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67 – Name That Tune With Lenny

coffeeName That Tune With Lenny Jacobson
We’re back after a bit of a break and a very active week for everyone on NDY, starting with Tommy who stayed up WAY too late the night before the show, playing a game of Name that Tune with Lenny Jacobson on Periscope. We all know how competitive Tommy is in trivia and this is no different. Find out if he won, lost or if the game ended in controversy…

Alex Tweets and Ryan’s Bachelor Party
Tommy and Ryan raise concerns that Alex’s #ButfartbooblickFriday tweets probably aren’t getting the turnaround in new listeners that Alex claims his “genius” compositions will bring in. Speaking of Alex, a Starbuck’s barista gives him yet ANOTHER name to add on to the already large list of things you can call him beside Alex. Finally, even though good show friend Geoff has a HORRIBLE track record with planning Ryan’s bachelor party so far, Ryan still thinks that he’ll come through in the end with a perfect best man speech. Alex and Tommy however, offer up many different scenarios that are more likely to happen after the nuptials.

62 – Trolling

Social Media TrollingSocial Media Trolling

Tommy talk about trolling people on social media, creating and using fake profiles to argue with people and gives out some profiles to “friend.” Tommy then gives some funny “behind the scenes” stories working at WJRR.

Ryan Goes to a Wedding

Ryan just got back from a wedding and had a horrible time. His fiancee gets groped in front of him, a group of douchebag “bro dogs” hit on an employee and has an issue with the DJ.

61- MackDonald’s


Excuse Me Ma’am

Tommy was mistaken for a woman, Alex goes to another wedding and gets trolled by Tommy, Alex explains the “secret language of Tommy,” a friend of the show gets engaged, Alex has a doppleganger from SNL, a quick discussion about Hulk Hogan, and a shocking revelation about Ryan’s fiancee!

52 – Gazoo

gazooGazoo from the Hideout

Alex’s least favorite intern from the Hideout (when it was on Real Radio 104.1) joins the show. He gives an update on what he’s been doing since the show, what it was like working on the show and we recall some of his best/worst moments being on air.

Then the guys recap Ryan’s Engagement Party from the night before. By the end of the party, Tommy and an inappropriately dressed Alex had alienated everyone at the party, including family and friends. Plus, Ryan tells the guys what people were saying about them behind their backs. Do not miss this!

48 – Goon Hand

GoonHandAlex has a “feud” with Netflix. Tommy claims Alex has racist thoughts. Tommy started at a new job. He talks about how he already got in an yelling argument with an Italian woman he works with. Uncle Vinny calls in with some “techniques” for every man to use to keep their women in line. Plus, Alex has to face his biggest fear at work, which makes him miserable.

Music, Wedding Venues & Prozac
The guys talk about music – everything from Metallica, Foo Fighters to NWA, plus Matt Albert leaving Tommy voicemails while singing Fall Out Boy songs. Ryan talks about the impossible task of finding a wedding venue and if the prozac is working for him. And Much Much More!

Show #8 – I Faked It

Alex Date

He Wins! He Loses!

We get a new toy that doesn’t live up to the hype. We talk about a former friend of the show and how he keeps pissing us off. Alex finally “wins” but loses, and this isn’t even the Sadman Diary! A quick discussion about “A-Town.”

A New Show on Our Podcast Network!

We debut a new show on our podcast network. The show plays during our “break.” Make sure to check out the next great podcast!

The Sadman Diary – Plus, Tommy Wants A Girlfriend?!?!

A Sadman Diary involving cheerleaders, kid touching and alcohol. Tommy wants a girlfriend and is invited to a wedding. The guys talk about how awful it is being invited to weddings and how it’s just a ploy to get presents. Then we branch out and do a news segment – and it proves that one of us is an idiot.