruise looks the EXACT same, meanwhile, everyone else in the movie looks TERRIBLE. He wonders if it’s plastic surgery, genetics or the power of Scientology. He and Alex debate whether looking and aging as well as Tom Cruise is worth joining the crazy Church of Scientology.

Hey Nothing… Get Some Confidence
From our Orlando, Florida trip… Get to know Samantha from A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan. We talk about Alex’s past OkCupid dates (especially Big Bad Mama), Samantha gives Alex some pointers on what he’s doing wrong with women, how she started with Tom and Dan, how our old show played a small part in her getting married and a few behind the scenes stories. Samantha was fantastic (as usual) on the show and super funny.

17 – A Vegetarian that Hates Salad

Chris O'Brien
Chris Writes Good, OkCupid is Bad
Tommy and Alex talk with Chris O’Brien from www.chriswritesgood.com, where he chronicled his failed attempts at online dating. Chris is a writer/actor and blogger living in Los Angeles. Chris talks to the guys about the oddity known as OkCupid. Each talks about the horrible (sometimes cringeworthy) dates they’ve been on, and the strange emails and people they’ve encountered while on OKCupid. Plus, they talk about a bit about acting and why everyone is happier living in Los Angeles.

Good Looking People & the King Of Queens?
Tommy and Alex get in to an argument about Rob Lowe, good looking people and the tv show King Of Queens. Tommy brings up that Rob Lowe recently said there is a bias against good looking people. While Tommy completely agrees, Alex becomes enraged and claims good looking people shouldn’t be allowed to be upset or ever be sad. Tommy then feels that Alex is being biased towards him and his good looks. He reminds Alex that he once created a public service announcement and club for people that are “Too Good Looking.” Alex gets legitimately upset during the argument – and more importantly, what does the King Of Queens have to do with it?

14 – Big Bad Mama

big bad mamaAlex Was Raped?
After the show last week, Tommy & Alex watched the Gene Simmons sex tape (worth watching for the comedy) and played around on OkCupid. Alex ended up having a date with a super hot chick and Tommy had to block a crazy woman. But things take a very strange twist. Plus Alex and Tommy give the inside scoop about women’s dating profiles on match.com and OKCupid. Find out what “average” body type really means.

Letters, St. Patrick’s Day, Family and Florida
The strangest Letters to Tommy ever – it is too vile to put in to words, plus, “who is Allen Corolla?” Tommy and his dog went to “A-Town” Arlington on St. Patrick’s Day. He recounts the night that involved him pushing a woman, arguing with a drunk girl, hitting on two chicks and a cringe-worthy story about striking out. He also went to eat with his entire family. As usual, it was horrible and he tells why. And finally, an impromptu discussion about their old apartment complex in Orlando, FL and all the crazy people that lived there.

12 – Perfect First Dates

Stone Cold StunnerRecalling Our “Perfect” First Dates
Tommy and Alex chat about times they’ve each had a “perfect” first date – one of those dates where everything went right. Unfortunately for them, as amazing as those first dates were, they were quickly overshadowed by horrible twists shortly afterwards. Plus, a very upbeat, happy and positive “Alex Corolla from 2001” calls in to ask “current” Alex Corolla how his life will turn out.

Letters to Tommy and Alex’s OkCupid Date
Known for giving amazing advice, Tommy reads an email from a fan who is asking for help/advice on how to have “rough sex” with a woman he met. Tommy happily gives an answer with explicit details and instructions – while Alex becomes increasingly disgusted and traumatized. Alex recently swore of match.com (again), but he has signed up on a new dating site, Okcupid.com. He has already gone on two “HORRIBLE” dates with a woman. Several callers comment on what is wrong with him and his date. Then we use our new phone system to try to call Matt Albert who was on his way back from yet another party.

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