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146 – Thanks For The Memories

Alex WeddingWedding Recap
The wedding actually happened. Tommy fills us in on all the details. You’ll get to hear what embarrassing incident happened with their rings, the amazing speech Alex’s sister delivered (and why she is one of Tommy’s favorite people), why a woman asked Tommy if he “is naughty,” a review of the food and why Allison is interested in dating someone from Alex’s family and so much more.

Tommy tries to break up the monotony of insanity by sharing the songs he’s used through time to “get in the mood”.  Afterward, Alex confesses a truth about his first dance song that SHOCKS Allison disgusting her to the point of almost leaving the show.  After things calm down a bit, the NDY crew goes into the special songs that have followed them through time for those special relationships over the years.

Plus, we talk about Chrissy Teigen ripping her butthole, California 7-Elevens and NEW YORK CITY?!?!?!

Grapefruits Of Wrath

auntie angel grapefruitOur Integrity and Underage Girls
The show starts off with Alex’s Uncle Vinny calling in. Uncle Vinny owns and teaches at a cooking and joke school (Joke U University.) After the call Allison feels the need to prove to our listeners that we have “integrity” by clarifying a mistake that we made last week regarding Kelsy Grammer’s daughter, Alex takes the conversation in a really uncomfortable direction – what is the appropriate age to note when an underage actress is going to grow up hot? Their answers might surprise you, and you MIGHT get some crazy sex fetish stories from Allison too.

Grapefruit Blow Job
With all due credit to our Podcast friends Tom & Dan, we couldn’t resist putting our own spin on the “Grapefruit blow job” video. This video is disturbing to say the least, but after a brief critique and discussion on what WOULD be fun things to try in the bed (hint, not a grapefruit), Tommy makes his own remix to the now famous Auntie Angel video.

You’re the Worst, Weddings and Dating in NOVA
There’s a new season of “You’re the Worst” and the NDY crew could NOT be happier. The new season takes an interesting direction to say the least. Tommy discloses that he managed to go to dinner and not have to pay a cent AGAIN. Allison recaps a wedding, and what it’s like to date in NOVA, and Tommy and Alex have tickets to go see the new IT remake… INTEGRITY in Podcasting!

85 – Mr. Moneybags

pink-monsterRyan Returns
Yep, he’s back…and in a baseball uniform? Odd, but we’ll get to that later because something much more pressing needs to be addressed… Kate Quigley. It’s no secret that NDY are huge fans of hers, but Tommy finds an amazing video of her playing basketball in high heels, a truly amazing feat! Tommy and Alex comment on how truly talented Kate is and wish she’d come to the East coast to see her standup. Tommy also supplies a new quote from Alex’s “girlfriend” Eden Dranger who has some truly memorable Tweets (Don’t worry we don’t rip you off Eden!)

Batter Up
Ryan is trying to relive his youth by joining an adult baseball league. He neglected to change and even wore a cup to the show, which he clearly stuffed. Tommy and Alex can’t help but to call out how ridiculous he looks, and make some jokes at his expense. Tommy comments how he hates movies, and they end up like most of his dates… expensive and an hour and 45 minutes of boredom.

ANOTHER wedding
Alex hates phones, so much so that a special caller chimes in ON THE PHONE to annoy Alex. After he calms down, Alex describes a mishap he had talking on the phone with his girlfriend Phyllis. She made the mistake of calling him and putting him on speaker phone… with her entire family listening. What results is one of the most awkward moments you’ll ever hear. On top of that, Alex made an ass of himself at Phyllis’ sister’s wedding and proves to be truly wretched.

The Pink Monster
Ross from A mediocre Time with Tom and Dan inquired on a forum what happened to Alex’s old car that he had in Florida. The story of this car and it’s exploits are almost movie worthy. It started off Pink, and ended up as a two toned gray and red monster with a neon sign on the back. With cops, poop, and garbage tales, you will NOT want to miss the journey of the Pink Monster.

Alex is Rich?
Alex and Ryan get into a bit of a heated debate about him missing the show and how Alex handled it, Tommy chimes in on how he’s sick of hearing Alex complain all the time about money. Taken aback, Alex finds out that Tommy and Ryan think Alex is rich. Though he tries to deny it, you’ll have to be the judge. Is he rich, or is he just an idiot (or both!)

81 – Matt’s Wedding

Matt's WeddingOrlando, Florida
Tommy and Alex are back from FL.  Tommy starts off right away with a clip from his “media tour” when he stopped in on Gray Matter with James Gray.  Of course, it’s really just Tommy and James making fun of Alex for not flying down to Florida on time.  Tommy points out that Alex also chose not to come into town for Matt’s bachelor party.  Alex tries to defend himself, but just ends up rambling and looking even more like the fat loser he is.  Tommy continued to boast about his media tour which included recording some bits with the great Dickerman and check out A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan‘s amazing new studio.  Speaking of which, you’ll want to hear who T&D think Alex looks like.

Matt’s Wedding
The big day has finally arrived for their old friend and it DID not disappoint.  The wedding was jam packed with craziness including Alex getting in the way, Tommy’s best man’s speech, old show co-worker Sid hitting on Alex’s girlfriend, hitting on Alex, hitting on Tommy, hitting on the cross-dresser, etc.  Probably one of the best, most extravagant weddings that Tommy and Alex have been to, Ryan gets a bit upset that they seemed to completely have forgotten that HE had a wedding just mere months ago, which they both attended.  OH, and between all of this, our friend of 13 years got married.  This wedding recap will NOT disappoint.

80 – Toilet Lives Matter

madden 08The Tommy Diaries
We’re back!  But only for a week because we’re going to be down in Florida for Matt’s wedding.  Speaking of, it’s a week away and Tommy has neglected his duties as best man and has decided to “wing it” for his speech.  Ryan and Alex try to convince Tommy to go the “roast” route, but Tommy doesn’t want to look bad in front of his date.  SPEAKING of which, she  MIGHT not even know she’s invited to the wedding as Tommy’s guest.  Bewildered by this, Ryan and Alex convince Tommy to explain how he got into this mess and what would happen if his date didn’t show. You will delight in the first ever “Tommy Diaries”.

Alex on no sleep
Alex has a horrible job, he works horrible hours and gets no recognition for his efforts.  He’s fresh off of working a 23 hour straight shift, and apparently he texted Tommy completely random, insulting, and incoherent texts.  Listen to what goes on in Alex’s mind on no sleep, apparently it involves Sonic the Hedgehog, Malcolm Jamal Warner, and Ross Gellar.

Electronic Arts stories
It seems as if Alex has a habit of working at horrible places, and recalls that he thinks Alex was most miserable when he was a tester for EA working on Madden Football.  Tommy and Ryan actually stop laughing and become encumbered with the horrible working conditions and stories of segregation, sleep deprivation, and pizza stealing that went on there. See you in two weeks for Matt’s wedding recap show!

77 – Courtney

chyna bowling ballLong time friend Courtney shows up to add a female perspective to the show. Tommy and Alex start recapping their holiday and share an update about their good friend Matt Albert, who is upset with Alex, as he’s only spending 2 days in FL for his wedding, allowing for NO time to do anything else. Tommy points out how Alex never takes any time out for vacations, not even a friend’s wedding.

Suitors for Phyllis
Speaking of weddings, Courtney chimes in about Ryan’s wedding and how she got a chance to speak with Alex’s girlfriend, Phyllis. Apparently, when Alex went to the bathroom many times during the wedding due to being a hyper-alcoholic, Tommy and Courtney spoke to Phyllis about how she could do much better than him. Shocked, Alex tries to defend himself as Courtney lists off several friends of hers that she believes, would be better boyfriends for Phyllis.

Trouble with kids and farting
Alex recaps how his Saturday was hijacked by friends who needed him to watch their kids. Like something out of the movies, Alex has a crazy, insane adventure involving bowling alleys the Special Olympics, and getting into a fight with two random 8 year olds. Tommy shares an incident that happened to him during yoga class that makes him look bad not matter what he does. Listen, and decide what you would do!

75 – BatFleck

Ben Affleck BatmanRyan Returns
After taking some time off to get married, Ryan is back in studio to explain HIS side of the story, and it’s a miracle this thing even happened. Beside the DJ playing the wrong music, people disappearing from dances, the best man almost getting them beat up, AND getting into fights with drunken motorists.there’s one thing that Ryan forgets that almost seals the deal for the whole thing being called off.

Domestic Violence and BatFleck
Alex goes into a highly disturbing story of witnessing domestic violence…and choosing to do nothing about it because he felt “it wasn’t his day to be intervene…” Ryan and Tommy can’t quite put into words how awful Alex is after divulging the horrific details of what happened below his apartment. While trying to forget what they just heard, Tommy gets a little confused about his Sci-Fi knowledge and might get a few things mixed up that will probably piss most of you Spock Vader fans off.

Another New Hit
Tommy finds a treasure trove of Karaoke videos from the worst most horrible duet in the world. Last week’s nugget pales in comparison to the tracks that our new favorite singing group provides. In the spirit of trying to keep up, Tommy decides to make his very own karaoke remixes that pretty much end out the show making everyone laugh so much… Enjoy your early Christmas gift from NDY!

74 – Ryan’s Wedding

singersThe Big Day
Ryan’s big day arrives and he went through with it… though 60% of you said he wouldn’t, he did! Tommy claims Alex is a terrible driver and almost killed him on the drive. Plus, he tortures Alex about a family friend. Then Tommy and Alex go in depth about the wedding with all of their critiques including: The people, the food, the weather, and the speech. Tommy and Alex also think they’re hated and were probably invited by accident and you’ll want to hear why.

Open relationships
While at the wedding, Tommy and Alex discovered there was a “couple” there who were married – just not to each other. An honest discussion ensues on if people in open relationships really want them or are forced into them. Plus, Tommy talks about the date he went on with a woman that he didn’t realize was married and in an open relationship.

A new hit
Tommy finds the next viral video with a karaoke couple that you WON’T believe… we aren’t putting you on, these people are 100% serious during their “performance.” We finish up the show with a quick line about why we don’t talk or tweet about politics or our “hopes and prayers” when bad things happen.

69 – Time Of My Life

dirty dancingShow friend Geoff joins us in studio for the FIRST time back from college break, though he may have regrets as the rest of the show just starts making fun of him.  Geoff is giving the best man speech at Ryan’s wedding but might not be up to the task.  “Jeff with a J” calls in asking for some helpful advice for a best man speech that he is also giving for his friend “Brian”.  Star Wars references in a best man speech? Yes please!

Billboard Hit or Tommy Favorite
Tommy introduces a new game where the NDY crew guesses if the song he plays is a top billboard hit, or a guilty pleasure song that Tommy jams out to in his car.  You will NOT want to miss Tommy singing along to Tove Lo.  Tommy then goes on to volunteer his services to be the DJ at Ryan’s wedding, complete with a set list of songs he would play, including a special guest call-in from Ronnie James Dio that is one for the ages.

Geoff loves Ryan’s Fiance
Ryan has to take off, which gives Tommy and Alex an opportunity to finally dig into Geoff’s love affair (or so he wishes) with Ryan’s fiancé. Tommy and Alex encourage Geoff to just run with his feelings and propose to Ryan’s Fiance immediately after his best man speech.  They also supply Geoff with some EXTRA tips to help him win her over for sure.


68 – Teeny Tiny Corolla Cannoli

trumpwedding90’s Radio and Weddings
We start off feeling nostalgic from the 90’s thanks to show friend Brian Q and a brand new sound effect for all of our shout outs. Tommy suffers a loss, which brings up a discussion on why the good ones never seem to get a fair break in life. On a lighter note, Tommy goes to a wedding which absolutely blew him away. His seat was even next to the hottest chick at the wedding. Find out if Tommy blew it, or ended up getting lucky. Tommy and Alex then ask Ryan for re-assurance that his wedding will be just as glamorous, but it doesn’t look promising as he’s already blown $10K and most of it is on the honeymoon.

Matt Albert’s Video
Speaking of weddings, show friend Matt Albert has a wedding coming up shortly, and has given the NDY crew an early groomsmen gift… an informational Youtube video, posted by the company he works for, in which he begrudgingly answers REAL questions from customers. The video is HILARIOUS and provides a new drop for the show.

7 Seconds of Silence
And finally, Alex’s boss remarked that he has issues with long pauses in conversations and doesn’t like to be cut off.  Uncle Vinny, Tyrone Thompson, and a special caller ring in to help Alex work on this issue to become a better performer at work, however the results aren’t quite what Alex might have hoped.