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142 – That’s Not How It Works Getting Horny

Tommy HollywoodThe Gift
Alex makes a pact before the show, swearing off speaking this week, since Tommy and Allison despise him. The pact lasts about 56.8 seconds as Tommy has a clip featuring famous director Jeffery Johnson, and a long testimonial as to how the Tommy Hollywood Mug has saved his life. This upsets Alex, but what sends him over the top is a wedding gift from one of the listeners. Would you want one of these gifts in your house?

Tommy Gets Read His Miranda Rights
The cops came to Tommy’s house and labeled him as a person of interest in a murder. Alex tries to make jokes, but is quickly shot down, and the tale of Tommy and his murder rap unfolds to an astonished Allison. Hear how the cops accused Tommy of several crimes, the “evidence” they had against him, the interrogation and more. It’s a crazy story.

After a horrifically revealing into the private life of Tommy, we find out he was forced to watch a compilation of his friend’s 3-way sex tapes with his wife. Yeah, this is pretty shocking, but brings up a good debate, would you be able to have casual three ways in a marriage? Then Allison recaps her weekend with comedian and fellow podcaster Kari Martin. She invited Allison to a special event. During the event Allison did something incredibly embarrassing…

104 – The Christmas Conspiracy

Santa PedophileAlex’s Birthmas Gift
We start the show of with some classic Corolla Christmas carols to get into the  mood.  Alex’s birthday was last week and Tommy sent him a gift…of course things can never be that easy with Alex.  Tommy manages to send Alex a combined birthday/Christmas gift (which Alex hates) but it doesn’t quite get there, you’ll never believe what Alex went through to get his “gift.”

James Gray, Dinner and “Alex Time”
Tommy and Alex had dinner with James Gray, from the world famous WPRK, and his girlfriend. Tommy reveals that James’ girlfriend was freaked out by Alex staring one of her bodyparts. You won’t believe which body part Alex fixated on.

The Christmas Conspiracy
Tommy comes to the conclusion that Christmas is a conspiracy for pedophiles and Nazis to collaborate and celebrate their sick ways.  After looking up what NAMBLA members do for Christmas, Tommy illustrates his point with the TRUE meaning of Christmas hidden in the lyrics of the world’s most beloved Christmas songs and traditions…