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109 – Falcon Punch

condomAlex Wins the Super Bowl
What’s that you ask? Yes, Alex single handedly won the Super Bowl for Tom Brady by rooting so hard against him last week, resulting in “chunk’s luck” causing the Patriots to deal out a “Falcon Punch”. Tommy and Ryan have a ball with the fact that Alex had to watch his nemesis live through the greatest Super Bowl comeback off all time.

Alex harasses James Gray
James Gray from Gray Matter with James Gray on WPRK gives a shout out to Alex, who insists on requesting a 90’s alt song…even though James doesn’t have that type of show format. Alex of course, doesn’t care about anyone but himself, proving what an asshole he is. Ryan is bewildered after Tommy reveals that most show hosts in radio sleep around with each other. Tommy then gives some inside gossip about IHeartMedia shows in Orlando that have cheated on their spouses and slept together. Then it’s revealed that Alex never uses a condom, and they both compare war stories about their sexual condom less conquests.

Tony Guerra, Talon, is out of Jail
An old listener who used to call Alex incessantly, is being released from prison after serving a sentence for hoarding child porn (sadly, not a joke). Tommy believes that the listener will start right where he left off, calling Alex. And it just so happens, Talon calls in! Also, Tommy JUST realizes that there are cheat aps for Words with Friends, and Babbling Brooke’s co-host calls in, and “John Ra” does NOT disappoint.

108 – Two Hairy Parents

piggyBabbling Brooke
Tommy gets back from LA, where he believes everything is better. Alex believes that New York is better, and a battle ensues. The one thing that everyone agrees on is that MD is the WORST of all states. Of course, that somehow ends up into a very real discussion of Alex’s body hair and new favorite radio morning talk show, Babbling Brooke, with a special guest caller named “Alex’s dating profile.”

Tom Brady
It’s Super Bowl Sunday, featuring another appearance by the New England Patriots. Knowing that Alex’s most hated person in the world is Tom Brady, Tommy and Ryan set the table for one of the greatest Alex rants of all time. Though it’s riddled with “Alex” grammar, you’ll hear the sad tale of how Alex wishes ill on Tom because of the failures of his life.

Apparently, there is something called micro-cheating which involves all of the little things you might do with other people than your significant other that might be considered questionable. Ryan thinks Alex is guilty of this “micro-cheating” while Alex insists he just being an asshole. Plus, we also find out the PERFRECT body type for Tommy’s liking. Would you fit Tommy’s bill? TOUCHDOWN!!!

59 – Snuff Films

RatingsSnuff Films

Discussion of Snuff Films, Tommy watches murder videos, the band All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy (again), good songs to have sex to, sex with amputees, naked women in radio and much more.

The Debate & PG-13 Movies

Last week Tommy claims he could out-debate anyone. Ryan took him up on the challenge and the guys now have to argue FOR things they don’t believe in.

Then the guys talk about movies and how they don’t care about movies that aren’t Rated-R.

43 – True Bobby on iTunes

SextingThis weeks show if full of ball busting and cringe material. Our show got a two star rating on iTunes, ruining our perfect score. We talk about the guy who gave us the bad review and who on the show is to blame for the low rating. Then we talk about Ryan’s bad day at work, spawning a discussion about the strange people we have worked with in radio and corporate offices. Plus, Ryan makes an admission that shocks Tommy and Alex.

Letters to Tommy is back. This week there are two letters… One letter leads to Tommy and Ryan reading actual sexting conversations they’ve had, but there is a twist…

41 – One Hot Kid

PJs_Smaller Tommy Hates Kids and Alex Is Too Comfortable Around Them
A very fun show this week. We recap our Christmas and New Years Eves. Tommy hates kids and is becoming a drug and junk food addict. Tommy pitches the idea of a new social networking site. Alex is forced to do something incredibly awkward the day after Christmas. Ryan sends Tommy texts that make him angry and Ryan recaps his trip to NYC.

Getting Fired in Radio and 2015 Predictions
Tommy and Alex tell embarrassing stories about inappropriate pictures/videos on their work computers. The discussion then turns to behind the scenes radio talk and how they got fired several times. Then Alex claims to know the future. He runs down a list of “guaranteed” predictions for the upcoming year.

23 – Dickerman and Matt Albert

fourhorsemenThe Orlando Vacation Recap
Tommy and Alex are back from their vacation with brand new equipment and recap their trip. Topics include their visit to A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, getting the VIP treatment with the “Prince of Sanford,” hanging out with Dickerman, how they have more friends in Orlando than where they currently live, women in Florida are the most attractive women in the world and the arguments/yelling match they had with other passengers on the plane ride home.

The Four Horsemen Podcast
Tommy and Alex are joined by former co-worker Matt Albert and Dickerman from WJRR. This is Tommy’s dream come true.

  • Tommy and Matt fill Dickerman in on why women hate Alex
  • Matt and Alex argue and Dickerman tries to mend their relationship
  • While visiting, Alex has an unpleasant run in with Moira from the Philips Phile
  • Dickerman talks about the time he was fired for a day
  • Tommy and Dickerman talk about behind-the-scenes of the show they did together The Last Resort
  • Dickerman tells a never before told story about Tommy. Tommy describes it as “the most embarrassing story ever.” Let’s just say it involves nudity and work computers


16 – Real Radio 104.1 Part 1

unclevinnyThe Corolla Family & A New Song
Last week, Tommy overheard Alex on the phone with his family. Tommy claims Alex was screaming at them and gladly re-enacts what he heard. Then Tommy reveals a new song that he thinks was written about Alex by Five Finger Death Punch. Plus, Alex’s uncles Joe and Vinny call in with a “deal” for the guys.

Orlando, Florida & Real Radio 104.1
The second half of the show has Tommy and Alex reminiscing about leaving WJFK, their trip down to Orlando to work at one of the greatest talk radio stations, Real Radio 104.1 WTKS ever with lots of behind-the-scenes stories and much more.