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91 – Better Luck UpChuck

Good Luck UpChuckChris D’elia

Tommy and Alex give their review of Chris D’elia as well as their experience at the DC Improv.  Though Chris was great, and provided a completely unheard set, the Improv itself might have a few things to work on. Plus, Tommy talks about the hilarious movie “Slow Learners.”

Chunks/Chucks From the Hideout

Over the past 2 weeks, “Chunks” and “Chucks from the Hideout” were mentioned on A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan and Real Radio 104.1. Tommy takes Alex/Alan/Chunks/Chucks to task for going on other shows to promote their old radio show instead of Not Dead Yet.

Alex’s Non-cation & 80’s hits.

Alex had a vacation… In typical Chunks fashion, it was a horrible miserable time, complete with a woman bossing him around, making him spend hundreds of dollars on a “FREE” vacation and nude underage girls. Plus, there was a situation in the bathroom. The only thing that can make it better is a deeply logical discussion of the best 80’s songs and tv shows.

89 – Chunks Farley

Chris FarleyNude Dudes
The show takes an even worse turn as we jump into the topic of male nudity.  After Tommy calls out Alex for freaking out over any sort of male nudity on TV or in movies, Alex takes a completely crazy horrible turn and tries to justify how he’s straight with a story  involving Ryan Reynold’s and Alex in a recording room.

Twitter Followers and That Kevin James Dude
After taking an even darker turn in discussing which is worse, looking at Kevin James’ ass on TV or Lena Duhnam’s, Tommy reveals that Kevin James is in fact releasing a new show on CBS.  Ryan and Alex are shocked as the clips Tommy plays… well just aren’t funny.  Alex loses it as Tommy reveals how much Kevin James is worth and how good shows like Undateable and the Grinder get cancelled.  Alex demands to know how many twitter followers Kevin and Lena have, which leads to a guessing game of who has the most followers on Twitter.  Ellen, Kevin, Trump?  The top user might surprise you.  We round out the segment with some discussion on the best old sitcoms, and whether or not laugh tracks are substituted for bad writing on TV shows.

3 Fit Dudes
Alex is starting to bear a resemblance to Chris Farley, well not in the funny way, just the fat way.  Tommy and Ryan ask Alex his eating and workout routine.  As you can imagine, it’s pretty bad.  After Tommy and Ryan give a few “good” suggestions on what Alex should do, Tommy shares some pet peeves he has while interviewing people for jobs.  Take a listen and decide if YOU are a culprit of any of these rookie interviewee mistakes.

87 – Spit N Go

James GrayFalse Start, Strong Finish
Alex starts off by hitting the “record” button too quickly on the show and Tommy and Ryan don’t hold back in letting him know how he “Chunksed it up.’” After the show OFFICIALLY starts Tommy and Alex talk about loving that the sun is finally out, but it happens to give Ryan a bad case of the “tree sex juice.”

Kate Quigley & Ian Bagg Recap
Tommy recaps how “Negative Alex” made the Uber ride uncomfortable and how he got really angry and judgmental waiting for the show to start. After Alex calms down, the show begins and Kate Quigley finally goes on stage. Tommy was letdown as Kate didn’t stick around to say hi after the show. Hear their reviews of Kate and the hysterical Ian Bagg‘s sets.

The James Gray Experience
After a quick recap of Big Jay Oakerson at the improve, Tommy is a little hesitant to go forward with the next segment. Show friend and radio host James Gray prepared 3 different song segments representative of each member on NDY and the results are some of the funniest bits of audio ever played on the show. Tommy and Alex seemed to appreciate the songs representing themselves, but Ryan left angry. As a disclaimer, this is one of the funniest bits of audio you will EVER hear.

85 – Mr. Moneybags

pink-monsterRyan Returns
Yep, he’s back…and in a baseball uniform? Odd, but we’ll get to that later because something much more pressing needs to be addressed… Kate Quigley. It’s no secret that NDY are huge fans of hers, but Tommy finds an amazing video of her playing basketball in high heels, a truly amazing feat! Tommy and Alex comment on how truly talented Kate is and wish she’d come to the East coast to see her standup. Tommy also supplies a new quote from Alex’s “girlfriend” Eden Dranger who has some truly memorable Tweets (Don’t worry we don’t rip you off Eden!)

Batter Up
Ryan is trying to relive his youth by joining an adult baseball league. He neglected to change and even wore a cup to the show, which he clearly stuffed. Tommy and Alex can’t help but to call out how ridiculous he looks, and make some jokes at his expense. Tommy comments how he hates movies, and they end up like most of his dates… expensive and an hour and 45 minutes of boredom.

ANOTHER wedding
Alex hates phones, so much so that a special caller chimes in ON THE PHONE to annoy Alex. After he calms down, Alex describes a mishap he had talking on the phone with his girlfriend Phyllis. She made the mistake of calling him and putting him on speaker phone… with her entire family listening. What results is one of the most awkward moments you’ll ever hear. On top of that, Alex made an ass of himself at Phyllis’ sister’s wedding and proves to be truly wretched.

The Pink Monster
Ross from A mediocre Time with Tom and Dan inquired on a forum what happened to Alex’s old car that he had in Florida. The story of this car and it’s exploits are almost movie worthy. It started off Pink, and ended up as a two toned gray and red monster with a neon sign on the back. With cops, poop, and garbage tales, you will NOT want to miss the journey of the Pink Monster.

Alex is Rich?
Alex and Ryan get into a bit of a heated debate about him missing the show and how Alex handled it, Tommy chimes in on how he’s sick of hearing Alex complain all the time about money. Taken aback, Alex finds out that Tommy and Ryan think Alex is rich. Though he tries to deny it, you’ll have to be the judge. Is he rich, or is he just an idiot (or both!)

72 – You’re the Worst

You're the WorstTommy and “Chunks”

Tommy starts off the show with his favorite thing in the world, making fun of Alex, or “Chunks” as he’s still known by in the radio world. Tommy plays some clips from the latest A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan BDM show, in which Tom and Dan refer to when “Chunks” got a staph infection from being dragged over a dirty carpet during the old Real Radio 104.1 days. Tommy and Alex reminisce about Clear Channel, Tom and Dan and the old show they used to work on.  You will NOT want to miss the shocking behind the scenes stories.

You’re The Worst
With so much good TV on, Tommy and Alex delve into some of the very well written, and genuinely funny shows on TV, including:  You’re the Worst, Man Seeking Woman and Casual.  Tommy is obsessed with them because they are adult tv shows that don’t insult his intelligence while remaining funny.

Finally, after discussing a plot on Casual, Tommy and Alex go into the actual complicated logistics of group sex, and if they would be able to pull it off or not.

70 – Hairy Hole for Halloween


Treats and tricks are abound at NDY with old Florida fall stories that are sure to haunt you!  Alex is concerned about a real life haunted house in his sister’s neighborhood where he’ll be trick or treating.  At that house, there was a quadruple murder.  Uncle Vinny lightens the mood and calls in with some FACTUAL truths about what Italians do at Halloween.  He doesn’t hesitate to share some of his new seasonal jokes with Tommy and Alex that will leave you positively scared stiff!

Tommy and Alex take a walk down haunted memory lane about the good times they had in FL during the fall, even when the old radio show they were on was falling apart at the seems.  You’ll want to hear this one for a behind the scenes look of what it’s like to work in radio with some of the most gorgeous women in the country.

And finally, Tommy and Alex get positively frightened after they discover that show friend  has a Halloween based pool side chat informational video, COMPLETE with a costume you won’t believe he tried to pull off.  Speaking of adults dressing up, Tommy and Alex get into a discussion about whether or not it’s cool or just pathetic to dress up after childhood on Halloween and go trick or treating.  Also, should there be rules?  These questions and more will haunt you on a very special NDY.

66 – Wakkie Nu Nu

wakkie nu nuSlow Start
Tommy has been in a real funk lately.  Alex and Ryan concur that the show is sometimes tough to do, especially during the summer. They ALL agree however, that the listeners should stroke their egos and give them loads of money… and tell their friends. While reminiscing over Florida favorite Appliance Direct commercials, Tommy plays an UNBELIEVABLE song from former listener Tony Rage. Check out Tony’s band A Dying Regime.

Speeding Up
Alex has had the week from hell topped off with two traffic violations!  Alex goes irrationally berserk and Tommy and Ryan try to point out that it’s all his fault. The arresting officer, officer Beau, calls in though to provide the official account of what happened and what Alex’s fate will be. Meanwhile in Ryan world, his fiancé is subtly turning him into a roommate because Ryan doesn’t fit in with the décor of the apartment. Before even finishing the unpacking of his new place, Ryan finds out that his renters have TOTALLY trashed his old one and his Ex isn’t giving him any help to clean it up. Speaking of Ex’s, the show ends with all of the juicy break up stories of relationships past… you will LOVE their suffering.

63 – It’s Artistic

Alex at workThe show starts off with goofiness throughout as Tommy, Ryan and Alex lose it during the intro laughing at their favorite show Big Time in Hollywood FL. They then quickly make a u-turn and begin to point out each other’s various flaws, starting off with Tommy being a social “two-face”, Ryan losing all ability to appreciate hot chicks due to his engagement, and Alex being a dirty, one suit wearing slob at work. Plus, we reminisce radio stories by looking at old photos of Alex.

True to form, Tommy and Ryan offer their usual “encouragement” when Alex is concerned that his eating habits, consisting of high amounts of complex carbs, aren’t helping him lose weight. Tommy is bewildered that people still like star wars, and how hot actresses turn into androgynous male/female hybrids when they get old…ugh. Plus an update with new show favorite Robert from Promotens.

58 – Schenectady

Alex BoatSchenectady
The show starts with Tommy wondering why they are getting so many downloads from Schenectady. From there he claims he may have aspergers because he avoids social interaction and connecting with people. Then the guys discuss Gone Girl. Plus, an update on Ryan’s brother in jail.

Alex’s Terrible Vacation
Alex is notorious for not taking vacations, and when he does, he always works during them. This vacation hits a new low with him sharing a room with underage girls, being bossed around by two other couples while he’s by himself, driving a boat without a license and almost getting in to a fight. Plus, he ruins his father’s Father’s Day and damages his car.

52 – Gazoo

gazooGazoo from the Hideout

Alex’s least favorite intern from the Hideout (when it was on Real Radio 104.1) joins the show. He gives an update on what he’s been doing since the show, what it was like working on the show and we recall some of his best/worst moments being on air.

Then the guys recap Ryan’s Engagement Party from the night before. By the end of the party, Tommy and an inappropriately dressed Alex had alienated everyone at the party, including family and friends. Plus, Ryan tells the guys what people were saying about them behind their backs. Do not miss this!