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138 – Bisexual Backstabber

HeartTommy Is In Love
Tommy starts the show off angry at Allison. He claims he’s in love with a woman that he met via Instagram that lives in LA. He made the mistake of introducing her to Allison. Tommy is worried that Allison will “swoop in and turn her,” as Allison has a proven track record of turning the ladies in Tommy and Alex’s lives bi. Alex is further horrified to learn that Tommy actually created a mix tape for his crush – which brings nothing but ridicule from Alex and Allison.

Eric and Stacey
Alex loses it, as he finds out that one of his favorite podcasts, Eric and Stacey, made a shrine encasing one of Tommy’s “Smug Mugs.” To make him even angrier, Tommy plays audio from their podcast where they mention that their lives have increased exponentially, since receiving the mug. Alex goes on a classic rant, and can’t believe how far the “smug mug” movement has gone.

Allison Offends Joe Rogan – Tits Up, Teeth Out
Trying to keep her streak of disrupting the “Emilie Knows Everything” podcast alive, Allison passes by Joe Rogan and manages to offend him. Allison, is apparently also a hot mess after insulting random people at a horse race, and presents Tommy and Alex with THE WORST, ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE “Would You Rather” in show history… it’s REALLY disturbing. Plus, Tommy and Alex give some behind the scenes info about female fans in radio – which then disturbs Allison. WHAT A GREAT/TERRIBLE/OFFENSIVE SHOW!

120 – Nip Rip

Matty DanzaAllison Has A HUGE Announcement
Allison takes a moment to share something very personal with the audience. Trying to recap it with mere words can’t do it justice. Unfortunately, Alex overreacts in the typical Alan fashion. Plus, pick the “Summer song of 2017!”

Tony Danza’s Brother & Soft Porn
Alex apologizes profusely to Eric & Stacey, Tom & Dan, Samantha, LGeezy and others after Tommy makes him feel guilty for not Tweeting. Allison is shocked to learn that the REAL reason he’s not tweeting is because he’s obsessed with Soft Porn on HBO (Alex claims it’s that Twitter is blocked at his work, but we all know it’s soft porn). Alex reviews one of the “films” he watched in excruciating detail. Throughout the tale, we find out that Allison was hit on by a celebrity’s brother when she was in LA. She’s a “great dancer.”

Would you rather
To Alex’s dismay, Tommy has brought back “would you rather,” even forcing Alex to write some of his own. It’s during this segment where you discover how twisted this trio is. Play along at home, here’s a preview: Giving up sex to marry your favorite celebrity, burning children alive to gain wealth or fame, and which way to die… This segment is sick, enjoy!

20 – Welcome to DC

So Much ShowBIll Cosby

AM, from The DC AM joins us and the show is packed.

  • A quick behind the scenes discussion of podcasting and a quick gift exchange
  • Tommy hit on his dentist’s hot assistant and realizes the difference between what men & women find sexy – plus he plays “Would you rather” with her
  • Tommy catches Alex in several lies as he’s gone on several Match.com dates. Alex fills us in on his last HORRIBLE date
  • AM talks about the time he dated the nanny of a famous DC morning radio personality and how it went very, very wrong
  • Tommy gets asked out and gives a response that Alex and AM describe as “psychotic”

Sadman and Welcome to DC?
Alex reads a Sadman diary about Mother’s Day. It involves gross things his mother says to him, trash and a pissed off roommate. Then AM gives the guys a really great, slightly angry, quiz about their hometown, Washington, DC. It is the funniest and most informative segment ever done on the DC area. Then we end with our favorite game… “Would you rather?”

11 -Broken Beds, Tables and Hearts

muddy feetThe Broken Hearts Club
A fun and hilarious show. Ryan from Beyond8bit.com stops by. We talk about his impending divorce, video games, going off road in a sports car and much more. Then Tommy talks about a date he had and how he’s come to a startling realization about himself.

iTunes and Would You Rather?
Not Dead Yet is FINALLY on iTunes. Unfortunately, the reviews they’ve been getting aren’t quite what they expected. Tommy reads some of the filtered reviews and Alex is dismayed at what people are writing about them. We finish up this jam packed show with “Would You Rather?” Ryan joins with his own questions as he and Tommy disgust Alex.

Show #7 – Matt Albert

Matt Albert

Matt Albert Is Back!

It’s a reunion! Matt Albert is back and Alex offers an apology to Matt for ignoring his calls and texts after leaving Florida. Will Matt accept his apology? In one of the most raw and fascinating segments ever heard in any radio show, Alex FINALLY explains to Matt and Tommy what was going on during those two years where he dropped off the face of the earth.

Matt Albert’s New Life

We catch up with Matt Albert and find out about how his life has changed in a MAJOR way. After rubbing Tommy and Alex’s faces in his new found success, Matt, in what seems like a foreign concept to Alex, gives his tips on how to get women and keep them interested in you. Alex had another date, but she came over to his place but left creeped out. Find out what the reason was (this time.)

The Sad Man Diary

Alex gets talked in to doing something uncomfortable at a Christmas party. Rejoice in Tommy and Matt laughing at his misfortune.

Would You Rather?

From the twisted mind of Tommy Bateman, the Not Dead Yet version of “Would You Rather?” The MOST disgusting and strange questions you’ll ever hear, guaranteed to make you squirm. Plus, we get a few bonus stories about Matt running in to women he used to date and yelling at them, plus stories about his asshole father!