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91 – Better Luck UpChuck

Good Luck UpChuckChris D’elia

Tommy and Alex give their review of Chris D’elia as well as their experience at the DC Improv.  Though Chris was great, and provided a completely unheard set, the Improv itself might have a few things to work on. Plus, Tommy talks about the hilarious movie “Slow Learners.”

Chunks/Chucks From the Hideout

Over the past 2 weeks, “Chunks” and “Chucks from the Hideout” were mentioned on A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan and Real Radio 104.1. Tommy takes Alex/Alan/Chunks/Chucks to task for going on other shows to promote their old radio show instead of Not Dead Yet.

Alex’s Non-cation & 80’s hits.

Alex had a vacation… In typical Chunks fashion, it was a horrible miserable time, complete with a woman bossing him around, making him spend hundreds of dollars on a “FREE” vacation and nude underage girls. Plus, there was a situation in the bathroom. The only thing that can make it better is a deeply logical discussion of the best 80’s songs and tv shows.

60 – Alex’s Shocking Admission

ShockedTommy and Ryan are annoyed because Alex didn’t have the new equipment set up properly. Things then move on to Tommy thinking he is “Too Good Looking” to interact with the general public after a night out with friends.

Alex involved in someone dying. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, Alex then makes a SHOCKING admission. Something that may change the show forever. Plus, he details another HORRIBLE trip he took to a lake house. You do not want to miss out on the many times he was disrespected on this vacation.

58 – Schenectady

Alex BoatSchenectady
The show starts with Tommy wondering why they are getting so many downloads from Schenectady. From there he claims he may have aspergers because he avoids social interaction and connecting with people. Then the guys discuss Gone Girl. Plus, an update on Ryan’s brother in jail.

Alex’s Terrible Vacation
Alex is notorious for not taking vacations, and when he does, he always works during them. This vacation hits a new low with him sharing a room with underage girls, being bossed around by two other couples while he’s by himself, driving a boat without a license and almost getting in to a fight. Plus, he ruins his father’s Father’s Day and damages his car.

21 – Bleep That

tecmo bowl

Our Florida Trip

Tommy and Alex are on their way to Orlando, FL. Alex gives his reasons for wanting to visit and the guys share some stories and talk about all the things they are looking forward to seeing and doing there. The guys get carried away and actually have to bleep some things out again… on a podcast… really guys?

Tommy is better… sort of
Tommy talks about how he has transformed his life with a new technique he’s learned. He’s more calm, thinks more clearly, is able to do more work more efficiently and is just happier in general… but Alex is a bad influence. He has corrupted Tommy when it comes to road rage. Tommy recounts several recent instances where he’s completely lost it on the road and had a physical altercation on the Metro.

Other Podcasts Hate Tommy
Alex encourages Tommy’s rage, but soon regrets it. Alex when on Beyond 8-bit Radio and had a great time. Tommy says it’s a great show, but Alex was terrible on it, and he is mad that Alex and the guys on the show bad mouthed him. Carnage ensues…