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120 – Nip Rip

Matty DanzaAllison Has A HUGE Announcement
Allison takes a moment to share something very personal with the audience. Trying to recap it with mere words can’t do it justice. Unfortunately, Alex overreacts in the typical Alan fashion. Plus, pick the “Summer song of 2017!”

Tony Danza’s Brother & Soft Porn
Alex apologizes profusely to Eric & Stacey, Tom & Dan, Samantha, LGeezy and others after Tommy makes him feel guilty for not Tweeting. Allison is shocked to learn that the REAL reason he’s not tweeting is because he’s obsessed with Soft Porn on HBO (Alex claims it’s that Twitter is blocked at his work, but we all know it’s soft porn). Alex reviews one of the “films” he watched in excruciating detail. Throughout the tale, we find out that Allison was hit on by a celebrity’s brother when she was in LA. She’s a “great dancer.”

Would you rather
To Alex’s dismay, Tommy has brought back “would you rather,” even forcing Alex to write some of his own. It’s during this segment where you discover how twisted this trio is. Play along at home, here’s a preview: Giving up sex to marry your favorite celebrity, burning children alive to gain wealth or fame, and which way to die… This segment is sick, enjoy!

73 – Chunks It Up

chunksChunks it up
Show friend Geoff joins us in studio to help recap Ryan’s bachelor party, but first:  Alex is a BIG fan of PS4 gaming system. Two years ago Tommy played a “news clip” about PS4 owners being pedophiles, and now a brand new “REAL news report” has new claims about PS4 owners.  Alex goes berserk at the claims – and a new catchphrase is born.

Creepy Bachelor Party
Alex recaps Ryan’s bachelor party to which he begrudgingly accepted going after Geoff wouldn’t take no for an answer.  It took place in an isolated cabin in the woods with 5 grown smelly men and magic the gathering games.  Tommy takes joy in a crazy recap which is capped off with lap dances from FAKE strippers and a brush with death.

Geoff’s Best Man Speech
Tommy and Alex have LONG since been weary of Geoff as Ryan’s best man, mainly because they doubt his ability to deliver a good best man’s speech.  Geoff surprises Tommy and Alex with a preview of the speech and they can NOT believe what Ryan is in store for at his wedding.  Before taking off, Geoff and the NDY crew get into a heated debate about which sitcom theme song is the best of all time, everyone is passionate about their choices, but there might NEVER be a clear cut winner to this one.