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124 – It’s My F**king Birthday

ass eatingHappy Birthday Allison!
It’s Allison’s big day, though she’s a bit out of sorts, as her new love interest has neglected to wish her a happy birthday, instead sending her a text asking if she’s seen Star Wars or not. Since it’s turning out to be one of the worst she’s had, Alex drives the screwdriver in a little deeper, and inquires about Allison’s worst birthday stories, and she has some GOOD ones.

Allison’s Tweets
For her first birthday tweet, Allison (@trainwruck) discloses her dismay to the fact that her ex-boyfriend never asked to “eat her butt-hole out”. She’s also relieved that even though Alex tweeted that the listeners should tweet her dick picks, she didn’t receive ONE! The segment goes into a detailed discussion on the polite way to broach a subject with a new person you’re dating, supplemented by advice from show friend Tyrone Thompson.

Alex’s Nickname At Work
Adding on to the seemingly endless list of nicknames Alan has, Tommy reveals that he received a text from Alex’s girlfriend with a NEW nickname that he received at work. We won’t wreck it for you on the summary, but this one might stick, much to Alex’s chagrin. Also, a medical debate on whether or not you can poop while taking Tylenol PM, and Allison reads a love compatibility horoscope for Tommy & Alex.

106 – Sex Is Boring

gymAlex’s Embarrassing Gym Experience
After what’s become the new show opening of Alex screwing up hitting a simple button, Tommy gives a shout out to the White Wine True Crime podcast and Samantics, with Sam from A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan, ALL of which you should check out. Alex then recaps a trip to the gym that involves gastric upset, destroying a yoga class and receives a call from Uncle Vinny.

Ryan at MagFest
Ryan’s wife got them tickets to MagFest, a local video game/comic/smelly nerd convention that takes place in the DC area. She has no interest in video games or comics. After deciding to dress up, and fully experience all that a convention has to offer, Ryan is worried that his normal wife will never want to have sex with him after seeing his nerdy side.

Sex Sucks
And not in the good way. Tommy and Alex are both bored with sex and disclose they could probably go on living with never having it again. Incredulous Ryan tries to understand how ANY male could be bored with sex, but after delving into the convoluted minds of Tommy and Alex… it might make a little more sense on why it’s better to just turn on FXX instead of having sex.

99 – Black Mesh Shorts

DreDon’t blame Gino/Gio the dog!
Alex delays the show and sours everyone after an hour delay in which he broke the equipment and tried to blame new show addition, Gino the dog.  Tyrone calls in with a few suggestions on what they should do with Alex.  Alex reveals a HORRIBLE thing he tricked his girlfriend to believing to save a few pennies on a car repair HE was responsible for.

Babies are gross
After Alex reveals what a horrible human being he is by calling a pregnant lady at the gym “gross”, Ryan reveals ALL of the horrors of having babies.  From tearing to afterbirth, to placentas and octomom porn, it’s not quite Halloween, but these TRUE stories we find out about childbirth are definitely horrific.

Harold and Tyrone
Though not on any specific segment, Harold and Tyrone are the stars of the show this week.  Find out who Tyrone wants to take over Alex’s spot on the show, be amazed at how Harold’s hatred of Alex’s car spurred him to start a new business (with special hours for Alex).

97 – Corolla 3:16 Means…

Corolla 3:16Corolla 3:16 Means, I Just Beat My Dog
For once, Alex doesn’t mess up the show open, though it’s definitely one to remember, as the NDY crew can’t help but burst out in laughter during the show open. Tommy notices that Alex and Gino (his new dog) aren’t necessarily getting along so well this week. Tommy accuses Alex of abusing his dog after a thunderstorm. Alex then has dreams about hurting his dog. He blames Tommy for “getting in his head”. Is Alex really a dog beater? Uncle Vinny, Tyrone AND Alex’s Sub-conscious call in to voice their opinions.

Should Celebrities be allowed to cheat?
Alex has a crazy theory about RG3 and how he will become a superstar now that he’s divorced. After a crazy convoluted path of logic, Alex tries to explain the “hierarchy of hotness” in regards to cheating celebrities. Is he a genius, or a misogynistic idiot?

Alex vs. the Hornets
Now, we’re not talking the basketball hornets. Alex had a run-in with a hive of yellow jackets, capped off with a dazed trip to Home-Depot and an accidental poisoning. You’ll love to hear this painful story!

96 – Alec Alexander’s Dumb Plan

GinoSTDs and Celebrities
After a little time Alex STILL can’t figure out how to hit the “record” button.  The NDY crew also wastes NO time in jumping right into the topics that matter… yes, STDs and celebrities.  How hot would a celebrity have to be for you to have unprotected sex with, KNOWING she had an STD? Listen to our list and see if you agree.  There’s also a special furry guest, the latest member of the NDY studio.

After Ryan recalls a wedding he attended of a creepy friend, Alex compares the groom to a cuckold.  Not knowing what a cuckold is, Alex enlightens everyone, and Tommy provides an audio example of the grossest porn you will EVER hear.  Tyrone chimes in and provides a sound bit that will forever live in NDY history.

Alex’s Terrible Plans
Alex recaps TWO failed stories of what he calls “teaching people a lesson”.  One of them involves his arch nemesis and mailman, Harold Yen.  The other involves a Red Sox fan with a great parking spot.  You be the judge and decide WHO exactly learned the lesson…. BOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

68 – Teeny Tiny Corolla Cannoli

trumpwedding90’s Radio and Weddings
We start off feeling nostalgic from the 90’s thanks to show friend Brian Q and a brand new sound effect for all of our shout outs. Tommy suffers a loss, which brings up a discussion on why the good ones never seem to get a fair break in life. On a lighter note, Tommy goes to a wedding which absolutely blew him away. His seat was even next to the hottest chick at the wedding. Find out if Tommy blew it, or ended up getting lucky. Tommy and Alex then ask Ryan for re-assurance that his wedding will be just as glamorous, but it doesn’t look promising as he’s already blown $10K and most of it is on the honeymoon.

Matt Albert’s Video
Speaking of weddings, show friend Matt Albert has a wedding coming up shortly, and has given the NDY crew an early groomsmen gift… an informational Youtube video, posted by the company he works for, in which he begrudgingly answers REAL questions from customers. The video is HILARIOUS and provides a new drop for the show.

7 Seconds of Silence
And finally, Alex’s boss remarked that he has issues with long pauses in conversations and doesn’t like to be cut off.  Uncle Vinny, Tyrone Thompson, and a special caller ring in to help Alex work on this issue to become a better performer at work, however the results aren’t quite what Alex might have hoped.

34 – Depression

Tommy Had a Bad Week
Tommy starts the show with an “announcement” of sorts. He openly talks about how the past week was one of the worst weeks of his life. He talks openly about how he’s been struggling with depression for several months and this past week it was unbearable. Unable to sleep or eat, he became physically ill from the anxiety. Both he and Alex talk about past suicidal thoughts and if they could ever go through with it. Tommy then talks about an ex-relationship he had in Florida that has left him permanently scarred and the time she broke in to his apartment.

Too Big In To the Deep?
Alex admits to liking a pop song. Tommy is disturbed by the amount of knowledge Alex has about Nickelodeon and kid shows. Alex then talks about a year long feud with a CVS employee over a CVS savings card. Tyrone Thompson calls in to help Alex confront the employee. Alex updates us on his most recent date with “Video Game Girl.” She calls in and Alex screws everything up. Plus, a review of “Let’s Be Cops” and the strange couple that was sitting next to the guys in the theater making them uncomfortable.

Show #9 – A Little Too Honest…

Blown off TextsAlex is Back From His Vacation Cruise
We start off with a call from our nemesis, Billy Brosky, from Arlington, VA. He is everything that is wrong with not only Arlington, VA, but the world. Alex had a four day vacation and took a cruise, so we bypass the chit chat and get right in to a Sadman Diary filled with lace panties, stalking, breaking and entering, drunk friends and meat melting in his mouth… Tommy brings up points as to why he would NEVER go on a cruise, plus a call from our friend Tyrone Thompson, who ends up getting in to an argument and calling Alex racist.

Plus, Alex has booked a VERY big endorsement deal. Tommy plays the audio and is not impressed with Alex’s efforts.

Tommy’s Biggest Fear in Life Revealed
In this segment Alex asks Tommy why he’s not dating anyone at the moment. Tommy talks about what’s changed in his life and why he hasn’t been dating anyone. He brings up a woman that he was recently interested in and why it fell apart, plus he reveals what his greatest fear in life is…

Alex was also (secretly) dating someone he met on match.com… and he talks about why it has also fallen apart. Real talk with a lot of comedy thrown in. Plus Billy Brosky calls back in to torture the guys.