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37 – Misery Loves Company

Not Dead Yet We are back. Ryan and Geoff from Eight Bit Radio join us for the show. We talk about what we’ve been up to since the hiatus, Alex is racist, Tommy is made fun of because he has issues at his dance school and Uncle Vinny calls in to talk about the Thanksgiving meal he is cooking. It’s a sooo goooodddd.

Then we play songs that we are embarrassed to like, and a Sad Man Diary that brings Tommy to legitimate tears.

25 – Samantha Sam

SamanthaAlex Corolla For Governor 2016
Tommy is going to Boston for a week – Alex, being from Upstate New York, makes it known how much he hates Boston. This leads to Tommy claiming Alex hates everyone and is racist. Alex went on another OkCupid emailing spree. After emailing 15 women in an hour, Tommy tells Alex he should calm down and take a step back. Alex thinks that’s “a challenge” and deletes his profile.

Tommy FINALLY saw Top Gun. He is amazed and impressed that 30 years later, Tom Cruise looks the EXACT same, meanwhile, everyone else in the movie looks TERRIBLE. He wonders if it’s plastic surgery, genetics or the power of Scientology. He and Alex debate whether looking and aging as well as Tom Cruise is worth joining the crazy Church of Scientology.

Hey Nothing… Get Some Confidence
From our Orlando, Florida trip… Get to know Samantha from A Mediocre Time With Tom and Dan. We talk about Alex’s past OkCupid dates (especially Big Bad Mama), Samantha gives Alex some pointers on what he’s doing wrong with women, how she started with Tom and Dan, how our old show played a small part in her getting married and a few behind the scenes stories. Samantha was fantastic (as usual) on the show and super funny.

Show #9 – A Little Too Honest…

Blown off TextsAlex is Back From His Vacation Cruise
We start off with a call from our nemesis, Billy Brosky, from Arlington, VA. He is everything that is wrong with not only Arlington, VA, but the world. Alex had a four day vacation and took a cruise, so we bypass the chit chat and get right in to a Sadman Diary filled with lace panties, stalking, breaking and entering, drunk friends and meat melting in his mouth… Tommy brings up points as to why he would NEVER go on a cruise, plus a call from our friend Tyrone Thompson, who ends up getting in to an argument and calling Alex racist.

Plus, Alex has booked a VERY big endorsement deal. Tommy plays the audio and is not impressed with Alex’s efforts.

Tommy’s Biggest Fear in Life Revealed
In this segment Alex asks Tommy why he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Tommy talks about what’s changed in his life and why he hasn’t been dating anyone. He brings up a woman that he was recently interested in and why it fell apart, plus he reveals what his greatest fear in life is…

Alex was also (secretly) dating someone he met on match.com… and he talks about why it has also fallen apart. Real talk with a lot of comedy thrown in. Plus Billy Brosky calls back in to torture the guys.