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118 – CrossFit Shorts

crossfit shortsTommy Hates People
Allison is out at a bachelorette party and Tommy asks, “why would she be celebrating her friend making the worst decision of her life?”  Tommy discloses that he’s actually just annoyed with people in general, except a woman he met earlier in the day during a dog walk – a woman he made a TERRIBLE first impression on. Naturally, he internet stalked her and now knows her entire life. This leads to a VERY important conversation about the best types of shorts women can wear.

Alex vs Cyclists
Alex has a verbal altercation with several cyclists, that escalates quickly, resulting with one cyclist in the middle of the street on the ground. It doesn’t end there. Find out why Alex had to go to the police station.

Alex got a new job recently in downtown Washington DC.  He decides that he’s going to make friends with all of the homeless people he crosses on his way to work. Tommy thinks Alex is nuts, but Alex INSISTS the bums are out to get him.

Alex’s New Dog Walker
Alex gets a new dog walker, but based on the notes he leaves after his walks every day, Alex and Tommy aren’t quite sure about his mental stability. After doing some brief internet stalking, the birth of a new phone character is upon us, and he can’t quite get his “personality” down, you won’t want to miss our newest fan.

113 – Big Flesh Boy

Alex's CubeAlex works in hell
In usual Alex fashion, he starts immediately apologizing to the listeners for his lack of Twitter presence. Tommy notices Alex is a bit off and scolds him for rambling. Reasons become clear, as Alex delves into the horrid work life he has been enduring since his office move.  Follow along as Alex details his co-workers phone conversations, has a run in with his old work enemy Lindy Beal, and capped off with his very own crayon drawn office cube name tag.

If the shoe fits
After 7 years Alex finally decides to get some new running sneakers. It’s never just that simple though with Alex as Tommy points out and Alex proves with ANOTHER crazy story. They take a little detour though to play some porno audio when “Ryan” calls in from is convention.  Take a guess on how long and how much money it took Alex to get new shoes.

Alex vs Linda
Tommy and show friend Linda collaborated on a little scheme to try and trick Alex into thinking he FINALLY had a buyer for his Nintendo Switch.  As it turns out, after a few days of being baited into a back and forth with Linda over a text trap, Alex  thought he figured out the scheme and FINALLY got one over on Tommy. As it turns out, Alex might have inadvertently put his livelihood into ACTUAL jeopardy.

63 – It’s Artistic

Alex at workThe show starts off with goofiness throughout as Tommy, Ryan and Alex lose it during the intro laughing at their favorite show Big Time in Hollywood FL. They then quickly make a u-turn and begin to point out each other’s various flaws, starting off with Tommy being a social “two-face”, Ryan losing all ability to appreciate hot chicks due to his engagement, and Alex being a dirty, one suit wearing slob at work. Plus, we reminisce radio stories by looking at old photos of Alex.

True to form, Tommy and Ryan offer their usual “encouragement” when Alex is concerned that his eating habits, consisting of high amounts of complex carbs, aren’t helping him lose weight. Tommy is bewildered that people still like star wars, and how hot actresses turn into androgynous male/female hybrids when they get old…ugh. Plus an update with new show favorite Robert from Promotens.

57 – Alan’s Cubicle

Alan-CubicleNew Name Tag on His Cubicle

Alex’s company just laid off hundreds of employees. He got nervous when he went to his cubicle and his name tag had been removed… and replaced with the name “Alan.” Tommy and Ryan saw “Jurassic World.” They give their reviews (no spoilers.) Ryan claims it’s a good “guy movie” while Tommy disagrees and gripes about everything he hated about the movie.

Corporate Project Management Humor

Tommy is worried he’s losing his joke and comedy ability. He found himself making a joke at his real job that was so “corporate” that it saddened him. He and Alex start trading some PMP/ Project Management jokes while Ryan becomes disgusted by how lame they are. Talk then turns to TV shows like “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” which has a character that looks just like an older Alex. (see picture)

48 – Goon Hand

GoonHandAlex has a “feud” with Netflix. Tommy claims Alex has racist thoughts. Tommy started at a new job. He talks about how he already got in an yelling argument with an Italian woman he works with. Uncle Vinny calls in with some “techniques” for every man to use to keep their women in line. Plus, Alex has to face his biggest fear at work, which makes him miserable.

Music, Wedding Venues & Prozac
The guys talk about music – everything from Metallica, Foo Fighters to NWA, plus Matt Albert leaving Tommy voicemails while singing Fall Out Boy songs. Ryan talks about the impossible task of finding a wedding venue and if the prozac is working for him. And Much Much More!

43 – True Bobby on iTunes

SextingThis weeks show if full of ball busting and cringe material. Our show got a two star rating on iTunes, ruining our perfect score. We talk about the guy who gave us the bad review and who on the show is to blame for the low rating. Then we talk about Ryan’s bad day at work, spawning a discussion about the strange people we have worked with in radio and corporate offices. Plus, Ryan makes an admission that shocks Tommy and Alex.

Letters to Tommy is back. This week there are two letters… One letter leads to Tommy and Ryan reading actual sexting conversations they’ve had, but there is a twist…

28 – Sex Hungry Sid Crosby

ashley tisdale coffee

“Work Tommy” and Women
Tommy’s Co-worker joins the show. He gives some insight on “Work Tommy.” Tommy talks about how Jorge (who is gay) is a much better wing-man than Alex. Alex and Jorge talk about the problems with Tommy and women. Also, Alex models his “stylish” jean jackets.

Women with Video Blogs Are Terrible
Tommy plays clips of attractive women with video/audio blogs. He and Alex claim that guys only like these women because of how they look, not their actual personalities. Their main target is a woman on Twitter that posts nude photos, then gets upset when people comment on them and only wants to talk about hockey player Sid Crosby and sports. She and actress Ashley Tisdale call in to defend themselves. This one is not to be missed. How “eloquent.”

Is It Better To Be Gay or Straight?
Tommy and Alex ask Jorge if he thinks it’s easier to be gay or straight. Jorge has some surprising thoughts on the subject. Tommy and Alex ponder what kind of guys they each would attract if they were gay. Plus, new caller “Gay Garrett” joins the show…